American Wrestling Trivia

World Wrestling Entertainment 2004


Royal Rumble 2004

2004-01-25, Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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  1. World tagteam championship, tables match:
    Ric Flair & Batista (ch) def. Dudley Boyz (D-Von & Bubba Ray)
    Coach, who was doing commentary, came to the ring to distract the Dudley Boyz. With the Dudleys distracted, Batista throws D-Von through a table to retain the championships.
  2. Cruiserweight championship:
    Rey Mysterio (ch) def. Jamie Noble [w/Nidia]
    Nidia accidentally trips Noble, allowing Mysterio to connect with the 619 followed by a springboard leg drop to retain the championship.
  3. Eddie Guerrero def. Chavo Guerrero [w/Chavo Guerrero Sr.]
    Eddie pins Chavo after the Three Amigos and a frog splash. After the match, Eddie attacks Chavo Guerrero Sr., tying him to the ring ropes and continues to beat Chavo bloody.
  4. WWE championship:
    Brock Lesnar (ch) def. Hardcore Holly
    Holly tries to lock a Nelson, but Lesnar counters, hits the F-5 and gets a pinfall to retain the championship.
  5. World heavyweight championship, last man standing match:
    Triple H (ch) vs. Shawn Michaels (draw)
    Michaels hits Triple H with the Sweet Chin Music, but is so exhausted that he is also unable to answer the 10 count. The match was declared a draw and Triple H remained the champion.
  6. The Royal Rumble:
    Elim. Ent. #Ent. Name By
    1 5 5BradshawChris Benoit (1) (5:25)
    2 4 6TajiriMark Henry (3) & Rhyno (6) (6:55)
    3 3 6Mark HenryChris Benoit (1) (7:03)
    41010HurricaneMatt Morgan (9) (13:32)
    5 812Scott SteinerBooker T (11) (16:38)
    61213KaneBooker T (11) (18:27)
    71313Spike DudleyKane (12)
    8 614RhynoChris Benoit (1) (20:25)
    9 715Matt HardyRéné Duprée (15) (22:26)
    101515Réné DupréeRikishi (14) (22:34)
    11 916Matt MorganChris Benoit (1) (23:45)
    121416RikishiRandy Orton (2) (24:11)
    131116Booker TRandy Orton (2) & A-Train (16) (24:18)
    141617A-TrainChris Benoit (1) (25:05)
    151717Shelton BenjaminRandy Orton (2) (25:40)
    161818Ernest MillerRandy Orton (2) (27:44)
    172020RicoRandy Orton (3) (31:40)
    18 221Randy Orton (IC)Mick Foley (21) (33:45)
    192121Mick FoleyHimself (21) (33:46)
    202226ChristianChris Jericho (25) (42:36)
    212630Charlie HaasGoldberg (30) (48:34)
    222730Billy GunnGoldberg (30) (48:58)
    232330NunzioGoldberg (30) (49:10)
    243030GoldbergKurt Angle (19) (50:15)
    252830John CenaBig Show (24) (53:00)
    262930Rob Van DamBig Show (24) (53:17)
    272530Chris JerichoBig Show (24) (55:09)
    281930Kurt AngleBig Show (24) (57:36)
    292430Big ShowChris Benoit (1) (1:01:34)
    1Chris Benoit

    Winner: Chris Benoit (1).
    Kane was distracted when Undertaker's music was played, and took it out on Spike Dudley, chokeslamming him on the rampway attempting to make his way into the match. Test was scheduled as number 21, but was knocked out and replaced by Mick Foley, who immediately took out Randy Orton and continued to battle with him outside the ring. Chris Benoit wins the Royal Rumble match to face the world champion at WrestleMania XX.

No Way Out 2004 (SmackDown)

2004-02-15, Cow Palace, San Francisco, California, USA

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Qualifying matches

After SmackDown's Chris Benoit decided to challenge for Raw's World championship at WrestleMania, a 15-man Royal Rumble match was held on SmackDown 2004-01-08 to decide the challenger for the WWE championship.

  1. 15-Man Royal Rumble:
    Elim. Ent. #Ent. Name By
    1 6 6Ernest MillerKurt Angle (1)
    2 7 9TajiriBig Show (9)
    3 5 9BradshawBig Show (9)
    41111/12NunzioJohn Cena (10)
    5 212RhynoKurt Angle (1)
    51213A-TrainEddie Guerrero (13)
    61015John CenaBig Show (9)
    7 915Big ShowKurt Angle (1) & Hardcore Holly (15) & Billy Gunn (8) & John Cena (9) & Charlie Haas (3)
    9 315Charlie HaasEddie Guerrero (13)
    10 415Shelton BenjaminKurt Angle (1)
    111515Hardcore HollyKurt Angle (1)
    12 815Billy GunnEddie Guerrero (13)
    131415RikishiKurt Angle (1) & Eddie Guerrero (13)
    14 115Kurt AngleEddie Guerrero (13)
    13Eddie Guerrero

    Winner: Eddie Guerrero (13)
    Eddie Guerrero wins the Royal Rumble match to face the WWE champion at No Way Out.

