American Wrestling Trivia

World Wrestling Entertainment 2020


Royal Rumble 2020

2020-01-26, Minute Maid Park, Houston, Texas, USA

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  1. Falls count anywhere:
    Roman Reigns def. King Corbin
    As the match moves backstage, Corbin's friends Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler appear, attacking Reigns. The Usos soon appear, attacking Ziggler and Roode, though. The match continues, until Reigns spears Corbin for a pinfall in the audience area.
  2. The Women's Royal Rumble:
    Elim. Ent. #Ent. Name By
    1 5 7LanaLiv Morgan (7)
    2 7 7Liv MorganLana (5)
    3 3 9Mighty MollyBianca Belair (2)
    4 610Mercedes MartinezSonya Deville (10) & Mandy Rose (8)
    5 412Nikki CrossBianca Belair (2)
    6 812Mandy RoseBianca Belair (2)
    71012Sonya DevilleBianca Belair (2)
    8 913Candice LeRaeBianca Belair (2)
    91113Kairi Sane (tag ch)Alexa Bliss (1)
    101414TaminaBianca Belair (2)
    111215Mia YimAlexa Bliss (1)
    121516Dakota KaiChelsea Green (16)
    131616Chelsea GreenAlexa Bliss (1)
    141316Dana BrookeBianca Belair (2)
    15 116Alexa BlissBianca Belair (2)
    16 220Bianca BelairCharlotte Flair (17)
    172221Sarah LoganCharlotte Flair (17)
    182121Kelly KellyCharlotte Flair (17)
    192929Santina MarellaSelf (29)
    202430Xia LiShayna Baszler (30)
    212830Tegan NoxShayna Baszler (30)
    222530Zelina VegaShayna Baszler (30)
    232630Shotzi BlackheartShayna Baszler (30)
    242730CarmellaShayna Baszler (30)
    252030Toni StormShayna Baszler (30)
    261830NaomiShayna Baszler (30)
    272330NatalyaBeth Phoenix (19)
    281930Beth PhoenixShayna Baszler (30)
    293030Shayna BaszlerCharlotte Flair (17)
    17Charlotte Flair

    Winner: Charlotte Flair (17)

  3. SmackDown Women's championship:
    Bayley (ch) def. Lacey Evans
    Evans goes to the top rope for a moonsault, but Bayley gets her knees up to counter it and then rolls up Evans to retain the championship.
  4. Universal championship, Strap match:
    "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt def. Daniel Bryan
    Bryan locks The Fiend in the LeBell lock, with the strap around The Fiend's face. The Fiend manages to reverse it, however. The Fiend pins Bryan after applying the mandible claw, to retain the championship.
  5. Raw Women's championship:
    Asuka (tag ch) [w/Kairi Sane (tag ch)] def. Becky Lynch (ch)
    Asuka taps out to the disarm-her, after Lynch landed a roundhouse kick.
  6. The Men's Royal Rumble:
    Elim. Ent. #Ent. Name By
    1 2 2EliasBrock Lesnar (1)
    2 3 3Erick RowanBrock Lesnar (1)
    3 4 4Robert RoodeBrock Lesnar (1)
    4 5 5John MorrisonBrock Lesnar (1)
    5 7 8Rey Mysterio (SmackDown tag ch)Brock Lesnar (1)
    6 8 8Big E (SmackDown tag ch)Brock Lesnar (1)
    7 6 8Kofi KingstonBrock Lesnar (1)
    8 9 9CesaroBrock Lesnar (1)
    91010Shelton BenjaminBrock Lesnar (1)
    101111Shinsuke Nakamura (IC ch)Brock Lesnar (1)
    111212MVPBrock Lesnar (1)
    121414Braun StrowmanBrock Lesnar (1)
    131314Keith Lee (NXT NA ch)Brock Lesnar (1)
    14 116Brock Lesnar (WWE ch)Drew McIntyre (16)
    151516RicochetDrew McIntyre (16)
    161717The Miz Drew McIntyre (16)
    171822AJ StylesEdge (21)
    182323Matt RiddleKing Corbin (22)
    192224King CorbinDrew McIntyre (16)
    202425Luke GallowsEdge (21)
    212025Karl AndersonRandy Orton (25)
    221926Dolph ZigglerRoman Reigns (26)
    232830Aleister BlackSeth Rollins (30)
    242730Kevin OwensSeth Rollins (30)
    252930Samoa JoeSeth Rollins (30)
    263030Seth Rollins (Raw tag ch)Drew McIntyre (16)
    272530Randy OrtonEdge (21)
    282130EdgeRoman Reigns (26)
    292630Roman ReignsDrew McIntyre (16)
    16Drew McIntyre

    Winner: Drew McIntyre (16)
    Reigning WWE champion Brock Lesnar starts as number one, and eliminating the first thirteen opponents almost singlehandedly, often being alone in the ring. This lasted until Drew McIntyre entered the match, when a low blow from Ricochet to Lesnar allowed McIntyre to eliminate him, much to the rejoice of the audience. Seth Rollins enters last, flanked by his friends Buddy Murphy and AOP, who causes mayhem at ringside, attacking everyone. Once they are escorted back from the ring and Rollins is left alone, the final four (McIntyre, Edge, Orton and Reigns) promptly eliminate him.

