American Wrestling Trivia

World Wrestling Entertainment 2003


Royal Rumble 2003

2003-01-19, FleetCenter, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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  1. Winner enters the Rumble:
    Brock Lesnar def. Big Show [w/Paul Heyman]
    Lesnar pins Big Show after the F-5, to get a spot in the Royal Rumble match.
  2. World tagteam championship:
    Dudley Boyz (D-Von & Bubba Ray) def. Lance Storm & William Regal (ch)
    Chief Morley comes out, distracting the referee long enough for Regal to bring out his brass knucks. The Dudleys hit the 3-D on him before he gets to use them, and then D-Von knocks out Storm using the knucks, getting the pinfall victory and winning the championships.
  3. Stepdaughter vs. Stepmother:
    Torrie Wilson def. Dawn Marie
    Wilson pins Marie after a swinging neckbreaker.
  4. World heavyweight championship:
    Scott Steiner def. Triple H [w/Ric Flair] (ch) (DQ)
    Triple H tried to get himself disqualified intentionally, but the referee wouldn't let him to get away that easily. However, he brings a sledgehammer into the ring and attacks Steiner with it, leaving the referee no choice but to disqualify him.
  5. WWE championship:
    Kurt Angle [w/Team Angle (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)] (ch) def. Chris Benoit (subm.)
    Kurt Angles entourage are ejected from the ring before the match starts. Angle locks the Ankle lock on Benoit, and despite Benoit trying to escape it several times, he keeps it locked and moves into the leg scissors to get Benoit to tap out.
  6. The Royal Rumble:
    Elim. Ent. #Ent. Name By
    1 1 3Shawn Michaels Chris Jericho (2)
    2 3 7Christopher Nowinski Rey Mysterio (4)
    3 4 7Rey Mysterio Chris Jericho (2)
    4 910Bill DeMott Edge (5) & Tommy Dreamer (10)
    51010Tommy Dreamer Chris Jericho (2) & Christian (6)
    6 810Tajiri Chris Jericho (2)
    71111Edge (5)
    8 711Chavo Guerrero (WWE tag ch)Edge (5)
    9 511Edge Chris Jericho (2)
    10 611Christian Chris Jericho (2)
    111519Jeff Hardy Rob Van Dam (12)
    121622Rosey Kane (22)
    131424Eddie Guerrero (WWE tag ch)Booker T (24)
    14 225Chris Jericho Test (17)
    152727Goldust Charlie Haas (19) & Shelton Benjamin (23)
    162427Booker T Charlie Haas (19) & Shelton Benjamin (23)
    171728Test himself (17)
    182028Rikishi Batista (28)
    192329Shelton Benjamin Brock Lesnar (29)
    201929Charlie Haas Brock Lesnar (29)
    211329Matt Hardy Brock Lesnar (29)
    221830John Cena Undertaker (30)
    232130Jamal Undertaker (30)
    242630Maven Undertaker (30)
    252530A-Train Kane (22) & Rob Van Dam (12)
    261230Rob Van Dam Kane (22)
    272830Batista Undertaker (30)
    282230Kane Undertaker (30)
    293030Undertaker Brock Lesnar (29)
    29Brock Lesnar

    Winner: Brock Lesnar (29).
    Christian distracts Shawn Michaels when Jericho enters the ring, allowing Jericho to quickly eliminate Michaels. Michaels later returned, helping Test to eliminate Jericho. Undertaker eliminates Batista, who comes back in the ring to take out Undertaker. He fails, but distracts him long enough for Brock Lesnar to eliminate him. Brock Lesnar wins, to face the WWE champion at WrestleMania XIX.