Matches on the main event:

  1. WWE tagteam championship, handicap match:
    Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty (ch) def. Basham Brothers (Doug & Danny) & Shaniqua
    Rikishi pins Shaniqua after the Samoan drop, to retain the championships.
  2. Jamie Noble def. Nidia (subm.)
    Stipulation: Jamie Noble was blindfolded. Nidia went for the top rope, when Noble peeked out from the blindfold, went to grab her for a powerslam and then put her in a guillotine to win by submission.
  3. World's greatest tagteam (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) def. APA (Bradshaw & Farooq)
    Bradshaw hits the clothesline from hell on Haas, but injures his arm, allowing Benjamin to come in for the pin.
  4. Hardcore Holly def. Rhyno
    Holly pins Rhyno after an Alabama slam.
  5. Cruiserweight championship:
    Chavo Guerrero [w/Chavo Guerrero Sr.] def. Rey Mysterio (ch) [w/Jorge Páez]
    Páez is sent to the back when he attacks Guerrero Sr. Mysterio goes for the top rope, but as Guerrerro distracts the referee, Guerrero Sr. pushes him off the ropes, allowing Guerrero to roll up Mysterio and get the pinfall while holding on to the tights.
  6. #1 contender, Triple threat match:
    Kurt Angle def. John Cena (subm.), Big Show
    Angle locks Cena in the ankle lock, to win by submission and become the number one contender for the WWE championship at WrestleMania XX.
  7. WWE Championship:
    Eddie Guerrero def. Brock Lesnar (ch)
    With the referee knocked out, Lesnar brings the championship belt to the ring. As he is about to attack Guerrero, Goldberg, who had been expelled from the arena earlier, appeared and speared Lesnar. Guerrero tries to roll up Lesnar, but only gets a two count. Guerrero counters Lesnar's F-5 into a DDT onto the championship belt, hits a frog splash and gets the pinfall victory.