Super ShowDown

2020-02-27, Mohammed Abdu Arena, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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  1. Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match:
    Undertaker def. AJ Styles, R-Truth, Erick Rowan, Andrade, Bobby Lashley
    The winner receives the Tuwaiq Trophy.
    Matches in order:
    1. R-Truth def. Bobby Lashley
      R-Truth rolls up Lashley to get a pinfall victory. Lashley keeps attacking R-Truth after the match.
    2. R-Truth def. Andrade (US ch)
      R-Truth pins Andrade blind.
    3. R-Truth def. Erick Rowan (DQ)
      Rowan attacks R-Truth with the cage he brings to the ring, getting himself disqualified.
    4. AJ Styles def. R-Truth (subm.)
      R-Truth taps to the ankle lock.
    5. AJ Styles vs. Rey Mysterio (no contest)
      Mysterio is attacked backstage by Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, and is replaced by Undertaker.
    6. Undertaker def. AJ Styles
      Undertaker chokeslams Styles and get a quick pinfall victory.
  2. SmackDown tagteam championship:
    The Miz & John Morrison def. New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) (ch)
    The Miz rolls up Kingston and gets the pinfall victory and win the championships.
  3. Angel Garza def. Humberto Carillo
    Garza rolls up Carillo to get the pinfall victory.
  4. Raw tagteam championship:
    Seth Rollins & Murphy (ch) def. Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford)
    With the referee distracted, Rollins performs a stomp on Dawkins, who is stuck in the ropes. Murphy picks up the pinfall victory to retain the championships.
  5. Mansoor def. Dolph Ziggler [w/Robert Roode]
    Mansoor pins Ziggler after a moonsault from the top rope.
  6. WWE championship:
    Brock Lesnar [w/Paul Heyman] def. Ricochet
    Lesnar performs a couple of suplexes and a quick F-5 to get the pinfall victory.
  7. Steel cage match:
    Roman Reigns def. King Corbin
    Reigns gets a pinfall after a superman punch using a steel chain.
  8. SmackDown Women's championship:
    Bayley (ch) def. Naomi
    Bayley pins Naomi after tucking Naomi's feet inside her T-shirt and slamming her to the ring floor.
  9. Universal championship:
    Goldberg def. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt (ch)
    Goldberg delivers repeated spears to The Fiend, but is unable to get a quick pinfall. He does, however, get the pinfall after a jackhammer.

Elimination Chamber 2020

2020-03-08, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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  1. Drew Gulak def. Daniel Bryan (subm.)
    A match between two technical geniuses, Bryan locks lock Yes lock on Gulak, to get a submission victory when Gulak doesn't answer the referee.
  2. US championship:
    Andrade (ch) [w/Zelina Vega] def. Humberto Carillo
    Andrade rolls up Carillo and gets the pinfall, holding on to Carillo's tights.
  3. SmackDown tagteam championships, Elimination chamber match:
    The Miz & John Morrison (ch) def. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey), New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston), Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler, Heavy Machinery (Otis & Tucker), Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado)
    The Usos and New Day start out, with Lucha House Party enters next, followed by the champions The Miz and John Morrison and Heavy Machinery. Dorado drops from the chamber ceiling, but is caught and pinned by Tucker, eliminating Lucha House Party. Roode and Ziggler enter as the last team, Otis tries to ram Ziggler, but he ducks and Otis launches to the outside. Ziggler superkicks Tucker and Roode delivers the glorious DDT and they pin him together to eliminate Heavy Machinery. The Usos splash both Ziggler and Roode, covering both to eliminate them. Kingston climbs the top of one of the pods for an elbow drop on Roode, but he rolls away and allow Miz and Morrison to get a pinfall to eliminate New Day. The Miz and Morrison trap Jimmy in a pinfall in the ring ropes to get the pinfall to retain the championships.
  4. No disqualifications:
    Aleister Black def. AJ Styles [w/Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson]
    Styles and the OC attack Black 3-on-1 when the lights go out and Undertaker appears, chokeslamming all three. Black hits the Black Mass on Styles to get the pinfall victory.
  5. Raw tagteam championship:
    Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) (ch) def. Seth Rollins & Murphy [w/AOP (Akam & Rezar)]
    Viking Raiders came out, attacking AOP, leaving Rollins and Murphy to fight for themselves. Kevin Owens arrive ringside, attacking Rollins, allowing Dawkins to ram him to the barricade. Murphy is alone in the ring, allowing Ford to get the pinfall after a frog splash.
  6. Intercontinental championship, 3-on-1 handicap match: Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro & Sami Zayn def. Braun Strowman (ch)
    Nakamura hits a Kinshasa on Strowman, and the team picks up Strowman to allow Zayn to hit the helluva kick to get a pinfall victory and become the new champion.
  7. Elimination chamber match:
    Shayna Baszler def. Asuka (Raw tagteam ch.) (subm.), Liv Morgan (subm.), Natalya (subm.), Ruby Riott (subm.), Sarah Logan (subm.)
    Winner faces Becky Lynch at WrestleMania XXXVI for the Raw Women's championship. Ruby Riott and Natalya start out, Sarah Logan enters next, followed by Shayna Baszler. She immediately locks Logan in the Kirifuda clutch, to which Logan taps out. She does the same to Riott, who also taps out. This leaves her alone with Natalya, who also taps out to a Kirifuda clutch after being attacked with a pod door. Morgan enters fifth, attacking Baszler but also has to submit to Baszler's clutch. Asuka's pod is opened last, to a waiting Baszler. Asuka lands several kicks, but eventually Baszler manages to lock the Kirifuda clutch also on Asuka, winning the match by eliminating everyone herself.

