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Pictures of my Commodore C64

I bought my Commodore 64 sometime in 1988, after a friend bought one. Before that, I had only had brief experiences with Commodore machines with a VIC-20 that my father borrowed home from work at one instant, and machines belonging to a few friends of mine, the computers that I mainly had worked with were Sinclair ZX81 and Luxor ABC80.

This one has serial number 417895 and was manufactured in West Germany, and is marked with "1. März 1988" (March 1st, 1988) on the inner bottom of the plastic case.

I have added JiffyDOS to my machine, but other than that, it is unmodified. The labels that are attached around the F keys lists the shortcuts provided by The Final Cartridge III and JiffyDOS, respectively.

Exterior shot:
[Picture of the C64 keyboard]

Interior shot:
[Picture of the C64 interior]

All photos are © copyright 1999 Peter Krefting, and may not be used without my written permission.

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