No Way Out 2003

2003-02-23, Bell Centre, Montréal, Québéc, Canada

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  1. Chris Jericho def. Jeff Hardy (subm.)
    Hardy submits to the Walls of Jericho. Jericho refuses to release the hold until Shawn Michaels runs in, attacking Jericho. Christian runs in to help Jericho, double-teaming Michaels.
  2. World tagteam championship:
    Lance Storm & William Regal (ch) def. Kane & Rob Van Dam
    Storm tries to rip Kane's mask off, causing Kane to be temporarily blinded. Kane by mistake chokeslams Van Dam, allowing Regal to get the pinfall on Van Dam, to retain the titles.
  3. Cruiserweight championship:
    Matt Hardy [w/Shannon Moore] def. Billy Kidman (ch)
    Hardy pins Kidman after the Twist of Fate from the top rope.
  4. Undertaker def. Big Show [w/Paul Heyman] (subm.)
    Big Show chokeslams Undertaker and covers him for the pinfall, but Undertaker reverses it to a triangle hold. Big Show taps out, giving Undertaker the victory.
  5. Brock Lesnar & Edge & Chris Benoit def. Team Angle (Kurt Angle & Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas) [w/Paul Heyman] (subm.)
    Became a 2-on-3 handicap match when Edge had to leave due to an injured back. Charlie Haas submitted to Benoit's crippler crossface.
  6. World heavyweight championship:
    Triple H (ch) [w/Ric Flair] def. Scott Steiner
    Triple H started attacking the referee Earl Hebner to get himself disqualified, but Hebner refused. Steiner performs a superplex from the top rope, but Flair stops the count, allowing Triple H to continue the match. Triple H hits Steiner with the championship belt and gets a pinfall victory after the pedigree.
  7. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. Eric Bischoff
    Bischoff's right hand Sean Morley was banned from ringside by Vince McMahon. Austin pins Bischoff after a Stone Cold stunner.
  8. The Rock def. Hulk Hogan
    Hogan has The Rock down for a pinfall after the leg drop, when the light goes out. When the light comes back on, the referee is out and there is a steel chair in the ring. With Hogan distracted, the referee slips the chair to The Rock, who hits Hogan with it and gets the pinfall after the Rock Bottom.

WrestleMania XIX

2003-03-30, SAFECO Field, Seattle, Washington, USA

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  1. Cruiserweight championship:
    Matt Hardy (ch) [w/Shannon Moore] def. Rey Mysterio
    Hardy pins Mysterio while holding the ropes for leverage.
  2. Handicap match:
    Undertaker def. Big Show & A-Train
    The match became a handicap match when Show & A-Train attacked Undertaker's partner Nathan Jones backstage. Jones comes in to the ring and takes out Big Show, allowing Undertaker to chokselam A-Train and get the pinfall victory.
  3. Women's championship match, triple threat match:
    Trish Stratus def. Victoria (ch), Jazz
    Stratus pins Victoria after a high kick, to become the new champion.
  4. WWE tagteam championship, triple threat match:
    Team Angle (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin) (ch) def. Los Guerreros (Chavo & Eddie), Rhyno & Chris Benoit
    Benjamin pinned Chavo Guerrero, retaining the titles, after a gore from Rhyno.
  5. Shawn Michaels def. Chris Jericho
    Michaels pinned Jericho after a roll-up.
  6. World heavyweight championship:
    Triple H (ch) [w/Ric Flair] def. Booker T
    Triple H pins Booker T after a pedigree, to retain the championship.
  7. Street fight match:
    Hulk Hogan def. Vince McMahon
    Stipulation: If McMahon wins, Hogan must retire. With both men out, Rowdy Roddy Piper appears, attacking Hogan with a steel pipe. But Hogan comes back, pinning McMahon after three legdrops.
  8. The Rock def. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
    The Rock eventually gets the pinfall victory, after hitting three Rock Bottoms.
  9. WWE championship:
    Brock Lesnar def. Kurt Angle (ch)
    Lesnar misses a shooting star press, landing on his head, but still gets the pinfall victory after hitting three F-5s.

