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Commodore related hardware projects

Some build-it-yourself hardware projects for Commodore computers

C128 to SCART connector
Finding good 40/80-column monitors for C128 is getting increasingly hard, but the same effect can be achieved using a standard TV set with a SCART (Euro) connector. This page shows how to do it.
Languages: English, and svenska.

See alsoven Marko Mäkelä's version.

C128DCR device number switch
The internal C128DCR (metal version) drive's device number cannot be changed, except in software. This description shows how to do make a hardware switch.
Article from Åtta Bitar 5/1994: English, and svenska.
Notice from 64'er 4/1992: English, and Deutsch.

More harware projects are discussed on the cbm-hackers mailing list.

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