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Pictures of my Commodore VIC-20

I got this used VIC-20 for free (thanks Sten-Åke!) in January 2002, together with a disk drive, two cartridges and a heap of books. I also got a C128 that I donated to a friend (since I already have one).

It is made in West Germany, like the most of the stuff, with serial number 108377. The Commodore key on the keyboard was broken when I got the device, and since it seemed beyond repair, I simply replaced the keyboard with one from a flat C64 that was struck by lightening (this explains the rather odd colour combination, but I kind of like it). Kind of the opposite to Jouko Valta's Commodore 64...

Exterior shot:
[Picture of the VIC20 keyboard]

Backside shot:
[VIC20 exterior: back]

Interior shot:
[Picture of the VIC20 interior]

I also got two cartridges with it, one is a Programmer's Aid, and the other one is VIC-GRAF (shown here). The Programmer's Aid cartridge looks just the same, but says "Made in Sweden by Handic Software AB" (instead of Datatronic). Both of them have the Datatronic logo with the text "handic" beneath them on the back, though (with the d surrouning the screw). Both cartridges were obviously bought at a sale, since the price has been lowered from 395 Swedish kronor to only 99...

VIC-GRAF cartridge:
[VIC-GRAF cartridge]

The ROM chips in the VIC-GRAF are of type "NEC JAPAN D2732D B309EX024", with stickers saying "2 BH" (left) and "2 AL" (right). The ROM chip in the Programmer's Aid (only one ROM in there) is of type "NEC JAPAN D2732D-6 K24112X-8216", with a sticker saying "7 BH". The circuit boards in the two cartridges are the same ("1012 Copyright DATATRONIC").

All photos are © copyright 2002 Peter Krefting, and may not be used without my written permission.

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