Backlash 2003

2003-04-27, Worcester Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

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  1. WWE tagteam championship, ladder match:
    Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas) (ch) def. Los Guerreros (Chavo & Eddie)
    Chavo sets up Haas for a German suplex, but Benjamin grabs the leg, allowing Haas to pin Chavo to retain the championships.
  2. Sean O'Haire [w/Roddy Piper] def. Rikishi
    Piper gets Rikishi's attention, trying to attack him with a coconut. Rikishi grabs the coconut attacking Piper, but 'Haire takes the opportunity and pins Rikishi.
  3. World tagteam championship, special referee: Chief Morley
    Kane & Rob Van Dam (ch) def. Dudley Boyz (D-Von & Bubba Ray)
    Van Dam pins Bubba Ray Dudley after the Five Star Frog Splash.
  4. Women's championship match:
    Jazz [w/Theodore Long] def. Trish Stratus (ch)
    Jazz grabs Stratus' sunset flip by grabbing the ring ropes, getting a three-count victory.
  5. Big Show def. Rey Mysterio
    Show catches Mysterio in the middle of a West Coast pop, and gets the pinfall after a chokeslam. Rey is put on a stretcher, which Big Show slams into the ring post.
  6. WWE championship:
    Brock Lesnar (ch) def. John Cena
    Cena tries to beat Lesnar with a chain, but the referee stops him. Brock hits the F-5 to get the pinfall victory.
  7. Triple H (World ch) & Ric Flair & Chris Jericho def. Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash & Booker T
    Nash powerbombs Jericho, but Triple H hits him with a sledgehammer to get the pinfall victory.
  8. Goldberg def. The Rock
    Pinfall after a spear and a jackhammer.

Judgment Day 2003

2003-05-18, Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

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  1. John Cena & Full Blooded Italians (Chuck Palumbo & Johnny Stamboli) def. Rhyno & Chris Benoit & Spanky.
    Palumbo pins Spanky after him and Palumbo performed the Kiss of Death, while Benoit holds Cena in the crippler cross-face to make sure he cannot interfere.
  2. La Résistance (Sylvain Grenier & Réné Duprée) def. Test & Scott Steiner [w/Stacy Keibler]
    La Résistance performs a Flap Jack on Steiner after Test accidentally kicks Steiner. Duprée pins Steiner to win the match.
  3. WWE tagteam championship, ladder match:
    Eddie Guerrero & Tajiri def. Team Angle (Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas) (ch)
    Eddie Guerrero climbs the ladder, chased by Benjamin. Tajiri sprays the green mist into Benjamin's face, allowing Guerrero to grab the belt to win the championships.
  4. Battle royale to revive Intercontinental championship:
    Elimination order:
    1. Lance Storm (by Kane)
    2. Kane (by Christian & Val Venis & Booker T & Goldust & Chris Jericho & Test)
    3. Test (by Booker T)
    4. Val Venis (by Goldust)
    5. Rob Van Dam (by Chris Jericho)
    6. Goldust (by Booker T)
    7. Chris Jericho (by Christian)
    8. Booker T (by Christian)
    With the referee knocked out, Booker T superkicks Christian over the top rope to win the match. Pat Patterson is ready to give the championship belt to Booker T, but Christian grabs it and knocks out Booker T in the ring. The referee comes to and throws Booker T over the top rope to win the battle royal and receive the revived intercontinental championship, which had been unified with the World Heavyweight championship at No Mercy 2002.
  5. Bikini challenge:
    Torrie Wilson def. Sable
    Tazz declares Torrie Wilson the winner.
  6. Mr. America def. Rowdy Roddy Piper [w/Sean O'Hare]
    Piper was handpicked by Vince McMahon to win the match so that he could unmask Mr. America as Hulk Hogan. O'Haire tries to attack Mr. America with a led pipe, but hits Piper instead. Zach Gowen comes to ringside, holding Vince McMahon back from interfering in the match, allowing Mr. America to get the pinfall victory.
  7. World heavyweight championship:
    Kevin Nash [w/Shawn Michaels] def. Triple H (ch) [w/Ric Flair] (DQ)
    Triple H is disqualified after attacking the referee with a sledgehammer.
  8. Women's championship, fatal four way match:
    Jazz (ch) [w/Theodore Long] def. Jacqueline, Trish Stratus, Victoria [w/Steven Richards]
    Jazz pins Jacquline after a DDT to retain the championship.
  9. WWE championship, stretcher match:
    Brock Lesnar (ch) def. Big Show
    Lesnar hits a vertical suplex and an F-5 on Show, puts Show on a stretcher on a forklift, and drives the forklift past the yellow line to win the match.

