American Wrestling Trivia

Jim Crockett Promotions 1986


Starrcade 1986 - The Skywalkers

1986-11-27, The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia & Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

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[O] marks matches held at The Omni, [G] marks matches held at Greensboro.

  1. [G] Tim Horner & Nelson Royal defeated Don & Rocky Kernodle
    Horner scores a pinfall victory after rolling up Rocky.
  2. [O] Brad Armstrong vs. Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin [w/Precious] (TLD)
  3. [G] Baron von Raschke & Hector Guerrero def. Barbarian & Shaska Whatley
    Raschke pinned Whatley for the victory.
  4. [O] NWA US tag team championship, No disqualification: Ivan Koloff & Khrusher Khrushchev (ch) def. Kansas Jayhawks
    Koloff pins Jaggers to retain the title.
  5. [G] Indian strap match: Wahoo McDaniel def. "Ravishing" Rick Rude [w/Paul Jones]
    To win, you had to drag your opponent around the ring and touch all four corners.
  6. [O] NWA Central States heavyweight championship: Sam Houston (ch) def. Bill Dundee (DQ)
    Dundee was disqualified when he hit Houston with his boot.
  7. [G] Hair vs Hair: Jimmy Valiant [w/Big Mama] def. Paul Jones [w/Ragin' Bull]
    Hair of Big Mama vs. hair of Paul Jones. Ragin' Bull was locked into a cage above the ring.
  8. [O] Louiville street fight: "Big Bubba" Rogers def. Ron Garvin [w/Jim Cornette]
    No disqualification match, need pinfall or ten-count to win. Neither man answered the ten-count, winner was Rogers who were first to get to his feet.
  9. [G] NWA TV championship, First blood match: Tully Blanchard [w/J. J. Dillon] def. "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes (ch)
    Blanchard was bleeding with the referee out. Dillon got the blood off Blanchard, and when the referee came back to it, he first saw blood on Dusty.
  10. [O] Skywalkers match: Road Warriors [w/Paul Ellering] def. Midnight Express [w/Jim Cornette]
    To win the match, both opponents must be thrown from the scaffolding above the ring. After the match, Ellering chases Cornette up the scaffolding having Animal throw him off, hurting Cornette's knee as Bubba Rogers fails to catch him.
  11. [G] NWA World tag team championship, steel cage match: Rock'n Roll Express (ch) def. Ole & Arn Anderson
    Ricky Martin pins Ole to retain the title.
  12. [O] NWA championship: Ric Flair (ch) def. Nikita Koloff (NWA US champion) (2xDQ)
    Koloff replaced Magnum T.A. who had been injured in a car accident. Both men were disqualified due to outside interference.
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