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- the coolest collectors' card game of them all

Do you think that Pokémon or Magic: The Gathering are the coolest collectors' card games ever made? Then you are living in a delusion - long before these two games were invented, back in the happy 1980s, there were a collection of collectors' card games that were much cooler than those two combined, and that also was based on something real - the SuperTrumf.

What is it that made SuperTrumf so fascinating? Please read the guest column, written by my brother, a devoted SuperTrumf player, back in the days.

A SuperTrumf deck contains of 32 picture cards, distributed over eight groups with four cards each, plus two extra cards called SST.

SuperTrumf can be played in two ways, with entirely different rules. Either as a quartet game, or as a trump game. In the quartet game, the Super Super Trumf cards are discarded, and you play to collect quartets of cards, not entirely unlike the Crazy Family card game. In the trump game, however, you win by having the coolest cards, and the better your cards are, the more card you can win from your opponent. When your opponent is out of cards, you have won. If you are interested, there are detailed rules available (Swedish only).


There are several decks of SuperTrumf, and below you can see all the decks that I have in my possession. For each deck, there is a page that lists all its cards. Please note that the pages describing these decks are in Swedish, since all my decks are Swedish.

[Cars] [Luxurious cars] [Race cars] [Rally cars] [Fantastic cars over the ages] [Terrain cars] [Tractors] [Motorcycles]

Some of the cards are in more than one deck, but some of them does not contain exactly the same technical specification - can one really trust SuperTrumf? (Article only available in Swedish)

If you have other decks, don't hesitate to contact me; it would be cool to complete these pages. Also decks in other languages than Swedish would be interesting to know about.

Lars Lindblad writes to tell that he owns the following decks:

[Jumbos] [Locomotives] [Turbo och sport cars]

Richard (who prefers not to disclose his last name) owns a couple of decks which seem to come from the same batch as my "Fantastic cars over the ages" above. The decks are called "Custom cars", with a lot of custom-made cars in different varieties, "Italian sport cars", "Regular cars" as well as "Cabriolets". Unfortunately, neither of his decks still have their cover card.


As always, other companies were fast in seeing the opportunity to make money on the concept, and several SuperTrumf copies, of which I have a few, were released (page available in Swedish only).

Search for a card

If you are looking for a specific card, you can search for it here using the search engine associated with this website.


I got the idea for this pages when my brother was discussing Pokémon with my nephew, and then referred to them as today's SuperTrumf. He also came up with the idea to the "Can SuperTrumf be trusted?"

Andreas Henriksson helped me scan the images and make them fit for web publishing.

Also thanks to Richard for contributing pictures and descriptions on three SuperTrumf decks, Lars Lindblad for pictures and details for three SuperTrumf decks, Peter Klemensberger for pictures from one Alga deck, and Roland Lundberg and Mats Jonsson for comments and corrections.

And of course, thanks to F.X.Schmid, Munich, that invented everything.

SuperTrumf is copyright F.X.Schmid, Munich, and was distributed in Sweden by Olsen. These pages are © copyright 2000-2008 by Peter Krefting, except for the chronicle, which is © copyright 2000 by Roger Irve Malm.

Remember that, as usual, I do not sell anything described on this web site, so there's no idea asking me about that.


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