Insurrextion 2003 (Raw)

2003-06-07, Telewest Arena, Newcastle, England, UK

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  1. Women's championship:
    Jazz (ch) [w/Theodore Long] def. Trish Stratus
    Stratus has Jazz in the STF submission hold. Victoria comes to the ring, and while the referee is distracted, Long attacks Stratus, allowing Jazz to get the pinfall victory.
  2. Intercontinental championship:
    Christian (ch) def. Booker T
    Booker T misses a scissor kick but rolls up Christian for the pinfall. Christian reverses the roll-up, and gets the pinfall while holding on to the ring ropes.
  3. World tagteam championship:
    Rob Van Dam & Kane (ch) def. La Résistance (Sylvain Grenier & Réné Duprée)
    Kane chokeslams both members of La Résistance and tags in Van Dam. Van Dam hits the Five Star Frog Splash on Duprée to get the pinfall victory.
  4. Goldust def. Rico
    Goldust powerslams Rico and gets the pinfall victory.
  5. Dudley Boyz (D-Von & Bubba Ray & Spike) def. Rodney Mack & Theodore Long & Chris Nowinski
    Spike pins Long after distracting Mack.
  6. Special referee: Val Venis
    Scott Steiner def. Test
    Stacy Keibler was ringside as the guest announcer and helping Steiner. Test brings a steel chair to the ring, but Keibler gets it out from the ring. Steiner hits the Flatliner to get the pinfall victory.
  7. World heavyweight championship, street fight:
    Triple H (ch) [w/Ric Flair] def. Kevin Nash [w/Shawn Michaels]
    Kevin Nash hits the jackknife on Triple H, but the referee is out and cannot count the pinfall. Another referee gets to the ring, but Flair drags him out of the ring. Triple H hits Nash with the sledgehammer to get a pinfall.

Bad Blood (Raw)

2003-06-15, Compaq Center, Houston, Texas, USA

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  1. Dudley Boyz (Bubba ray & D-Von) def. Rodney Mack & Christopher Nowinski [w/Theodore Long]
    D-Von refused to be told to get the tables. Theodore Long interferes, allowing Nowinski to hit Bubba Ray with his face mask, getting a pinfall victory.
  2. Services of Stacy Keibler match:
    Scott Steiner def. Test
    Stipulation: The winner would receive Stacy Keibler's managerial services. Test brings a steel chair into the ring, but manages to hit himself instead. Steiner hits a reverse DDT to get the pinfall victory.
  3. Intercontinental championship:
    Christian def. Booker T (ch) (DQ)
    Christian tries to run but is told that if he is counted out the title will be given to Booker T. Instead Christian hits Booker T with the belt. He gets disqualified, and remains the champion.
  4. World tagteam championship:
    La Résistance (Sylvain Grenier & Réné Duprée) def. Rob Van Dam & Kane (ch)
    La Résistance pins Van Dam after a double flapjack to win the championships.
  5. Goldberg def. Chris Jericho
    Goldberg pins Jericho after the jackhammer.
  6. Ric Flair def. Shawn Michaels
    Michaels hits the Sweet Chin Music, the referee is distracted and Randy Orton comes to the ring attacking Michaels with a steel chair, allowing Flair to get the pinfall victory.
  7. Redneck triathlon:
    Steve Austin def. Eric Bischoff
    1. Round one – burping contest:
      "Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. Eric Bischoff
    2. Round two – "pie" eating contest:
      Eric Bischoff def. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (forfeit)
    3. Round three – pig pen fun:
      "Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. Eric Bischoff
    Rounds one and two took place between matches earlier in the evening. Round three was originally a sing-off, but neither of the two men could sing, so it became pig pen fun. Austin throws Bischoff into the pig pen to win the triathlon.
  8. World heavyweight championship, hell in a cell, special referee: Mick Foley:
    Triple H (ch) def. Kevin Nash.
    Triple H attacks Nash with a sledgehammer, and a barb wire 2-by-4, causing heavy bleeding. Nash gets the 2-by-4 and attacks Triple H with it as well. Foley is also hit, but retaliates by applying the Mandible Claw on Triple H. Nash hits the jackknife on Triple H, but Triple H kicks out on two. Triple H eventually hits the pedigree to get the pinfall victory to retain the championship.

