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Pictures of my Commodore 1541

I bought my Commodore 1541-II disk drive in Februari 1991 at a price of 1495 SEK (approximately 249 USD at the exchange rate at that time) since I was becoming increasingly annoyed with only having a cassette player. I outfitted it with JiffyDOS in 1999, on the rear shot you can see the JiffyDOS switch. The label on the front reminds me how to set the DIP switches for different unit numbers, and the one on the rear describes the JiffyDOS setting.

This disk drive is made in China, and has serial number 080503.

Exterior shots:
[Picture of the 1541 front]
[Picture of the 1541 backside]

Interior shot:
[Picture of the 1541 interior]

Vibration protector:
[1541 vibration protector]

All photos are copyright 2001 Peter Krefting, and may not be used without my written permission.

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