WrestleMania XXXVI

2020-04-04 and 2020-04-05, WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

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Originally scheduled to take place at 2020-04-05 at Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida, USA, it was taped 2020-03-25 and 2020-03-26 at a closed set due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Part 1 (aired 2020-04-04)

  1. Women's tagteam championship:
    Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross def. Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) (ch)
    Cross has Asuka down for a pinfall, but is denied by the Insane elbow from Sane. Asuka counters and has Cross in a lock, but is herself denied by the Twisted Bliss from Bliss. Bliss hits the Twisted Bliss on Sane to get a pinfall victory and win the championships.
  2. Elias def. King Corbin
    Corbin asked the referee to count a forfeit for Elias after having thrown him down a ramp on an event prior. Elias does appear, however and the match starts. Corbin tries to pin Elias using the ropes for leverage, but the referee sees it. While arguing with the referee, Elias rolls Corbin up to get a pinfall victory.
  3. Raw Women's championship:
    Becky Lynch (ch) def. Shayna Baszler
    Baszler dominates Lynch, slamming her repeatedly into the announce table. Back in the ring, Baszler locks Lynch in the Kirifuda clutch, but Lynch manages to reverse it into a pinfall to retain the championship.
  4. Intercontinental championship:
    Sami Zayn (ch) [w/Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura] def. Daniel Bryan [w/Drew Gulak]
    Bryan lands several kicks on Zayn, but is met by a helluva kick when trying a dive from the top rope. Zayn then pins Bryan to retain the championship.
  5. SmackDown tagteam championship, Ladder Match:
    John Morrison (Miz & Morrison) (ch) def. Kofi Kingston (The New Day), Jimmy Uso (The Usos)
    Stipulation: The first man to climb the ladder, grabbing both championship belts, wins the championship for his team. All three men climb ladders, grabbing the coathanger with the championships, but they all hold on to them. Morrison is kicked off, but manages to grab the belts as he falls and thus retains the championships for the team of The Miz and John Morrison.
  6. Kevin Owens def. "Monday Night Messiah" Seth Rollins
    While battling outside the ring, Rollins hits Owens with the ring bell, getting himself disqualified. Owens doesn't want to have anything with that, and asks to restart the match as a no disqualification match. Rollins goes on, attacking Owens with a steel chair, but is himself hit with the ring bell by Owens. He then does an elbow drop from the WrestleMania sign onto Rollins on the announce table. He drags Rollins back into the ring and gets a pinfall after the stunner. After the match, 24/7 champion R-Truth shows up in the host position where he is pinned by Mojo Rawley, losing the title.
  7. Universal championship:
    Braun Strowman def. Goldberg (ch)
    Strowman replaced Roman Reigns, who would not take part of WrestleMania due to health concerns during the Covid-19 pandemic. Goldberg starts up with his signature spears, but Strowman gets up again. After four powerslams, Strowman gets the pinfall victory.
  8. Boneyard match:
    Undertaker def. AJ Styles
    The match took place in a graveyard. Undertaker hits Styles and dumps him in a grave Styles himself had dug. As he does, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows of the OC unleash a number of caped fighters and attack the Undertaker, giving Styles enough time to recover. Styles dumps Undertaker in the grave and is about to cover him with dirt when Undertaker attacks him from behind. Undertaker drops Styles from a rooftop, and then into the grave and covers him with dirt, ending the match.