US championship tournament 2003

2003-06-19 to 2003-07-27

A tournament was set up to revive the US championship, which had been unified with the Intercontinental championship at Survivor Series 2001, with the finals taking place at Vengeance.

First round matches:

  1. SmackDown 2003-06-19:
    Chris Benoit def. Rhyno (subm.)
  2. SmackDown 2003-06-26:
    Matt Hardy def. Rikishi
  3. SmackDown 2003-07-03:
    Billy Gunn [w/Torrie Wilson] def. John Cena
  4. SmackDown 2003-07-10:
    Eddie Guerrero def. Último Dragón


  1. SmackDown 2003-07-17:
    Chris Benoit def. Matt Hardy (subm.)
  2. Eddie Guerrero def. Billy Gunn
Billy Gunn Billy Gunn Eddie GuerreroFinals at Vengeance
John Cena
Eddie GuerreroEddie Guerrero
Último Dragón
Chris Benoit Chris BenoitChris Benoit
Matt Hardy Matt Hardy

Vengeance 2003 (SmackDown)

2003-07-27, Pepsi Center, Denver, Colorado, USA

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  1. US championship tournament final:
    Eddie Guerrero def. Chris Benoit
    Benoit has Guerrero in the crippler cross-face, but the referee has been knocked out and does not see Guerrero tapping out. Rhyno comes to the ring, attacking Benoit with the gore, allowing Guerrero to get a pinfall victory to win the revived WCW US championship.
  2. Will Torrie Wilson sleep with Jamie Noble match:
    Jamie Noble def. Billy Gunn [w/Torrie Wilson]
    Stipulation: If Noble wins, Torrie Wilson agrees to sleep with him on next week's SmackDown. Nidia comes ringside, helping Gunn. Gunn picks up Noble for the gunslinger, but Noble manages to roll him up and getting a pinfall victory.
  3. APA Invitational barroom brawl:
    The APA (Ron Simmons & Bradshaw) def. Basham Brothers (Doug & Danny) [w/Shaniqua], Full Blooded Italians (Chuck Palumbo & Johnny Stamboli), The Eastern Bunny, Matt Hardy, Shannon Moore, Brother Love, Doink, Sean O'Haire, Orlando Jordan, Spanky, Kanyon, Funaki, New Conquistadors Brooklyn Brawler
    Bradshaw was declared the last man standing, after knocking out Brother Love.
  4. WWE tagteam championship:
    Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas (ch) def. Rey Mysterio (Cruiserweight ch) & Billy Kidman
    Benjamin pins Mysterio after a combined powerbomb and elbow drop by Haas and Benjamin.
  5. No count-out cat fight:
    Sable def. Stephanie McMahon
    A-Train comes to the ring, taking out McMahon, allowing Sable to get the pinfall victory.
  6. Undertaker def. John Cena
    Undertaker pins Cena after the Last Ride.
  7. Vince McMahon def. Zach Gowen
    Gowen hits McMahon several times with a steel chair, but misses a moonsault from the top of the rope, which allows McMahon to get the pinfall victory.
  8. WWE championship, Triple threat, no diqualifications:
    Kurt Angle def. Brock Lesnar (ch), Big Show
    Angle pins Lesnar after the Angle slam to become the new champion.