WrestleMania XX

2004-03-14, Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA

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  1. US championship:
    John Cena def. Big Show (ch)
    Cena goes for his chain, but the referee stops him. Instead Cena uses for his knucks to knock out Big Show, hits the FU and gets the pinfall to become new US champion.
  2. World tagteam championship (Raw), fatal four way match:
    Booker T & Rob Van Dam (ch) def. Dudley Boyz (D-Von & Bubba Ray), La Résistance (Réné Duprée & Rob Conway), Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade
    Booker T performs a scissor kick on Conway, but before he can do anything, Van Dam hits a five-star frog splash on Conway. Van Dam gets the pinfall victory to retain the championships.
  3. Christian def. Chris Jericho
    Trish Stratus come ringside and is knocked out by Christian. Trish blindly fights back, but seemingly accidentally hits Jericho instead, allowing Christian to roll up Jericho to get the pinfall victory. After the match, she helps Christian attack Jericho.
  4. Handicap match:
    Evolution (Ric Flair & Batista & Randy Orton (IC ch)) def. The Rock and sock connection (The Rock & Mick Foley)
    Foley sets up Orton for an attack from Mr. Socco, but Orton hits Foly with an RKO to get the pinfall.
  5. Playboy evening-gown match:
    Sable & Torrie Wilson def. Stacy Keibler & Miss Jackie
    Wilson pins Jackie after a roll-up.
  6. Cruiserweight championship, Cruiserweight open:
    Chavo Guerrero (ch) [w/Chavo Guerrero Sr.] def. Rey Mysterio, Akio, Tajiri, Billy Kidman, Jamie Noble, Nunzio,Funaki, Último Dragón, Shannon Moore
    Match order was decided by random draw, except for reigning champion Chavo Guerrero, who was designated number 10.
    Matches in order:
    1. Último Dragón def. Shannon Moore
      Moore misses a corkscrew, allowing Dragón to hit the Asai DDT for the pinfall.
    2. Jamie Noble def. Último Dragón (subm.)
      Dragón misses a moonsault, allowing Noble to lock a submission hold.
    3. Jamie Noble def. Funaki
      Funaki jumps in and tries to roll up Noble, but he reverses it to get a quick pinfall.
    4. Jamie Noble def. Nunzio (count-out)
      Noble throws Nuncio out of the ring and blocks him from entering before the referee counts to ten.
    5. Billy Kidman def. Jamie Noble
      Kidman pins Noble after the BK bomb.
    6. Rey Mysterio def. Billy Kidman
      Mysterio pins Kidman after a powerbomb from the top rope.
    7. Rey Mysterio def. Tajiri
      Akio grabs Mysterio hand and locks him into the ropes, to allow Tajiro to blow the green mist in his face. Mysterio ducks away, counters into a roll-up and gets the pinfall victory.
    8. Rey Mysterio def. Akio (forfeit)
      Akio cannot enter the match after being sprayed with the green mist, so Mysterio advances to the final, but not before Tajiri attacks him a bit more.
    9. Chavo Guerrero [w/Chavo Guerrero Sr.] def. Rey Mysterio (ch)
      Mysterio takes out Guerrero Sr. after a senton from the top rope, but he comes back to help Guerrero. Guerrero performs a sunset flip on Mysterio and holds on to Guerrero Sr.'s hands to get the pinfall victory and retain the championship.
  7. Guest referee: Stone Cold Steve Austin:
    Goldberg def. Brock Lesnar
    In their last match before both men were leaving the WWE, they were reluctant to really face off, and the match was met with "boring" chants from the audience. Goldbarg eventually pins Lesnar after a jackhammer. After giving Austin the finger, Austin stuns Lesnar. He then throws a beer to Goldberg before stunning him as well.
  8. WWE tagteam championship (SmackDown), fatal four way match:
    Rikishi & Scotty Too Hotty (ch) def. World's greatest tagteam (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin), APA (Bradshaw & Farooq), Basham Brothers (Doug & Danny)
    Rikishi pins Danny Basham after a Samoan drop.
  9. Women's championship, Title vs hair
    Victoria (ch) def. Molly Holly
    Stipulation: If Holly loses, she gets her head shaved. Victoria pins Holly after a back slide.
  10. WWE championship (SmackDown):
    Eddie Guerrero (ch) def. Kurt Angle
    Angle locks Guerrero in a third ankle lock, but Guerrero kicks out. Guerrero holds on to his ankle, seemingly having injured his foot, but instead he unties the boot so that he can slide out of it when Angle tries a fourth time. Guerrero reverses it into a small package, to get the pinfall victory, holding on to the ropes with his feet for leverage.
  11. Undertaker [w/Paul Bearer] def. Kane
    Undertaker pins Kane after a tombstone piledriver, to make him 12-0 at WrestleMania.
  12. World heavyweight championship, Triple threat:
    Chris Benoit def. Triple H (ch), Shawn Michaels (subm)
    Chris Benoit had Triple H in a sharpshooter, but Shawn Michaels superkicks Benoit before Triple H taps out. Michaels builds up for the Sweet Chin Music, but Benoit throws him out of the ring. Benoit then reverses Triple H's pedigree into a crippler cross-face, causing Triple H to tap out, becoming the new champion.

Backlash 2004 (Raw)

2004-04-18, Rexall Place, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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  1. Shelton Benjamin def. Ric Flair
    Benjamin pins Flair after a clothesline from the top rope.
  2. Jonathan Coachman def. Tajiri
    Tajiri locks Coachman in the Tarantula, and is about to finish Coachman off, when Garrison Cade attacks Tajiri behind the referee's back, allowing Coachman to roll Tajiri up for a pinfall.
  3. Handicap match:
    Chris Jericho def. Christian & Trish Stratus
    Jericho sends Christian into Stratus, knocking her out. Jericho then hits a running enzuiguri, allowing him to get the pinfall victory.
  4. Women's championship:
    Victoria (ch) def. Lita
    Victoria hooks Lita in an inside cradle, getting the pinfall victory.
  5. Intercontinental championship, no holds barred:
    Randy Orton (ch) def. Mick Foley
    Orton bodyslams Foley onto a board with barbed wire, but Foley gets back up, Foley then bodyslams Orton onto a pile of thumbtacks before the match spills out of the ring. Back in the ring, Orton reverses the Mandible Claw into two RKOs to get the pinfall victory and retain the championship.
  6. Hurricane & Rosey def. La Résistance (Rob Conway & Sylvain Grenier)
    Eugene runs in to the ring, distracting the referee. Hurrican pins Grenier for the victory.
  7. Edge def. Kane
    Edge spears Kane, using the cast on his left arm for leverage, to get the pinfall victory.
  8. World heavyweight championship, triple threat match:
    Chris Benoit (ch) def. Triple H, Shawn Michaels (subm.)
    Benoit locks Michaels in the sharpshooter, and wins by submission.