Part 2 (aired 2020-04-05)

  1. NXT Women's championship:
    Charlotte Flair def. Rhea Ripley (ch) (subm.)
    Flair methodically attack Ripley's knee, so when she eventually manages to lock in the figure eight leglock, Ripley has no choice but to kick out.
  2. Aleister Black def. Bobby Lashley [w/Lana]
    Lashley goes in for a spear, but Black hits the Fade to Black to get the pinfall.
  3. Otis def. Dolph Ziggler [w/Sonya Deville]
    Otis goes for the Caterpillar, but the referee is distracted by Deville, allowing Ziggler to land a low blow. Mandy Rose arrives in the ring taking out Deville and delivering a low blow to Ziggler, allowing Otis to get a pinfall after a caterpillar.
  4. Last man standing match:
    Edge def. Randy Orton
    Orton starts the match out by disguising himself as a camera man, to hit an RKO before the match starts. The match starts in the ring, but quickly moves to other parts of the training facility. Edge puts Orton on top of a table and performs an elbow drop for far above, but Orton gets up. Edge eventually wins after hitting Orton with the con-chair-to on top of a production truck. After the match, 24/7 champion Mojo Rawley shows up, only to be pinned by the host "Gronk".
  5. Raw tagteam championship:
    Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) (ch) def. Austin Theory & Angel Garza [w/Zelina Vega]
    Theory has set up Dawkins for a pinfall, when Ford dives from the top turnbuckle, taking out Theory, allowing Dawkins to get the pinfall to retain the championships.
  6. SmackDown Women's championship, Fatal five-way:
    Lacey Evans def. Bayley (ch), Sasha Banks, Naomi, Tamina
    Tamina is first to be eliminated after all the other competitors join forces to pin her together. Naomi is eliminated next when she taps out to Bank's Bank statement submission hold. Banks is the third to be eliminated when Evans lands the Women's Right and gets a quick pin. Banks returns, attacking Evens with a back stabber, allowing Bayley to get the pinfall victory and retain the championship.
  7. Firefly funhouse match:
    "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt def. John Cena
    In a series of vignettes, the "match" took place in a dark ring, reprising Cena's and Wyatt's careers. In the end, The Fiend avenged his loss from WrestleMania XXX by ending Cena with a mandible claw, with his alter ego Bray Wyatt counting a pinfall.
  8. WWE championship:
    Drew McIntyre def. Brock Lesnar [w/Paul Heyman]
    McIntyre keeps kicking out from Lesnar's F-5s, delivering four claymore kicks before pinning Lesnar to become WWE champion.

Money in the Bank

2020-05-10, WWE Global Headquarters, Stamford, Connecticut, USA and WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

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Originally scheduled to take place at Royal Farms Arena, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, it was moved to a closed set due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Matches from WWE Performance Center:

  1. SmackDown tagteam championship, Fatal four-way:
    New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) (ch) def. Lucha House Party (Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado), The Miz & John Morrison, Forgotten Sons (Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake) [w/Jaxson Ryker]
    Big E pins Gran Metalik after the Big Ending, to retain the championships.
  2. Bobby Lashley [w/MVP] def. R-Truth
    R-Truth was originally set to meet MVP, but Lashley comes out to the ring and replaces MVP. R-Truth misses a scissor kick, allowing Lashley to hit a spear to get a pinfall victory.
  3. SmackDown Women's championship:
    Bayley (ch) [w/Sasha Banks] def. Tamina
    Bayley keeps attacking Tamina's legs, trying to take her off balance. Tamina throws Bayley onto the announce table, hits a superkick and a Samoan drop, but the pinfall is blocked by Sasha Banks. This allows Bayley to regain some strength and roll up Tamina for the pinfall victory.
  4. Universal championship:
    Braun Strowman (ch) def. Bray Wyatt
    Wyatt hits the Sister Abigail on Strowman, but Strowman kicks out. Wyatt kicks Strowman to the outside of the ring, and when Strowman reappears he has donned the black sheep mask from his time in the Wyatt family, seemingly reconciling his differences. This is just a ruse, and Strowman bodyslams Wyatt and gets a pinfall to retain the championship.
  5. WWE championship:
    Drew McIntyre (ch) def. "Monday Night Messiah" Seth Rollins
    Rollins delivers a superkick and a stomp, but McIntyre manages to kick out in time. McIntyre hits a claymore kick to get the pinfall victory to retain the championship.

Matches from WWE Global Headquarters (taped 2020-04-15):

  1. Women's Money in the Bank, Ladder match:
    Asuka def. Lacey Evans, Nia Jax, Carmella, Shayna Baszler, Dana Brooke
    The Women's match started in the lobby outside the elevator, with Asuka starting out with a jump from the second floor ramp and then running for the elevator, getting a head start on the other five who run up the stairs. Brooke finds briefcase in the Money in the Bank conference room, and unhooks it, only to be told the real one is on the roof. A bit later, they meet up with the Men's match with Paul Heyman in catering, and a food fight ensues. The match eventually reaches the roof, with Asuka and Jax arriving first, quickly followed by Evans. Jax knocks both out and retrieves a ladder, Asuka claims the ladder, when Corbin from the Men's match arrives. Asuka knocks him down, retrieving the briefcase to win the Women's match. On Raw 2020-05-11, the match was retroactively changed to be for the Raw Women's championship, as current title holder Becky Lynch relinquished the title, announcing her pregnancy.
  2. Men's Money in the Bank, Ladder match:
    Otis def. AJ Styles, Aleister Black, King Corbin, Rey Mysterio, Daniel Bryan
    The Men's match started in the WWE Fitness Center, supposedly at the same time as the Women's match. Corbin tries to throw some bumper plates at Bryan, but ends up breaking a mirror. Otis locks Styles in the gym with a weightlifting bar and the other five run for the elevators. After Black locks Styles in an Undertaker-themed room, they end up in a food fight with the Women's match. Bryan and Styles end up in Mr. McMahon's office, but are told to get out, but not before tidying up after themselves. Corbin is first to arrive at the roof, but is quickly knocked off a ladder by Asuka. Otis arrives next, but breaks the ladder as he tries to climb it. Styles and Corbin both have hands on the briefcase on the top of the ladder, and both bring it down, when Elias appears, knocking Corbin off, causing them to drop the briefcase. Otis catches it to win the Men's match.