Summerslam 2003

2003-08-24, America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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  1. World tagteam championship:
    La Résistance (Sylvain Grenier & Réné Duprée) (ch) def. Dudley Boyz (D-Von & Bubba Ray)
    D-Von covers Duprée, but Grenier yanks out the referee. With the referee distracted, D-Von is knocked out knocked out by a fake camera man and Duprée covers him getting a pinfall.
  2. Undertaker def. A-Train [w/Sable]
    Undertaker pins A-Train after a chokeslam.
  3. Shane McMahon def. Eric Bischoff
    Coach comes ringside, attacking McMahon with a steel chair. Bischoff makes the match no disqualification, pinfalls counts anywhere, but is unable to pin McMahon outside of the ring. Coach and Bischoff continues to double-team McMahon, prompting "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to come to the ring, taking out Coach. McMahon pins Bischoff after an elbow drop from the top rope onto the Spanish announce table.
  4. US championship, fatal four way:
    Eddie Guerrero (ch) def. Rhyno, Chris Benoit, Tajiri
    Guerrero holds Tajiri in a cloverleaf while Benoit holds Rhyno in the crippler crossface, but neither manages to get a submission. Eddie pins Rhyno after the frog splash.
  5. WWE championship:
    Kurt Angle (ch) def. Brock Lesnar (subm.)
    Angle has Lesnar in the Ankle lock, but the referee is out and does not see Lesnar tapping out. Vince McMahon comes out, attacking Angle with a steel chair. Lesnar hits the F-5, but Angle manages to kick out. Angle applies another Ankle lock and gets the submission victory.
  6. No holds barred:
    Kane def. Rob Van Dam
    Kane pins Van Dam after a tombstone onto the ring steps.
  7. World heavyweight championship, Elimination chamber match:
    Triple H (ch) def. Goldberg, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton Kevin Nash
    Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho started out, with the rest locked up in individual chambers. Randy Orton entered third, Kevin Nash fourth. Michaels superkicked Nash and Jericho covered him for the pinfall, eliminating Nash. Triple H entered as number five and Goldberg entered as the final participant. He quickly speared Orton, getting a pinfall to eliminate him. Goldberg ducked Michaels' Sweet Chin Music and hit the jackhammer to eliminate Michaels. Jericho also became victim to the jackhammer, leaving only him and Triple H. Triple H hit Goldberg with a sledgehammer to get the pinfall victory.

Unforgiven 2003 (Raw)

2003-09-21, Giant Center, Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA

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  1. World tagteam championship, handicap table match:
    The Dudley Boyz (D-Von & Bubba Ray) def. La Résistance (Sylvain Grenier & Réné Duprée) (ch) & Rob Conway
    Spike Dudley was injured and did not participate. D-Von last drives Duprée through a table to win the match and become new champions.
  2. Test def. Scott Steiner
    Stipulation: If Test wins, he retains Stacy Keibler's services, and Steiner becomes Test's "property". With the referee distracted Test, brings a chair to the ring. Keibler takes it out of his hands, but accidentally hits Steiner, allowing Test to get the pinfall victory.
  3. Randy Orton [w/Ric Flair] def. Shawn Michaels
    Michaels hits the Sweet Chin Music on Orton and gets the pinfall, but Flair puts Orton's ring on the bottom ring rope just in time for the count of three. The referee restarts the match, and while he is distracted by Flair, Orton hits Michaels with brass knucks and gets the pinfall victory.
  4. Trish Stratus & Lita def. Molly Holly (ch) & Gail Kim
    Lita pins the Women's champion Molly after a moonsault off the top rope.
  5. Last Man Standing match:
    Kane def. Shane McMahon
    McMahon jumps from the top of the Unforgiven sign, but Kane moves out of the way. McMahon does not answer the ten count, giving Kane the victory.
  6. Intercontinental championship, triple-threat match:
    Christian (ch) def. Rob van Dam, Chris Jericho
    Rob Van Dam tries to hit the Five Star Frog Splash on Christian, but he grabs the championship belts and Van Dam lands on it. Christian to rolls Van Dam, getting the victory and retaining the title.
  7. Broadcasting booth on Raw match:
    Al Snow & The Coach def. Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler
    Chris Jericho enters the ring, attacking Ross allowing Coach to get the pinfall victory.
  8. World heavyweight title match:
    Goldberg def. Triple H (ch)
    Stipulation: Triple H can also lose the championship by cont-out and diqualification. If Goldberg loses, he must leave the WWE. Goldberg pins Triple H after the jackhammer.