Judgment Day 2004 (SmackDown)

2004-05-16, Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

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  1. Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio def. Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von)
    Mysterio hits a double 619 and Van Dam follows up with a Five Star Frog Splash on D-Von to get the pinfall victory.
  2. Torrie Wilson def. Dawn Marie
    Stipulation: If Wilson loses the match, she will be fired. Wilson pins Marie after a backslide.
  3. Mordecai def. Scotty Too Hotty
    Mordecai pins Hotty after a crucifix.
  4. WWE tagteam championship:
    Rico & Charlie Haas (ch) [w/Jackie] def. Hardcore Holly & Billy Gunn
    Holly goes for the Alabama slam on Haas, but Rico hits a kick, allowing Haas to roll him up to get the pinfall victory.
  5. Cruiserweight championship:
    Chavo Guerrero [w/Chavo Classic] def. Jacqueline (ch)
    Stipulation: Guerrero had one arm tied behind his back. With the referee distracted, Chavo Classic unties the hand, allowing Guerrero to attack Jacqueline as Chavo Classic keeps distracting the referee. Guerrero pins Jacqueline after a Gory bomb to become the new champion.
  6. US championship:
    John Cena (ch) def. Réné Duprée
    Cena pins Duprée after the FU to retain the championship.
  7. Undertaker [w/Paul Bearer] def. Booker T
    Underatker pins Booker T after the tombstone piledriver.
  8. WWE championship:
    John Bradshaw Layfield def. Eddie Guerrero (ch) (DQ)
    Layfield hits Guerrero with a steel chair outside the ring while the referee is knocked out. Layfield is unable to get a pinfall victory, however, Layfield brings a steel chair and the championship belt into the ring, and while the referee takes away the chair, Guerrero grabs the belt and attacks Layfield with it. Guerrero is disqualified, but keeps the championship.

Bad Blood 2004 (Raw)

2004-06-13, Nationwide Arena, Columbus, Ohio, USA

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  1. World tagteam championship:
    Chris Benoit (World heavyweight ch) & Edge def. La Résistance (Robert Conway & Sylvain Grenier) (ch) (DQ)
    Benoit locks Grenier in the crippler crossface and Edge takes out Conway using a spear, when Kane comes out, taking out Benoit and Edge.
  2. Chris Jericho def. Tyson Tomko [w/Trish Stratus]
    Tomko goes for Jericho, but inadvertently hits Stratus. Jericho takes advantage of the situation and hits a running enziguri to get the pinfall victory.
  3. Intercontinental championship:
    Randy Orton (ch) def. Shelton Benjamin
    Benjamin has Orton down for the three-count, when Ric Flair puts Orton's leg on the ring rope to break the count. Benjamin hits a flying cross-body from the top rope, but Orton rolls around and pins Benjamin while holding on to Benjamin's tights.
  4. Women's championship, fatal four way match:
    Trish Stratus [w/Tyson Tomko] def. Lita, Gail Kim, Victoria (ch)
    Tomko is sent away from the ring after breaking Lita's count on Stratus. Lita DDTs Kim, setting her up for the pinfall, but Stratus runs in, hooks Lita to get the pinfall on her, to become the new champions.
  5. Eugene [w/William Regal] def. Jonathan Coachman
    Coachman tries to distract Eugene by offering him cookies, by having Garrison Cade come out with a towel to throw in, but Eugene hits Coachman with the Rock Bottom and People's Elbow, to get the pinfall victory.
  6. World heavyweight championship:
    Chris Benoit (ch) def. Kane
    Kane escapes the crippler crossface, but Benoit locks the other arm and rolls Kane up to get the pinfall to retain the championship.
  7. Hell in a cell match:
    Triple H def. Shawn Michaels
    After a long and bloody match, both men are out in the middle of the ring. Triple H manages to must enough strength to put a hand on Michaels' chest to get the referee to count the pinfall.

Great American Bash (SmackDown)

2004-06-27, The Scope, Norfolk, Virginia, USA

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  1. US championship, fatal four way elimination match:
    John Cena (ch) def. Booker T, Réné Duprée, Rob Van Dam
    Van Dam hits a five-start frog splash on Booker T, but is unable to get a pinfall. Cena ceases the opportunity to quickly roll up Van Dam and eliminate him by a pinfall. Cena performs the FU on Duprée, but Booker T hits Cena with a scissor kick, and rolls up Duprée to eliminate him by pinfall. Cena hits Booker T with the FU to get the pinfall victory to retain the championship.
  2. Luther Reigns [w/Kurt Angle] def. Charlie Haas [w/Miss Jackie]
    Reigns pins Haas after a neckbreaker.
  3. Cruiserweight championship:
    Rey Mysterio (ch) def. Chavo Guerrero
    Mysterio counters Guerrero's gory bomb, rolling him up to get the pinfall victory to retain the championship.
  4. Kenzo Suzuki [w/Hiroko] def. Billy Gunn
    Suzuki hits a modified backbreaker and gets the pinfall victory.
  5. Sable def. Torrie Wilson
    Sable feigns an injury and takes the chance to roll up Wilson as she has the back turned, getting the pinfall victory.
  6. Mordecai def. Hardcore Holly
    Mordecai pins Holly after a Crucifix powerbomb.
  7. WWE championship, Texas bullrope match:
    John Bradshaw Layfield def. Eddie Guerrero (ch)
    Stipulation: Layfield and Guerrero had one hand tied to a bull rope. A wrestler has to touch all four corners to win the match. Both wrestlers have three corners lit, when Guerrero jumps over Layfield to hit the fourth to win the match. Kurt Angle comes out, showing video that Layfield's shoulder hit the corner first and that Layfield instead won the match and the championship.
  8. Concrete crypt handicap match:
    Undertaker def. Dudley Boyz (D-Von & Bubba Ray) (WWE tag ch)
    Paul Heyman had Paul Bearer strapped to a chair and ready to pour cement over him if Undertaker did not comply with his wishes. Undertaker lies down and Bubba Ray bends over to gaud him, when Undertaker sits up and grabs him by the throat. Undertaker his D-Von with a tombstone piledriver, to win the match by pinfall. Heyman is about to pour more cement on Bearer, when he hit by a lightning strike, but instead of saving Bearer, he himself pulls the lever and leaves the arena.

