American Wrestling Trivia

World Championship Wrestling 1995


Clash of the Champions XXX

1995-01 Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  1. TV championship: Arn Anderson [w/ Col. Parker & Meng] (ch) def. Johnny B. Badd
  2. Alex Wright def. Beautiful Bobby
  3. Tagteam ch match: Harlem Heat [w/ Sister Sherri] (ch) def. Stars & Stripes
  4. Sting def. Avalanche
    Guest referee: Guardian Angel
  5. Hulk Hogan [w/ Jimmy Hart] & Macho Man Randy Savage def. Kevin Sullivan & Butcher

SuperBrawl V

1995-02-19, Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  1. "Das Wunderkind" Alex Wright def. "Pretty" Paul Roma
  2. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan def. Bunkhouse Buck [w/ Col. Parker & Meng]
  3. Grudge match: Kevin Sullivan [w/ Butcher] def. Dave Sullivan
  4. Tagteam championship: Harlem Heat [w/ Sister Sherri] (ch) def. Nasty Boys (dq)
  5. Blacktop Bully [w/ Col. Parker] def. "Natural" Dustin Rhodes
  6. Sting & "Macho Man" Randy Savage def. Avalanche & Big Bubba
  7. Championship match: Hulk Hogan (ch) [w/ Jimmy Hart] def. Vader

Uncensored 1995

1995-03-19, The Coliseum, Tupelo, Mississippi, USA
  1. Martial Arts Match: Meng [w/ Col. Rob Parker] def. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
  2. King Of the Road match (On a truck(!), during the night (actually, it was taped the day before)):
    Blacktop Bully def. Dustin Rhodes
  3. Boxer vs. Wrestler: Johnny B. Badd def. "Enforcer" Arn Anderson (tv champ) [w/ Col. Rob Parker]
  4. "Macho Man" Randy Savage def. Avalanche (DQ)
  5. Big Bubba Rogers def. Sting
  6. Texas Tornado match: Nasty Boys def. Harlem Heat [w/ Sister Sherri]
  7. Leather strap match: Hulk Hogan [w/ Renegade] def. Vader [w/ Ric Flair] (us champ)

Slamboree 1995 - A legends reunion

1995-05-21, Bayfront Center, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA
  1. Tagteam championship: Nasty Boys def. Harlem Heat [w/ Sister Sherri] (ch)
  2. Grudge match: Kevin Sullivan def. The Man With No Name [Butcher]
  3. Legends match: Chief Wahoo McDaniel def. Dirty Dick Murdoch
  4. IWJP championship match: The Great Muta (ch) def. Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff
  5. TV championship: Enforcer Arn Anderson (ch) def. Das Wunderkind Alex Wright
  6. Meng [w/ Col. Parker] vs. Hawk (2xCO)
  7. Lights out match: Sting def. Big Bubba Rogers (subm)
  8. Macho Man Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan [w/ Jimmy Hart & Renegade] def. Ric Flair & Vader [w/ Enforcer Arn Anderson]

Great American Bash

1995-06-18, The Hara Arena, Dayton, Ohio, USA
  1. Alex Wright def. "Flyin'" Brian Pillman
  2. Arm wrestling match: Dave Sullivan def. Diamond Dallas Page [w/ Diamond Doll & Max Muscle]
  3. Hacksaw Jim Duggan def. Sgt. Craig Pittman. [dq]
  4. Harlem Heat def. Bunkhouse Buch & Dirty Dick Slater
  5. TV championship: Renegade def. "Enforcer" Arn Anderson (ch)
  6. Tagteam championship: Nasty Boys (ch) def. Blue Bloods
  7. Ric Flair def. Macho Man Randy Savage [w/ Angelo Poffo (Macho's father)]
  8. US championship tournament final: Sting def. Meng [w/ Col. Parker]

Bash at the Beach

1995-07-16, on the Huntington Beach, California, USA
  1. TV championship: Renegade (ch) def. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff
  2. Bunkhouse Buck & Dick Slater def. Marcus Bagwell & Alex Wright
  3. Kamala [w/ Taskmaster] def. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
  4. Diamond Dallas Page [w/ Diamond Doll & Max Muscle] def. Dave "Evad" Sullivan
  5. US championship: Sting (ch) def. Meng
  6. Tagteam championship, triangle match: Harlem Heat (ch) def. Nasty Boys & Blue Bloods
  7. Lifeguard match: "Macho Man" Randy Savage def. Ric Flair
  8. Cage match, championship match: Hulk Hogan (ch) [w/ Jimi Hart] def. Vader