No Mercy 2003 (SmackDown)

2003-10-19, 1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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  1. Cruiserweight championship:
    Tajiri (ch) def. Rey Mysterio
    Mysterio hits the West Coast pop, but the referee is distracted when an audience member jumps in, allowing Tajiri to hit a roundhouse kick to get the pinfall victory.
  2. Chris Benoit def. A-Train (subm.)
    A-Train submits to the sharpshooter after inadvertently kicking a steel chair that had been set up in the ring corner.
  3. Zach Gowen def. Matt Hardy
    Gowen pins Hardy after a moonsault from the top rope.
  4. Basham Brothers (Doug & Danny) def. The APA (Farooq & Bradshaw)
    Bradshaw hits the clothesline from hell on Doug, but Shaniqua comes in hitting Bradshaw with a baseball bat. Danny hits a scissor kick on Bradshaw, getting the pinfall victory.
  5. I Quit match, No holds barred:
    Vince McMahon [w/Sable] def. Stephanie McMahon [w/Linda McMahon]
    Stipulation: Vince could win only if Stephanie said "I Quit", while Stephanie also could win by pinfall. If Stephie lost, she had to resign as General Manager of SmackDown. If Vince lost, he had to resign as chairman of the board. Sable throws a led pipe into the ring, but Stephanie catches it, hits Vince below the belt and rolls him up for a pinfall. Vince kicks out, however, and later attacks Stephanie with the pipe. Linda throws in the towel to end the match.
  6. Kurt Angle def. John Cena (subm.)
    Angle locks Cena in the ankle lock, to win by submission.
  7. US championship:
    Big Show def. Eddie Guerrero (ch)
    Big Show pins Guerrero after a chokeslam, to win the championship.
  8. WWE championship, Biker chain match:
    Brock Lesnar (ch) def. Undertaker
    Undertaker throws Lesnar into the ring ropes, and climbs the pole to get to the biker chain. Before he can get up, the lights go out allowing Lesnar to get back up. Lesnar wins by pinfall, after interference from Vince McMahon and The FBI.

Survivor Series 2003

2003-11-16, American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas, USA

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  1. 5-on-5 elimination match (SmackDown): Kurt Angle's team (Kurt Angle & John Cena & Chris Benoit & Bradshaw & Hardcore Holly) def. Brock Lesnar's team (Brock Lesnar (WWE ch) & Big Show & A-Train & Matt Morgan & Nathan Jones)
    Order of elimination:
    1. Hardcore Holly (dq)
    2. A-Train (pinned by Bradshaw)
    3. Bradshaw (pinned by Big Show)
    4. Matt Morgan (pinned by Kurt Angle)
    5. Nathan Jones (submission to Kurt Angle)
    6. Kurt Angle (pinned by Brock Lesnar)
    7. Brock Lesnar (submission to Chris Benoit)
    8. Big Show (pinned by John Cena)
    Survivors: John Cena & Chris Benoit
    Hardcore Holly is disqualified for attacking Lesnar before the match starts. Cena hits Show with the chain, hits the FU and gets the pinfall to win the match for his team.
  2. Women's championship:
    Molly Holly (ch) def. Lita
    Holly exposes the turnbuckle and throws Lita into it, allowing her to get the pinfall victory and retain the championship.
  3. Ambulance match:
    Kane def. Shane McMahon
    McMahon backs a SUV into Kane and puts him on a stretcher and starts moving him towards the ambulance, when Kane gets up and fights back. McMahon delivers a coast-to-coast by the arena entrance, getting Kane into the ambulance, but fails to close the door. Kane delivers a tombstone on the ring entrance and stuffs McMahon into the ambulance to win the match.
  4. WWE tagteam championship:
    Basham Brothers (Doug & danny) (ch) [w/Shaniqua] def. Los Guerreros (Chavo & Eddie)
    Danny Basham pins Chavo Guerrero to retain the championship after a schoolboy roll-up.
  5. 5-on-5 elimination match (Raw): Eric Bischoff's team (Chris Jericho & Christian & Mark Henry [w/Theodore Long] & Scott Steiner [w/Stacy Keibler] & Randy Orton) [w/Eric Bischoff] def. Steve Austin's team (Shawn Michaels & Rob Van Dam (IC ch) & Booker T & Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray & D-Von Dudley) (World tagteam ch))
    Order of elimination:
    1. Scott Steiner (pinned by Booker T)
    2. Booker T (pinned by Mark Henry)
    3. Mark Henry (pinned by Rob Van Dam and the Dudley Boyz)
    4. Rob Van Dam (pinned by Randy Orton)
    5. D-Von (pinned by Chris Jericho)
    6. Bubba Ray (pinned by Christian)
    7. Christian (pinned by Shawn Michaels)
    8. Chris Jericho (pinned by Shawn Michaels)
    9. Shawn Michaels (pinned by Randy Orton, after interference from Batista)
    Survivor: Randy Orton
    Stipulation: If Austin's team wins, the Austin can again attack people without having to be provoked first. If Bischoff's team wins, Austin is gone from WWE. With only Michaels and Orton left, Bischoff and Batista tries to take out Michaels, but Austin stuns both of them, running Bischoff out of the building. Batista, however, comes back, powerbombing Michaels, allowing Orton to get the pinfall victory for Bischoff's team. After the match, Austin comes back out and gives a farewell speech.
  6. Buried alive match:
    Vince McMahon def. Undertaker
    Undertaker throws McMahon into the grave, and climbs the truck to fill it with earth, but an explosion occurs and Kane appears, attacking Undertaker and throwing him into the grave. He then helps McMahon out of the grave, allowing him to cover Undertaker's grave for the victory.
  7. World heavyweight championship:
    Goldberg (ch) def. Triple H [w/Ric Flair]
    The other Evolution members (Batista, Randy Orton and Ric Flair) try to take out Goldberg with the sledgehammer, but Goldberg fights back, reversing Triple H's pedigree. He picks up the sledgehammer, but throws it out, hits a jackknife and gets the pinfall victory to retain the championship.