Vengeance 2004 (Raw)

2004-07-11, Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

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  1. Tajiri & Rhyno def. Jonathon Coachman & Garrison Cade
    Rhyno hits the Gore on Cade, allowing Tajiri to land a head kick on Coachman to get the pinfall victory.
  2. Batista def. Chris Jericho
    Batista pins Jericho after a sit-down powerbomb. Jericho gets his leg on the bottom rope, but the referee doesn't see it.
  3. World tagteam championship:
    La Résistance (Rob Conway & Sylvain Grenier) (ch) def. Ric Flair & Eugene (DQ)
    Conway has Flair set up for a pinfall when Eugene comes in, clearing the ring. He keeps attacking Conway and is disqualified as he attacks the referee.
  4. No disqualification, no count-out:
    Matt Hardy def. Kane
    Kane is about to attack Hardy with the steel ring steps, when Lita runs in to stop him. This distracts Kane long enough for Hardy to grab a steel chair, attacking Kane and getting the pinfall.
  5. Intercontinental championship:
    Edge def. Randy Orton (ch)
    Rdge pins Orton after a spear to become the new champion.
  6. #1 contender match:
    Victoria def. Molly Holly
    Victoria hits a high kick on Holly and gets the pinfall to become the number one contender for the Women's championship.
  7. World heavyweight championship:
    Chris Benoit (ch) def. Triple H
    Eugene comes ringside to help Triple H by attaking Benoit with a steel chair, but as Triple H instead attacks Eugune, Eugene inadverently hit Triple H instead. Benoit eventually wins by pinfall after rolling up Triple H.

Summerslam 2004

2004-08-15, Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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  1. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von & Spike (cruiserweight ch.)) def. Paul London (WWE tag ch) & Billy Kidman (WWE tag ch) & Rey Mysterio
    Kidman hits the shooting star press on Spike, but D-Von denies the pinfall. Bubba Ray and D-Von then hits the 3-D on Kidman, allowing Spike to get the pinfall victory.
  2. Till death do us part match:
    Kane def. Matt Hardy
    Stipulation: Lita will marry the winner. Kane pins Hardy after a chokeslam from the top rope.
  3. US championship, match 1 in a best of 5 series:
    John Cena def. Booker T (ch)
    Cena pins Booker T after the FU.
  4. Intercontinental championship, Triple threat match:
    Edge (ch) def. Batista, Chris Jericho
    Edge spears Jericho and gets the pinfall victory to retain the championship.
  5. Kurt Angle [w/Luther Reigns] def. Eddie Guerrero (subm.)
    This turned into a highly technical match, where Guerrero used several of Angle's signature moves against himself. Guerrero hits a frog splash, but Angle kicks out. Angle surprises Guerrero with an ankle lock, forcing Guerrero to tap out.
  6. Triple H def. Eugene
    Triple H pins Eugene after a pedigree.
  7. WWE championship:
    JBL (ch) [w/Orlando Jordan] def. Undertaker (DQ)
    Jordan distracts Undertaker, allowing JBL to hit a clothesline from hell. Undertaker kicks out at two. Undertaker throws JBL into the referee, taking him out. With the refree out, Jordan attacks Undertaker. Eventually Jordan introduces the championship belt into the match, but Undertaker grabs it and hits JBL with it. The referee sees this, awarding the match to JBL.
  8. World heavyweight championship (Raw):
    Randy Orton def. Chris Benoit (ch)
    Benoit locks Orton in both the crippler rossface and sharpshooter, but Orton kicks out. Orton hits an RKO on Benoit to get the pinfall victory and become new champion.

