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Softwolves – Peter Krefting

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This is Peter Krefting's (né Karlsson) own web site. I am a Swede , from Ullersäter in the Municipality (kommun) of Lindesberg, county län of Örebro, that work in Norway's capital Oslo since the beginning of January 2000. Here I have collected things I find interesting, mainly for my own satisfaction, but if you should happen to share any of my interests you are very welcome to have a look!

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More about me

Are you curious who the weird fellow that created this website is? That curiosity can be cured, I have created a page with information about me. I have a blogs where I post various technobabble in:

I also had a personal blog where I used to write about what I think about various topics, but I have removed it after over five years of inactivity. If you're interested in seeing where in Oslo I live, you can take a virtual tour of my home, although that page is also lagging behind.

These pages are written to conform to the standards for web pages, if you have a web browser that does not handle these correct you may run into problems. I regularly test the pages in Vivaldi and Lynx.


I'm a fan of wrestling , and I maintain American Wrestling Trivia - the source for wrestling trivia information. If you are interested in American wrestling, then this site is sure worth taking a look at! I have got results from main events of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) dating back as far as to 1985.


I'm also a programmer, and some of the software I've written I have made available for download here. Some of my other creations include my web games, which are available on-line for your pleasure.


The first computer I owned myself was a Commodore 64, which I still have. A part of my website is devoted to Commodore eight-bit machines, and among the stuff available there is an on-line version of my old PD library, some scanned version of old cool ads about Commodore machines, the home page of the now defunct Swedish non-profit Commodore magazine Åtta Bitar (Eight bits), for which I wrote a few articles, something I've continued to do for other magazines, such as Go64.

I have been active on FidoNet since 1994. For the Swedish Fidonet audience, I have a page devoted to the yearly Swedish Fidonet convention SupCon. Up until 2000 I posted FAQ documents in several Fidonet echoes.


On the web, one can find information on everything and nothing. I was thus surprised when I noticed that I could not find any website about the fine old collectors' card game SuperTrumf from the mid 1980s. Well, that problem was easy to fix, and you can see the result yourself.

I have more unsorted pages available, plus a couple of pages that no longer get updated.

More about Softwolves

“Softwolves, what the heck is that?” you might ask. Well, mainly is the name I use for software I write, but when I decided to register my own domain, I thought that it would be a cool domain name, so that is why this site is now known as the Softwolves site. The name has its root back in my Commodore 64 days, when I thought that I should have a "cool" handle and group name to write my programs under, just like all the cool hackers/crackers did. Softwolves was the best I could come up with (and, believe me, if you knew the other ones I invented, you would agree...) But, it doesn't really mean anything... :-)

The fine print

These pages are copyrighted by Peter Krefting. Small flags drawn by Anders Carlsson. The banner logotype used on some of the subpages was created by the The Banner Creator and then slightly edited by me. The wolf is from a Corel Draw clip-art cd. Link buttons are believed to be free to be used for the linking purposes.

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