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Pictures of my Commodore PET 3032

I bought this PET 3032 from a friend (hi Jakov!) in February 2002 for 300 kronor (about 32 euros), coupled with a disk drive. As all PET computers it's a really big piece of metal, but it is also a fun thing to own, especially since it is a bit "unique" in some ways. Unfortunately, I found that it took up too much space, and I never used it, so I gave it away to Anders in 2008.

The computer is, unlike most of the other Commodore computers I have, made in the USA, and has serial number 1323517.

[Frontal picture of PET 3032] [Back picture of PET 3032]

[Picture of the PET 3032 motherboard]

Closeup on the ROM chips. Please note the BASIC expansion in one of the extra ROM banks (BEE - Basic Editor Enhancer - 3.1):
[Closeup of the ROM chips]

Besides the Swedish made BASIC extension there is another thing that makes the machine a bit "unique", and that is it having Swedish characters. I guess that most PET computers sold in Sweden did have it, but internationally speaking it probably isn't as common :-) The placement is a bit odd, it seems that they just replaced the original keys for [\] so that they wouldn't have to bother re-doing the ROM keymap.

Swedish keys:
[Closeup on the Swedish keys on my PET 3032]

Swedish letters on the screen:
[Screenshot showing Swedish letters on the PET 3032]

All photos are copyright 2002 Peter Krefting, and may not be used without my written permission.

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