Unforgiven 2004 (Raw)

2004-09-12, Rose Garden, Portland, Oregon, USA

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  1. Chris Benoit & William Regal def. Ric Flair & Batista (subm.)
    Flair tries to lock in the figure-four leglock, but Benoit counters into a crippler cross-face, forcing Flair to tap out.
  2. Women's championship:
    Trish Stratus (ch) [w/Tyson Tomko] def. Victoria
    Victoria hits a headbutt on Stratus, and then hits Tomko with a cross-body across the top rope. This allows Stratus to collect herself and hit the Stratusfaction on Victoria as she returns to the ring, to get the pinfall victory.
  3. Tyson Tomko def. Steven Richards
    The "mystery woman" who had been interfering in Stratus' matches was revealed to be Steven Richards. Tomko challenged him to a match, where Tomko got the pinfall victory after a swinging neckbreaker.
  4. Intercontinental championship, Ladder match:
    Chris Jericho def. Christian
    The championship was vacant after previous Edge was stripped of the championship due to injury. Christian climbs the ladder and has the championship belt in his hands. Jericho takes the ladder out, leaving Christian hanging. Jericho uses the ladder to push Christian off. Eventually Jericho manages to erect a new ladder, climb it and grab the vacant championship belt to become the new champion.
  5. No disqualification match:
    Shawn Michaels def. Kane [w/Lita]
    Michaels attempts the Sweet Chin Music, but is stopped by Kane. Kane attempts a chokeslam, but Michaels counters into a successful Sweet Chin Music for the pinfall victory.
  6. World tagteam championship:
    La Résistance (Robert Conway & Sylvain Grenier) (ch) def. Rhyno & Tajiri
    Rhyno hits Grenier with the Gore, but Conway puts Grenier's leg on the rope to break the count. Grenier hits Rhyno with the Québec flag, allowing him to get the pinfall on Rhyno.
  7. World heavyweight championship:
    Triple H def. Randy Orton (ch)
    Triple H hits a low blow on Orton, but the referee is out. Coach comes out to the ring with a referee shirt to count a pinfall on Orton, but Orton kicks out. Batista hits a spinebuster on Orton, setting up a pedigree on Orton for Triple H, but Orton kicks out and hits a RKO on Coach. Ric Flair comes in with a steel chair, but also receives an RKO. Triple H eventually hits Orton with a steel chair, and then hits the pedigree on top of the same chair. Batista throws referee Earl Hebner back into the ring to count the pinfall, giving Triple H the victory.

No Mercy 2004 (SmackDown)

2004-10-03, Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA

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  1. Eddie Guerrero def. Luther Reigns [w/Mark Jindrak]
    With the referee out, Guerrero grabs a baton from one of the security guards at ringside, putting it in his boot. Back in the ring, with the referee distracted, he knocks Reigns out with the baton, hits a frog splash and gets the pinfall victory.
  2. Cruiserweight championship:
    Spike Dudley (ch) [w/Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley] def. Nunzio [w/Johnny Stamboli]
    The Dudley Boyz keep attacking Nunzio while the referee is distracted, allowing Spike to cover him for the pinfall to retain the championship.
  3. Billy Kidman def. Paul London
    Kidman goes for the shooting star press, but leaves the ring as he is reluctant to perform the hold. This gives London the opportunity to go for the hold, but Kidman blocks it. Kidman goes to the top rope again, hits the shooting star press to get the pinfall victory.
  4. WWE tagteam championship:
    Kenzo Suzuki & Réné Duprée (ch) [w/Hiroki Suzuki] def. Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio
    Mysterio hits the 619 on Suzuki, and sets up for the West Coast Drop, but Duprée interferes from the outside. Van Dam takes out Duprée outside the ring, but Suzuki meanwhile rolls up Mysterio for the pinfall, with some help from the ring ropes.
  5. Big Show def. Kurt Angle
    Big Show performs a Gorilla press on Angle, who walks out from the ring allowing himself to be counted out. SmackDown GM Theodore Long comes out, restarting the match saying that he would fire Angle if he leaves again. Big Show chokeslams Angle from the top rope for the pinfall victory.
  6. US championship, match 5 in a best of 5 series:
    John Cena def. Booker T (ch)
    The series, which started at Summerslam was tied two to two before this match. Cena hits the FU on Booker T, getting the pinfall victory to become the undisputed US champion.
  7. Charlie Haas & Rico & Miss Jackie def. Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von) & Dawn Marie
    Rico performs a moonsault from the top rope onto D-Von to get the pinfall victory for his team.
  8. WWE championship, Last ride match:
    JBL (ch) def. Undertaker
    Stipulation: The only way to win is to stuff the opponent into the hearse and have it leave the building. Undertaker hits a tombstone on JBL onto the steel ring steps and then chokeslam hims through the Spanish announce table. He then carries JBL towards the hearse, when John Heidenreich appears out of the hearse, attacking Undertaker. He takes out Undertaker with some kind of chemical, puts him in the hearse, but Undertaker gets up before the hearse leaves the building. JBL hits the Clothesline from hell and with the help of Heidenreich, puts Undertaker back in the hearse and have it leave the building to win the match.