Intercontinental championship tournament 2020

2020-05-15 to 2020-06-12, WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

A tournament was set up for the Intercontinental championship after Sami Zayn was stripped of the title for not wanting to defend it during the Covid-19 pandemic.

First round matches:

  1. SmackDown 2020-05-15:
    Elias def. King Corbin
  2. Daniel Bryan def. Drew Gulak (subm.)
  3. SmackDown 2020-05-22:
    AJ Styles def. Shinsuke Nakamura
  4. Jeff Hardy def. Sheamus

Semi-final matches:

  1. SmackDown 2020-05-29:
    10-man Battle Royal:
    Order of elimination:
    1. Lince Dorado (by King Corbin)
    2. Drew Gulak (by King Corbin)
    3. Gran Metalik (by King Corbin)
    4. Dolph Ziggler (by King Corbin)
    5. King Corbin (by Jey Uso)
    6. Cesaro (by Shorty G)
    7. Shinsuke Nakamura (by Shorty G)
    8. Shorty G (by Cesaro)
    9. Jey Uso (by Sheamus)
    The semi-finals were set for Elias vs. Styles and Bryan vs. Hardy, but Elias was hit in a hit-and-run accident where Hardy was arrested for his involvement. A 10-man battle royal was set up to determine a new opponent for Bryan, while Styles was granted a bye.
  2. Daniel Bryan def. Sheamus


Daniel BryanDaniel BryanDaniel BryanAJ Styles
Drew Gulak
Jeff Hardy Jeff Hardy Sheamus
Elias EliasAJ Styles
King Corbin
AJ Styles AJ Styles
Shinsuke Nakamura

Backlash 2020

2020-06-14, WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

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Live matches:

  1. Women's tagteam championship, Triple threat match:
    Bayley & Sasha Banks (ch) def. Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross, The Iiconics (Billie Kay & Peyton Royce)
    Bayley was also reigning WWE SmackDown Women's champion. Bliss does a Twisted bliss from the top rope on Billie Kay, but as she tries to get the pinfall, Banks comes in, rolls up Bliss and get a pinfall victory to retain the championships.
  2. Sheamus def. Jeff Hardy
    Hardy hits Sheamus with the Swanton bomb, but Sheamus manages to get his foot on the bottom rope to stop the pinfall. Sheamus hits two brogues kick on Hardy to get the pinfall victory.
  3. Raw Women's championship:
    Asuka (ch) vs. Nia Jax (2xCO)
    The match spills outside. Asuka locks the armbar on Jax, but Jax breaks it up, but not in time. Both women are counted out.
  4. Universal championship, 2-on-1 handicap match:
    Braun Strowman The Miz & John Morrison
    Stipulation: The one who gets the pinfall victory becomes the sole Universal champion. Strowman chokeslams Miz and pins Morrison after a running powerslam.
  5. WWE championship:
    Bobby Lashley [w/MVP] def. Drew McIntyre
    Lashley locks McIntyre in the Full Nelson before the match starts. Lana comes to ringside and is accidentally pushed off the ring by Lashley. This distracts him for long enough for McIntyre to hit a claymore kick to get a pinfall to retain the championship.

Matches taped 2020-06-07:

  1. Randy Orton def. Edge
    After a long and grueling match, Edge has Orton locked in a face lock, but Orton kicks out, hits a boot to the head and gets the pinfall victory.

The Horror Show at Extreme Rules

2020-07-19, WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

Originally scheduled to take place at SAP Center, San Josť, California, USA, it was moved to a closed set due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Live matches:

  1. SmackDown tagteam championship, Tables match:
    Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura def. New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) (ch)
    Cesaro drives Kingston through double tables outside the ring to become the new tagteam champions.
  2. SmackDown Women's championship:
    Bayley (ch) [w/Sasha Banks] def. Nikki Cross [w/Alexa Bliss]
    Bayley and Banks were also reigning WWE Women's tagteam champions. Bayley knocks out Cross after being handed Banks' "Boss" knuckles, getting the pinfall victory to retain the championship.
  3. Eye for an eye match:
    Seth Rollins def. Rey Mysterio
    Rollins is declared the winner after Rollins rubs Mysterio's head into the steel ring steps.
  4. Raw Women's championship:
    Sasha Banks (tag ch) [w/Bayley] vs. Asuka (ch) [w/Kairi Sane] (no contest)
    Banks taps to Asuka submission move, but the referee is distracted and does not see it. Banks grabs the tagteam belt to attack Asuka, but is stopped by the referee. Asuka tries to attack Bayley with the green mist, but hits the referee instead. Bayley grabs the referee shirt and counts a pinfall on Asuka for Banks. Then the two then run off with all the championship belts.
  5. WWE championship, Extreme Rules for Dolph Ziggler:
    Drew McIntyre (ch) def. Dolph Ziggler
    Ziggler chose the stipulation for the match, and it was kept secret until the start of the match. He declared the match to be Extreme Rules for himself only, and that he would win by count-out. Ziggler runs McIntyre through a table at ringside using an elbow drop from the top turnbuckle, but McIntyre manages to get back into the ring just in time to break the 10-count. McIntyre eventually pins Ziggler after a claymore kick.

