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Hello and welcome to my Commodore eight-bit computer page. My name is Peter Krefting, and I have been using Commodore computers since 1988. My current collection consists of one Commodore 64, the one I bought back in 1988, one 128, one VIC-20 and one PET 3032. To that I have one 1541-II and one 1571 disk drive, two datasettes (tape recorders), a bunch of joysticks and a lot of disks and tapes.

In the early 1990s, I maintained a PD library called SYS PD/C64,C128, which contained a lot of programs that I had written myself. Since I didn't want that software to disappear, I've made it all available on the web. I founded iDOC=, a project created to collect documentation for our beloved old eight-bitters, but I have now handed it over to a new maintainer.

'nuff said. On with the show. Have a good one!

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SV = svenska, DE = Deutsch, EN = English.


Information featured here

These are the main departments available here:

Commodore 64 User Manual (Swedish)
- A web edition of the Swedish Commodore 64 User Manual.
Mailing list archive
- a web archive for the cbm-hackers mailing list, a technical-oriented mailing list for the Commodore eight-bit community.
Commodore 64 screenshots page,
with title pictures from games.
Pictures of my machines
- with exterior and interior shots.
Articles I've written
Various Commodore-related articles I've written for different magazines, mainly Go64!/Commodore World.
My creations
A selection from my software production.
Hardware projects
Build-it-yourself hardware projects, including how to connect a C128 to a TV via SCART and how to change C128DCR device numbers.
Go64!/Commodore World disk sleeves
Custom disk sleeves for the Go64!/Commodore World cover-disks that you can print yourself.
to other interesting pages.

Mainly in Swedish

These pages are mainly in Swedish, or about Swedish stuff.

Åtta Bitar's old homepage
- with a complete index of all published issues, and some of the articles
My Swedish CBM picture page,
including the original cover of the VIC64 Swedish manual, an advertisement for VIC64S, and more.
SYS PD/C64,C128 archive
- my old C64/C128 PD/FW/SW archive. Features all disks in D64 format.
Scandinavien PD disks
- another C64 PD/FW/SW archive. Features all disks in D64 format.
What does what in your VIC-64?
- an article about how VIC-64 works internally, including a circuit diagram (old model), and more. From the magazine Allt om Hemdatorer issue 2 1984.
Commodore reviews from RT/EV
- reviews of the PET 2001, VIC-20, VIC-64, PC-10 and C128, and a short introduction of Amiga, from the Swedish magazine Radio & Television/Elektronikvärlden (now Ljud & Bild).
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