Taboo Tuesday 2004 (Raw)

2004-10-19, Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

All of the matches were decided by an on-line vote by fans.

  1. Intercontinental championship:
    Shelton Benjamin def. Chris Jericho (ch)
    Benjamin catches Jericho in the T-bone suplex and gets the pinfall victory to become the new champion.
    Shelton Benjamin (37.48%) beat 14 other possible challengers in the vote: Batista (20.11%), Coach (7.01%), Christian (6.69%), Rhyno (5.77%), Maven (4.23%), Regal (3.81%), Hurricane (3.77%), Tyson Tomko (2.49%), Tajiri (2.36%), Steven Richards (2.24%), Val Venis (1.69%), Rosey (1.10%), Chuck Palumbo (0.68%), Rodney Mack (0.58%).
  2. Women's championship, Fulfill your fantasy battle royal:
    Trish Stratus (ch) def. Molly Holly, Stacy Keibler, Victoria, Gail Kim, Jazz, Nidia
    Order of elimination:
    1. Nidia (by Jazz)
    2. Jazz (by Victoria)
    3. Gail Kim (by Victoria)
    4. Victoria (by Trish Stratus & Molly Holly)
    5. Stacy Keibler (by Molly Holly)
    6. Molly Holly (by Trish Stratus)
    Stratus throws Holly out through the top ring ropes, not over the top rope, but the elimination is counted and Stratus retains her championship.
    The fans chose school girl outfits (53.10%) over French maid outfits (30.03%) and nurse outfits (16.87%).
  3. Weapons of choice match:
    Gene Snitsky def. Kane
    Snitsky locks Kane in a steel chair and jumps from the second rope, he can then easily roll him up for a pinfall victory.
    Chains (40.84%) were chosen as the weapon of choice over steel chairs (29.93%) and lead pipes (29.24%).
  4. Choose the loser's fate match:
    Eugene def. Eric Bischoff.
    Eugene performs a long airplane spin on Bischoff, kicks him in the chest and performs a leg drop for the pinfall victory. The match stipulation was revealed only after the match.
    As a result Bischoff got his head shaved bald (58.73%). The other options were that the loser would wear a dress for a month (20.77%), or the loser would be the winner's servant (20.50%).
  5. World tagteam championship:
    Chris Benoit & Edge def. La Résistance (Robert Conway & Sylvain Grenier) (ch) (subm.)
    Benoit tags in Edge, but the referee does not see the tag. Edge walks out of the match because of this, leaving Benoit on his own. Benoit takes out Grenier and locks Conway in the crippler crossface, making Conway to tap out, winning the championship titles by himself.
    Chris Benoit (27.86%) and Edge (33.42%) went up against Shawn Michaels (38.72%) in the vote for who would challenge Triple H for the world heavyweight championship. Michaels won, and as a result Benoit and Edge were to team together to challenge for the tag team championships.
  6. Lingerie pillow fight:
    Christy def. Carmella
    Raw Diva Search winner, Christy defeated runner-up Carmella by pinfall in this lingerie pillow fight (56.48%). The other choices for the match were evening gown match (33.22%) and aerobics challenge (10.30%).
  7. World heavyweight championship:
    Triple H (ch) def. Shawn Michaels.
    Michaels lands the Sweet Chin Music on Triple H, but Edge, who had previously walked out on the tagteam championship match, appeared and speared Shawn Michaels while the referee was distracted. Triple H could then pin Michaels to retain the championship.
    The other possible contenders were Chris Benoit and Edge (see tag team championship match above).
  8. Steel cage match:
    Randy Orton def. Ric Flair.
    Flair hits Orton with some brass knucks, but Orton kicks out of the pin attempt at the latest possible moment. Flair grabs a steel chair, but Orton ducks away, hits the RKO and gets the pinfall victory.
    Steel cage (68%) was chosen over falls count anywhere (20%) and submission match (12%).