Matches taped 2020-07-16—17:

  1. Swamp fight:
    Braun Strowman (Universal ch) def. Bray Wyatt
    The "match" took place in Wyatt's swamp and was not for Wyatt's Universal championship. It ended with Strowman kicking Wyatt into the swamp and Wyatt dragging him down with him before Wyatt's alter ego "The Fiend" appeared.

Summerslam 2020

2020-08-23, Amway Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

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Originally scheduled to take place at TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, it was moved to a closed set due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  1. SmackDown Women's championship:
    Bayley (ch) [w/Sasha Banks (Raw ch)] def. Asuka
    Bayley and Banks were also tagteam champions at the time. Bayley goes to work on Asuka's knee, Bayley attempts an elbow drop from the top rope, but is caught in an arm bar by Asuka, she kicks out with the help of Banks. Asuka again tries to jump Bayley, but Banks takes her place, distracting Asuka and allowing Bayley to roll her up for a pinfall.
  2. Raw tagteam championship:
    Angel Garza & Andrade [w/Zelina Vega] Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford)
    Despite being manhandled by Garza and Andrade, Street Profits make a comeback and after Dawkins hits the Cash Out on Garza, Ford rolls him up for the pinfall.
  3. Loser leaves WWE, No disqualification match:
    Mandy Rose def. Sonya Deville
    Originally advertised as a hair vs. hair match, this was changed into a loser leaves WWE match. Rose pins Deville after a running knee.
  4. Street fight:
    Seth Rollins [w/Murphy] def. Dominik Mysterio [w/Rey Mysterio]
    Rollins kept attacking Mysterio with a kendo stick, and eventually manages to hold him down long enough to get the three-count.
  5. Raw Women's championship:
    Asuka def. Sasha Banks (ch) [w/Bayley (SD ch)] (subm.)
    Bayley and Banks were also tagteam champions at the time. Asuka reverses Banks' attempt at locking the Bank statement into an Asuka lock and wins the championship by submission when Banks taps out.
  6. WWE championship:
    Drew McIntyre (ch) def. Randy Orton
    McIntyre rolls up Orton with a backslide to get the pinfall victory.
  7. Universal championship, Falls count anywhere:
    "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt def. Braun Strowman (ch)
    The Fiend hits Sister Abigail on the exposed ring flooring, to win the match and become the new champion.


2020-08-30, Amway Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

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  1. US championship:
    Apollo Crews (ch) def. Bobby Lashley [w/MVP & Shelton Benjamin] (subm.)
    Lashley locks Crews in a Full Nelson, forcing Crews to submit.
  2. Big E def. Sheamus
    Big E counters the brogue kick and sets up the Big Ending to get the pinfall victory.
  3. Matt Riddle def. King Corbin
    Riddle hits the Bro to Sleep on Corbin, then goes to the top rope and hits the Floating Bro, getting the pinfall victory.
  4. Women's tagteam championship, Triple threat match:
    Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler def. Bayley & Sasha Banks (ch)
    Bayley was also SmackDown Women's champion at the time. Baszler has Bayley in the Kirifuda clutch at the same time as Banks has Baszler in the Bank Statement. Baszler grabs Banks' arm and uses that as additional leverage over Bayley, who has to tap out, making the team of Jax and Baszler the new tagteam champions.
  5. Keith Lee def. Randy Orton
    Orton goes for the RKO, but Lee stops him and hits a Spirit Bomb, getting the three-count.
  6. Rey Mysterio & Dominik def. Seth Rollins & Murphy
    Murphy inadvertently kicks Rollins, allowing the Mysterios to take advantage. Dominik pins Murphy after a Frog splash.
  7. Universal championship, No holds barred, Triple Threat:
    Roman Reigns [w/Paul Heyman] def. Braun Strowman, "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt (ch)
    Strowman attacks Wyatt as he is entering the ring, starting the match early with only these two competitors. "The Fiend" tries to superplex Strowman from the top rope, causing the ring to implode by the impact. With both men down, Reigns makes his entrance, trying to cover both men, but both kick out before he gets a three-count. After regrouping, Reigns hits a spear on Strowman, to get the pinfall and win the championship.