Armageddon 2003 (Raw)

2003-12-14, TD Waterhouse Centre, Orlando, Florida, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. Booker T def. Mark Henry [w/Theodore Long]
    Booker T pins Henry after two scissor kicks.
  2. Intercontinental championship, special referee: Mick Foley
    Randy Orton def. Rob Van Dam (ch)
    Ric flair comes to the ring, distracting Foley. Orton dropkicks Van Dam on the top turnbuckle, hits the RKO and gets the pinfall to become the new champion.
  3. Battle of the sexes:
    Chris Jericho & Christian def. Trish Stratus & Lita
    Christian pins Trish after a roll-up.
  4. Shawn Michaels def. Batista [w/Ric Flair]
    Michales reverses the Batista bomb into the Sweet Chin Music, getting the pinfall victory.
  5. Maven vs. Matt Hardy
    The men start fighting outside the ring as Batista refuses to leave the ring after losing his match. Hardy sends Maven into the ring, where he is knocked out by Batista. The match was never started officially.
  6. World tagteam championship, tag team turmoil:
    1. Hurricane & Rosey def. La Résistance (Réné Duprée & Rob Conway)
      Rosey bodyslams Conway, and Hurricane pins Conway after jumping him from the top rope.
    2. Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade def. Hurricane & Rosey
      Jindrak and Cade quickly enters the ring from behind and Jindrak rolls up Hurricane for the pinfall.
    3. Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade def. Val Venis & Lance Storm
      Cade takes out the leg of Venis, and holds on to it without the referee noticing, allowing Storm to get the pinfall.
    4. Dudley Boyz (D-Von & Bubba Ray) (ch) def. Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade
      Bubba Ray pins Jindrak after the 3-D.
    5. Dudley Boyz (D-Von & Bubba Ray) (ch) def. Test & Scott Steiner
      D-Von pins Test after Bubba Ray hits the Bubba Bomb. The Dudley Boyz are announced the winners, but Eric Bischoff comes out and adds another team to the match, setting up:
    6. Ric Flair & Batista def. Dudley Boyz (D-Von & Bubba Ray) (ch)
      Flair and Batista make a quick job of the Dudley Boyz, and while Flair has Bubba Ray in the figure-four, Batista pins D-Von to become new champions.
  7. Women's championship:
    Molly Holly (ch) def. Ivory
    Ivory slams Holly into the top turnbuckle and rolls her up for a pin. Holly reverses the roll-up and gets the pinfall victory to retain the championship.
  8. World heavyweight championship, Triple threat match:
    Triple H def. Kane, Goldberg (ch)
    Goldberg spears Triple H, but are attacked by Triple H's Evolution friends Ric Flair and Randy Orton. Kane chokeslams Goldberg, but batista removes him from the ring, allowing Triple H to score the pinfall.
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