Clash of the Champions XXXI

1995-08-04, Ocean Center, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA
  1. Sting & Road Warrior Hawk def. Meng & Kurasawa [w/ Col. Parker]
  2. Hulk Hogan [w/ Jimi Hart] def. Kamala [w/ Taskmaster] [dq]
  3. Diamond Dallas Page [w/ Diamond Doll] def. "Das Wunderkind" Alex Wright
  4. TV championship: Renegade [w/ Jimi Hart] (ch) def. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff
  5. Harlem Heat & Sister Sherri def. Bunkhouse Buck, Dirty Dick Slater & Col. Parker
  6. Handicap match: Big van Vader def. Ric Flair & "Enforcer" Arn Anderson

Fall Brawl - War Games

1995-09-17, Civic Center, Asheville, North Carolina, USA
  1. US championship contender match: Johnny B. Badd def. Flyin' Bryan [in "overtime"]
  2. Sgt. Craig Pittman def. Cobra (subm)
  3. TV championship: Diamond Dallas Page [w/ Diamond Doll & Max Muscle] def. Renegade (ch) [w/ Jimi Hart]
  4. Tagteam championship: Harlem Heat [w/ Sister Sherri] def. Stud Stable (ch) [w/ Col. Robert Parker]
  5. Enforcer Arn Anderson def. Nature Boy Ric Flair
  6. War Games: Hulkamaniacs def. Dungeon of Doom
    Double steel cage ring. One from each team begins, next contender let in after five minutes, then each two minutes. First to give up loses.
    Period one Sting Shark Attack
    Period two Zodiac
    Period threeMacho Man
    Period four Kamala
    Period five Lex Luger
    Period six Meng
    Period sevenHulk Hogan
    Zodiac gave up in a chin lock from Hulk Hogan. Due to a special stipulation, The leader of DoD, The Taskmaster, had to meet Hulk Hogan one to one, but this match didn't go so well since DoD's "The Giant" interfered.

Halloween Havoc

1995-10-29, Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan, USA
  1. TV championship: Johnny B. Badd def. Diamond Dallas Page (ch) [w/ Diamond Doll Kimberly, Max Muscle]
  2. Macho Man Randy Savage def. Zodiac 1
  3. Kurasawa [w/ Col. Parker] def. Road Warrior Hawk
  4. Sabu [w/ The Sheik] def. Mr. J.L.
  5. Total Package Lex Luger def. Meng [w/ Taskmaster] (dq, outside interference) 1
  6. Ric Flair & Sting vs. Arn Anderson & Flyin' Brian 2 (dq)
  7. Machine vs. Machine (monster trucks): Hulk Hogan def. The Giant 3
  8. Macho Man Randy Savage def. Total Package Lex Luger 1
  9. WCW championship: The Giant [w/ Taskmaster] def. Hulk Hogan [w/ Jimi Hart] (dq) 3

1: If Macho Man and Lex Luger won their respective matches, they would get a one on one match.

2: Ric Flair turned on Sting.

3: After the monstertruck, the Giant fell from the roof on which that match was held, but he came back in the final match, after which both Jimi Hart and Lex Luger "betrayed" Hogan.