Clash of Champions: Gold Rush

2020-09-27, Amway Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

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  1. Intercontinental championship, Triple threat ladder match:
    Sami Zayn def. AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy (ch)
    Zayn had a claim on the championship, having been stripped of it when he did not want to defend it during the pandemic. The match started with Zayn being thrown around the ladders by Styles and Hardy, who then both climb a ladder but are both unable to reach the top. Zayn handcuffed Hardy's ear to a ladder outside the ring. He then went on to handcuff himself to Styles. Styles tried to climb the ladder, carrying Zayn, while Hardy just brought the ladder into the ring. Zayn then handcuffed Styles to the ladder and grabbed both the championship belts to become the undisputed champion.
  2. Raw Women's championship:
    Asuka (ch) def. Zelina Vega (subm.)
    Vega tries to roll up Asuka for a pinfall, but Asuka reverses it into an Asuka lock to get the submission victory.
  3. US championship:
    Bobby Lashley (ch) [w/Shelton Benjamin & MVP] def. Apollo Crews [w/Ricochet] (subm.)
    Lashley locks Crews in the Full Nelson until Crews has no choice but to ta out.
  4. Raw tagteam championship:
    Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford) (ch) def. Angel Garza & Andrade
    Dawkins pins Andrade after the Anointment,
  5. SmackDown Women's championship:
    Bayley (ch) def. Asuka
    Bayley was originally scheduled to face off against Nikki Cross, who was unable to compete. Bayley issued an open challenge, which was answered by Asuka. Bayley is disqualified when she attacks Asuka with a steel chair.
  6. WWE championship, Ambulance match:
    Drew McIntyre (ch) def. Randy Orton
    During the match, both Big Show, Christian and Shawn Michaels, who previously had been attacked by Orton, intervened in the match, attacking Orton. Despite this, he RKOs McIntyre and almost manages to close both ambulance doors on him. McIntyre manages to escape and instead locks Orton in the ambulance to retain the championship.
  7. Universal championship:
    Roman Reigns (ch) [w/Paul Heyman] def. Jey Uso (subm.)
    Uso attempts a bodysplash from the top rope, but Reigns hits a low blow as he kicks out. Reigns kept beating Uso, trying to force him to acknowledge Reigns as his "tribal chief". Jimmy Uso comes ringside and throws in a towel for Jey to stop the match.

Hell in a Cell

2020-10-25, Amway Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

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  1. Universal championship, I Quit Match, Hell in a Cell:
    Roman Reigns (ch) [w/Paul Heyman] def. Jey Uso
    Reigns kicks the steel steps into Jey, who is unconscious next to the ring post. When the referee wants to stop the match, he throws the referee out. Multiple officials come out, and Reigns attacks all of them. Jemmy Uso comes in to help is brother, and Reigns lock both brothers in a submission hold until Jey says "I Quit".
  2. Elias def. Jeff Hardy (DQ)
    The match spills out of the ring, where Elias tries to reach for his guitar. Hardy grabs the guitar instead, smashing Elias with it and getting disqualified.
  3. Money in the Bank contract match:
    The Miz [w/John Morrison] def. Otis (contract holder) [w/Tucker]
    Morrison is sent back to the locker room for trying to knock Otis with the briefcase. Tucker remains ringside and instead turns on Otis attacking him with the briefcase, allowing The Miz to get the pinfall victory.
  4. SmackDown Women's championship, Hell in a Cell:
    Sasha Banks def. Bayley (ch) (subm.)
    Bayley sets up Banks on a ladder and tries to jump her with a steel chair from the ring ropes, but Banks roll off just in time. Banks then hits Bailey's signature Bayley-to-belly on Bayley onto the ladder, but only gets a two count. Banks locks Bayley in the Bank statement through a steel chair, forcing Bayley to tap out.
  5. US championship:
    Bobby Lashley (ch) def. Slapjack (subm.)
    The members of Hurt Business and Retribution were asked to not come to ringside, to make it one-on-one. Lashley locks the Full Nelson, causing Slapjack to tap out.
  6. WWE championship, Hell in a Cell:
    Randy Orton def. Drew McIntyre (ch)
    The match spills to the top of the cell when first Orton and then McIntyre climbs the cell and continue the battle there. Orton throws McIntyre down onto the announcers table. He makes it back to the ring, but Orton eventually hits the RKO and gets the pinfall victory to become the new champion.

