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Don't be like everybody else — they're too good at it.
(My motto)

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Just as stupid as usual...


Welcome to the world wide web home of Peter Krefting! I am working for Bridge Technologies in Oslo, the royal capital of Norway. If you want to see my real home, go visit my real life page.

If you're fed up with all this “personal” pages, then you can leave right now if you want to, otherwise, hang on and get an insight in what a person like me is up to.

The photo on the right is taken at a party in April 2002. Whether or not it expresses what I normally look like I leave unsaid :-) However, I do have more photos available, for those of you that really want to know what I look like, among others one from my old driver's license, and it was taken in January or February of 1995, so it's a bit old. There's also a picture taken in the end of July 1997, when I was visiting the annual Swedish Fidonet convent SupCon. The picture was taken by Stefan Krantz and initially had the caption (translated) “Peter Karlsson looks... looks... strange”, which probably isn't too far off :-) I also have a picture from a vacation in southern Norway in the summer of 2000, more precisely from Kragerø. You can also see a picture of me from my entrance card at Ericsson, where I did my master's thesis (exjobb) in the autumn of 1999.

[Picture of me at the Swedish border from Norway]
I'll be back home soon!

About myself – quick reference chart

Name Peter Torgny Irve KREFTING (né KARLSSON)
Title Master of Science (teknologie magister) in computer sciences. Engineer of computer sciences.
Age 47 years, 236 days, 8 hours and 49 minutes (at 2024-07-22 15:11)
Civil status Married; 2 children
Date of birth November 29th, 1976
Place of birth Lindesberg hospital, in Lindesberg, north of Örebro, Sweden.
Lives In a flat in Etterstad in the Norwegian capital of Oslo.
Current occupation Working as a programmer at Bridge Technologies in Oslo (since 2013-03-01).
Listens to Radio.
Favourite artists Mike Oldfield, Jean-Michel Jarre, Björk, The Beautiful South, Vangelis, The Cardigans.
Favourite song Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield
TV preferences Science fiction, like Stargate SG-1, Star Trek and Babylon Five. Buffy.
Hobbies Board games
Favourite ice hockey team Färjestads BK
Favourite drink Look for yourself!

Do you want to know more? Mail me and ask about it!

I can currently be reached via the following networks and methods:

Facebook peter.krefting
Instagram nafmosaved
Telephone Ja

For encrypted communication, please retrieve my GnuPG key.

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