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Welcome to Softwolves Software!

Copyright © 1996–2024 Peter Krefting, unless otherwise noted.
&ldsquo;Softwolves Software” is a trademark of Peter Krefting.
DOS, OS/2, Linux, Win3, Win95

Welcome to Softwolves Software's website. Softwolves Software is not a commercial company, it is a hobby project of Peter Krefting. On these pages, you can find software that was written, ported and translated by Peter Krefting, using the name Softwolves Software. Most software is released under the GNU General Public License.

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Software available from us
Includes, among others, Turquoise SuperStat, a statistics program for Fidonet and Usenet, and Announcer, an automated Fidonet message poster.
Translations made by us
Softwolves Software also do translations of free software and freeware, from English or German into Swedish. These programs have been translated under the Softwolves Software name:
  • FleetStreet, an OS/2 Fidonet message editor
  • Advanced Directory, an MS-DOS directory lister that shows information about over 100 different file formats.
Ports made by us
Softwolves Software has ported the CrashMail Fidonet tosser to OS/2, so that everyone using the superior communications OS can run this great Swedish-made mail tosser.
File archive
Direct access to the list of downloadable files.
Most files available on this site are compressed with RAR. If you don't have this awesome archiving software, you can download it from Definite Solutions, the Swedish support site for RAR.
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