World War Three 1995

1995-11-29, The Scope, Norfolk, Virginia, USA
  1. TV championship: Johnny B. Badd (ch) def. Diamond Dallas Page [w/ Diamond Doll Kimberly]
  2. Taped Fist Challenge: Big Bubba Rogers def. Hacksaw Jim Duggan (ko)
  3. Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto def. Cutie Suzuki & Mayumi Ozaki
  4. US championship: Kensuki Sasaki (ch) [w/ Sunny Onoo] def. Chris Benoit
  5. Lex Luger [w/ Jimi Hart] def. Macho Man Randy Savage (subm)
  6. Grudge match: Sting def. Nature Boy Ric Flair (subm)
  7. 60 Man Battle Royal: Winner: Macho Man Randy Savage, becomes new champion
    Order of elimination:
    1. Yetti (by DDP, Canyon, Norton & Pillman)
    2. Mike Winner (by Steven Regal)
    3. Steve Armstrong (by Fidel Sierra)
    4. Dave Sullivan (by Steven Regal)
    5. Mark Starr (by Brian Knobbs)
    6. James Earl Wright (by Cobra)
    7. Cobra (by James Earl Wright (from outside))
    8. Buddy Lee Parker (by Cobra
    9. Bunkhouse Buck (by Randy Savage)
    10. Marcus Bagwell (by Scott Norton)
    11. Chris Canyon (by DDP)
    12. Big Train Bart (by Steven Regal)
    13. Super Assassin #1 (by Hulk Hogan)
    14. Maxx Muscle (by Shark)
    15. Fidel Sierra (by Booker T. & Flair)
    16. Scott Armstrong (by Paul Orndorff)
    17. Bobby Walker (by Sgt. Craig Pittman)
    18. Ricky Santana (by Eddie Guerrero)
    19. Mr. JL (by Super Assassin #2)
    20. Stevie Ray (by Brian Knobbs)
    21. Brian Knobbs (by Giant)
    22. Alex Wright (by Anderson & Orndorff)
    23. Pez Whatley (by Arn Anderson)
    24. Scotty Riggs (by Booker T.)
    25. Super Assassin #2 (by One Man Gang)
    26. Earl Robert Eaton (by Randy Savage)
    27. Dirty Dick Slator (by Hulk Hogan)
    28. V. K. Wallstreet (by Randy Savage)
    29. Scott Norton (by Hugh Morrus)
      (From here, the last 31 participants went into one ring)
    30. Shark (by Hawk, Duggan, & Saggs)
    31. Joey Maggs (by Sgt. Craig Pittman)
    32. Big Bubba Rogers (by Hacksaw Jim Duggan)
    33. Hacksaw Jim Duggan (by Big Bubba Rogers (from outside))
    34. Disco Inferno (by Hawk)
      (Randy Savage & Lex luger left the ring and went to another to fight one-on-one)
    35. Dave Taylor (by Sgt. Craig Pittman)
    36. Jerry Saggs (by Hulk Hogan)
    37. Booker T. (by Hulk Hogan)
    38. Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan (by Hulk Hogan)
    39. Steven Regal (by Arn Anderson)
    40. Diamond Dallas Page (by Johnny B. Badd)
    41. Johnny B. Badd (by DDP (from outside))
    42. Sgt. Craig Pittman (by Hugh Morrus)
    43. Chris Benoit (by Kurasawa)
    44. Kurasawa (by Meng)
    45. Meng (by One Man Gang)
    46. Zodiac (by Hugh Morrus)
    47. Hugh Morrus (by Kensuke Sasaki)
    48. Flyin' Brian Pillman (by Hawk)
    49. Kensuke Sasaki (by Hulk Hogan)
    50. RoadWarrior Hawk (by Hulk Hogan)
    51. Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff (by Hulk Hogan)
    52. Eddie Guerrero (by Arn Anderson)
    53. Ric Flair (by Arn Anderson) (Sting threw Anderson into Flair)
    54. Arn Anderson (by Sting & Hulk Hogan)
    55. Sting (by Giant)
    56. Lex Luger (by Giant)
    57. Giant (by Sting, Lex Luger & Hulk Hogan)
    58. Hulk Hogan (Giant pulls him under rope. Hogan is not eliminated)
    59. One Man Gang (Randy Savage)
    Hogan was not really eliminated, since he was pulled under the bottom rope, but the referees didn't see that, and decided that Randy Savage, now alone in the middle of the ring, was the winner.

Starrcade 1995 - World Cup of Wrestling

1995-12-27, Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee, USA
  1. World Cup of Wrestling (matches 1-7):
    Jushin Thunder Liger [w/ Sonny Onoo] def. Chris Benoit
  2. Koji Kanemoto [w/ Onoo] def. "Das Wunderkind" Alex Wright
  3. Lex Luger [w/ Jimi Hart] def. Masahiro Chono [w/ Onoo]
  4. Johnny B Badd [w/ Kimberly] def. Masa Saito [w/ Onoo] (dq)
  5. Shinjiro Ootani [w/ Onoo] def. Eddie Guerrero
  6. Macho Man Randy Savage def. Tensan [w/ Onoo]
  7. Sting def. Kensuik Sasaki (us ch.) [w/ Onoo] (subm)
  8. Triangle Match: Lex Luger vs. Ric Flair vs. Sting Winner: Ric Flair (2xCO)
  9. WCW championship: Ric Flair def. Macho Man Randy Savage (ch)
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