Unsorted pages.

Here are some miscellaneous stupidities that did not fit anywhere else, mainly minor stuff that do not qualify for having their own section on the web site, but still are interesting enough to have a page.

Here below you will find some linguistics related pages, archives for a couple of mailing lists that were not archived elsewhere, my personal web photo album, and some computer related pages.


Miscellaneous pages

[Road sign: Nybble 2>]
Nerd humour... (2 nybbles = 1 byte)
[Photo: Oslo by spring]
Oslo by spring.

Mailing list archive SV EN
Web based archive for the cbm-hackers mailing list.
Language names in Swedish SV
A list of language names, sorted after their ISO 639-1 codes.
Photo album SV EN
My electronic photo album. Not all sub-albums are available to the general public.
Names of places along the Järle-Dylta stream SV
A project I did in 9th grade (1992).
Funny dialogues SV EN
Dialogs and error messages that have become somewhat incorrect.
How To SV EN
Some How To… documents I have written.
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