Survivor Series 2004

2004-11-14, Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. Cruiserweight championship, fatal four way match:
    Spike Dudley (ch) def. Chavo Guerrero, Billy Kidman, Rey Mysterio
    Guerrero hits the gory bomb on Dudley, but Kidman breaks the pin with a pinfall over the top rope. Mysterio takes out Kidman, allowing Dudley to pin Guerrero to retain the championship.
  2. Intercontinental championship:
    Shelton Benjamin (ch) def. Christian [w/Tyson Tomko]
    Tomko hits Benjamin with a big kick, but Benjamin takes out Tomko, hits the T-Bone on Christian and gets the pinfall victory to retain the championship.
  3. 4-on-4 elimination match (SmackDown): Team Guerrero (Eddie Guerrero & Rob van Dam & Big Show & John Cena) def. Team Angle (Kurt Angle & Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak & Carlito Carribean Cool [w/Jesús])
    Order of elimination:
    1. Carlito Carribean Cool (left the arena)
    2. Rob van Dam (by Kurt Angle)
    3. Mark Jindrak (by Eddie Guerrero)
    4. Luther Reigns (by Big Show)
    5. Kurt Angle (by Big Show)
    Survivors: Eddie Guerrero, Big Show & John Cena
    Jesús and Carlito goes after Cena in a backsage brawl before the match, ending with Carlito leaving. The match ends when Big Show pins Angle after a FU from Cena and a splash from Guerrero.
  4. Undertaker [w/Paul Heyman] def. Heidenreich
    Undertaker pins Heidenreich after the tombstone piledriver.
  5. Women's championship:
    Trish Stratus (ch) def. Lita (DQ)
    The match turns in to a grudge outside the ring with Lita attacking Stratus with a steel chair outside the ring, causing her to be disqualified. Lita continues to attack Stratus until she is removed from the arena.
  6. WWE championship:
    John "Bradshaw" Layfield (ch) [w/Orlando Jordan] def. Booker T
    With the referee distracted, Jordan comes in to the ring attacking Booker T. When he goes for a steel chair, Josh Matthews comes to the aid of Booker T. With JBL distracted, Booker T rolls him up for a pinfall, but the referee is still down and unable to count. A new referee comes in, but Jordan drags him out. JBL hits Booker T with the championship belt to get the pinfall victory.
  7. 4-on-4 elimination match (Raw): Team Orton (Randy Orton & Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho & Maven) def. Team Triple H (Triple H & Edge & Gene Snitsky & Batista [w/Ric Flair])
    Order of elimination:
    1. Chris Benoit (by Edge)
    2. Batista (by Chris Jericho)
    3. Gene Snitsky (DQ)
    4. Maven (by Triple H)
    5. Chris Jericho (by Edge)
    6. Edge (by Randy Orton)
    7. Triple H (by Randy Orton)
    Survivor: Randy Orton.
    Stipulation: The members of the winning team gets control of Raw the following four weeks in Eric Bischoff’s absence. Maven doesn't start the match as he had been attacked backstage. When he comes in, Snitsky attacks him with a steel chair and gets disqualified. As Maven is down from the steel chair attack, Triple H can easily eliminate him with a pinfall.

Armageddon 2004 (SmackDown)

2004-12-12, Gwinnett Center, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. WWE tagteam championship:
    Rob Van Dam & Rey Mysterio (ch) def. Kenzo Suzuki & Réné Duprée [w/Hiroki]
    Rob Van Dam pins Kenzo Suzuki after a five-star frog splash, to retain the championships../small>
  2. Kurt Angle def. Santa Claus (subm.)
    In a special edition of the Kurt Angle Invitational, Angle make quick work of "Santa Claus", making him tap out to the ankle lock.
  3. Dixie Dog Fight:
    Daniel Puder def. "The Miz" Mike Mizanin
    The two finalists of the fourth season of Tough Enough fought it out in a boxing match fought over three one-minute rounds. The match went to full time, with the audience voting Puder the winner.
  4. Basham Brothers (Doug & Danny) def. Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas
    Dawn Marie runs in to help Haas, when Miss Jackie also comes to ringside arguing with Marie. Meanwhile in the ring, the Bashams use the distraction to do a switch and roll up Holly for the pinfall.
  5. US championship, Street fight:
    John Cena (ch) def. Jesús [w/Carlito Carribean Cool]
    Cena dominates Jesús completely, getting the pinfall after the FU.
  6. Special referee: Charlie Haas
    Dawn Marie def. Miss Jackie
    Marie rolls up Jackie for the pinfall victory.
  7. Handicap match:
    Big Show def. Kurt Angle & Mark Jindrak & Luther Reigns
    Big Show hits Mark Jindrak with a F-5, getting the pinfall victory.
  8. Cruiserweight championship:
    Funaki def. Spike Dudley (ch)
    Dudley hits the Dudley dog on Funaki, who reverses it into a roll-up, getting a pinfall victory to become the new champion.
  9. WWE championship, fatal four way match:
    John Bradshaw Layfield (ch) def. Booker T, Eddie Guerrero, Undertaker
    Stipulation: If any of JBL's "cabinet" come to ringside and interfere in the match, JBL would be stripped of the title. Guerrero hits his frog splash twice on Undertaker, but is unable to get more than a two-count. He then tries to take out Undertaker with a steel ladder, hitting a frog splash from the top of the ladder, but JBL takes out the referee in the middle of the count. Guerrero hits the three amigos on JBL, but Booker T stops that pinfall attempt. Undertaker chokeslams everyone and sets up JBL for the tombstone, when Heidenreich runs in, attacking Undertaker. JBL uses the confusion to pin Booker T for the victory.
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