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What is SYS PD

SYS PD was a PD library for the Commodore C64 and C128. Since there was little demand, and it grew towards zero, it was closed sometime around 1995. However, I thought that it was a shame that all the programs would just disappear, some of them were only available from SYS PD/C64,C128, so when I got hold of a program that could transfer C64 disks to a PC, the thought of making the stuff available via the PC occured to me, and when I got access to the Internet and the www, the thought of making it available there occured. Unfortunately, it took a while before I came about to transfer the disks, it is about eighty disk sides, but now it's done, and here's the result.

Unlike most other PD libraries at the time, I checked all the programs in the library, and wrote descriptions of the programs for the index. That's also why the library was smaller than others, but it was easier to know what you were ordering than if you only got a list of program names.

These program descriptions are the basis for these web pages. Please remember that the descriptions were written during the time that the library was active. Please also note that the descriptions are only available in Swedish, and I have no plans on translating any of it. Some of the programs are also in Swedish, but most of it is in English. You will probably be able to understand what the programs are from the titles, and if not, you could always download the disks and check it out.


The PD disks are stored as D64 files. They can be transferred to a C64 with e.g StarCommander (PC/DOS).

The last version of the list disk from 1996-03-12 is available if you want to read the contents on a C64. Please note that the addresses mentioned there are no longer valid!

SYS series

This was the main disk series. All disks in this series are single sided. SYS-49 never got finished.

Direct links to each disk's description:

SYS-01 utilities, SYS-02 miscellaneous, SYS-03 miscellaneous, SYS-04 assembler, SYS-05 games, SYS-06 miscellaneous, SYS-07 music, SYS-08 miscellaneous, SYS-09 programming, SYS-10 games, SYS-11 miscellaneous, SYS-12 music, SYS-13 music, SYS-14 miscellaneous, SYS-15 games, SYS-16 miscellaneous, SYS-17 miscellaneous, SYS-18 graphics, SYS-19 miscellaneous, SYS-20 games, SYS-21 adventure, SYS-22 miscellaneous, SYS-23 utilities, SYS-24 miscellaneous, SYS-25 graphics, SYS-26 miscellaneous, SYS-27 music, SYS-28 music, SYS-29 music, SYS-30 games, SYS-31 adventure, SYS-32 graphics, SYS-33 graphics, SYS-34 music, SYS-35 miscellaneous, SYS-36 miscellaneous, SYS-37 utilities, SYS-38 games, SYS-39 miscellaneous, SYS-40 utilities, SYS-41 utilities, SYS-42 utilities, SYS-43 games, SYS-44 productivity, SYS-45 games, SYS-46 adventure, SYS-47 productivity, SYS-48 miscellaneous, SYS-49.


SYSpecial was initially planned as a cooperation with the Swedish computer club VIC-Boys. This did not, however, work out, so there is only one disk in this series. The disk is double sided.

SPD series

This series originated from the PD library that was in the process to be started up after the Swedish computer club Club64 of Bjuv was closed, Svenska PD-bibliotekt ("Swedish PD library"). It never got started, though, and I took over the existing disks. SPD 000-003 comes from there, the rest were added later. These disks are double sided ("flippies", that is flippable disks), and are stored as two D64 files, one per side.

Club 64 collection

The already mentioned Club64 had a smaller collection of programs, which are contained on the following four disks. There is no documentation for these (I have it on paper, but not in electronic form which is why I haven't been able to put it up here).

Demo disks

The collection of demos in SYS PD never got very big. Here are the disks I managed to collect nevertheless.

Browse disks

You may also browse the disks and their contents directly. This allows you to read BASIC programs and SEQ text files, and to download those as binaries to your computer, without having to download the whole disk. You can reach the browse mode via the links marked Titta på (Look at) in the descriptions.

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