Survivor Series 2020: Best of the Best

2020-11-22, Amway Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. 5-on-5 men's elimination match:
    Team Raw (AJ Styles & Riddle & Keith Lee & Braun Strowman & Sheamus) [w/Omos] def. Team SmackDown (Jey Uso & Kevin Owens & Otis & Seth Rollins & King Corbin)
    Order of elimination:
    1. Seth Rollins (by Sheamus)
    2. Keith Owens (by AJ Styles)
    3. King Corbin (by Riddle)
    4. Otis (by Braun Strowman)
    5. Jey Uso (by Keith Lee)
    Survivors: Team Raw (AJ Styles & Riddle & Keith Lee & Braun Strowman & Sheamus)
    Team Raw manages to get a clean sweep victory, defeating Team SmackDown without anyone being eliminated from their own team. Raw wins when Keith Lee pins Jey Uso after the spirit bomb. Raw-SmackDown: 1-0.
  2. Champions vs champions:
    New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) (Raw tagteam ch) [w/Big E] Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins& Montez Ford) (SmackDown tagteam ch)
    Angelo Dawkins pins Xavier Woods after the blockbuster. Raw-SmackDown: 2-0.
  3. Champion vs. champion:
    Bobby Lashley (US ch) [w/Hurt Business (MVP & Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin)] def. Sami Zayn (IC ch)
    Lashley applies the Full Nelson, forcing Zayn to tap out. Raw-SmackDown: 3-0.
  4. Champion vs. champion:
    Sasha Banks (SmackDown Women's ch) def. Asuka (Raw Women's ch)
    Asuka lands a kick to the back of the head, but is unable to capitalize, allowing Banks to catch her and roll her up for a pinfall. Raw-SmackDown: 3-1.
    After the match, Akira Tozawa defeats the Gobbledy Gooker in the backstage area to win the 24/7 championship, only to be pinned by R-Truth to return the championship.
  5. 5-on-5 women's elimination match:
    Team Raw (Nia Jax (tag ch) & Shayna Baszler (tag ch) & Lacey Evans & Peyton Royce & Lana) def. Team SmackDown (Bayley & Bianca Belair & Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan & Natalya)
    Order of elimination:
    1. Bayley (by Peyton Royce)
    2. Peyton Royce (by Natalya) (subm.)
    3. Natalya (by Lacey Evans)
    4. Ruby Riott (by Shayna Baszler)
    5. Lacey Evans (by Liv Morgan)
    6. Liv Morgan (by Nia Jax)
    7. Shayna Baszler (DQ)
    8. Bianca Belair & Nia Jax (count-out)
    Survivor: Lana
    Baszler held Belair in the kirifuda clutch, but Belair makes it to the ropes, where Baszler refuses to release the hold and is disqualified. Nia Jax, who has refused Lana to enter the match at all, is counted out with Belair, leaving Lana as the sole survivor without having even entered the ring. Raw-SmackDown: 4-1.
  6. Champion vs. champion:
    Roman Reigns (Universal ch) [w/Paul Heyman] (subm.) def. Drew McIntyre (WWE ch)
    Reigns hits a low blow and Superman punch before locking McIntyre in the guillotine. The referee stops the match as McIntyre no can no longer continue. Raw-SmackDown: 4-2.

TLC - Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2020

2020-12-20, Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. WWE championship, Tables, Ladders & Chairs:
    Drew McIntyre (ch) def. AJ Styles [w/Omos]
    Styles applies the calf crusher on McIntyre's leg, first through a ladder, next through a steel chair. Styles climbs the ladder, but is thrown off by Styles. The Miz and John Morrison runs in, attacking McIntyre and cashes in the Money in the Bank contract. The Miz climbs the table, but is picked off by Omos. McIntyre makes it back into the ring and manages to fend off both competitors and regain his championship.
  2. SmackDown Women's championship:
    Sasha Banks (ch) def. Carmella [w/Reginald Thomas] (subm.)
    Carmella ends out outside of the ring, but is saved by her sommelier Reginald Thomas. The two trade near-falls until Banks locks the Bank Statement. Thomas drags Carmella out from the ring, but is jumped by Banks. Carmella uses the distraction to attack Banks, but only gets a two-count. Banks locks another Bank Statement, and this time Carmella taps out.
  3. Raw tagteam championship:
    Hurt Business (Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin) [w/MVP] def. New Day (Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) (ch)
    Alexander pins Kingston after the lumbar check, to win the championships.
  4. Women's tagteam championship:
    Asuka (Raw ch) & Charlotte Flair def. Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler (ch)
    Originally scheduled to be versus Asuka and Lana, the champions took out Lana on the week's Monday Night Raw. Asuka's partner was not revealed until the start of the match. Flair locks Baszler in the figure eight, but it is broken off by Jax. Baszler tries to fight back, but Flair gets the pinfall after the Natural Selection.
  5. Universal championship, Tables, Ladders & chairs:
    Roman Reigns (ch) [w/Paul Heyman] def. Kevin Owens
    Owens wastes no time and runs in attacking Reigns before the bell is rung. Owens takes out Reigns and has his hands on the championship belt, but Jey Uso stops him. Owens takes out Uso, but Reigns comes back, climbs the ladder and retrieves the championship belt to retain the championship.
  6. Firefly inferno match:
    Randy Orton def. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt
    Stipulation: The only way to win is to set any part of your opponent's body on fire. The Fiend gestures and suddenly the ring is enveloped in flames. The two battle, trying to put the other into the flames. Eventually, Orton manages to light The Fiend's jacket on fire, and when The Fiend makes a run to the ring, he is stopped by Orton's RKO. After the match, he pours gasoline on, and sets fire to, what looks like the Fiend's body in the ring.
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