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World Championship Wrestling 1989


Clash of the Champions V - "Valentine's Day Massacre"

1989-02-15, CSU (Cleveland State University), Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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  1. Midnight Express def. The Russian Assassins
  2. Butch Reed def. Steve Casey
  3. Lex Luger def. The Blackmailer (Dick Murdoch??)
  4. Mike Rotunda & Steve Williams def. The Fantastics
  5. Ricky Steamboat def. Bob Bradley
  6. Rick Steiner def. Rip Morgan
  7. Six Man Champs The Road Warriors & Genichiro Tenyru (scheduled to face Sting, Michael Hayes & Junkyard Dog) ended up facing Rotunda, Williams & Kevin Sullivan because the Varcity Club had locked Sting & Friends in the backstage area; the match was a double-DQ because Sting & Friends rushed the ring and a nine-man brawl began

The Chi-Town Rumble

1989-02-20, UIC Pavillion, Chicago, Illinois

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  1. Michael Hayes def. Russian Assassin I
  2. Sting def. Butch Reed
  3. The Midnight Express (Lane & Eaton) def. The New Original Midnight Express (Randy Rose & Jacko Victory)
  4. TV championship: Mike Rotunda def. Rick Steiner (ch)
  5. US championship: Lex Luger def. Barry Windham (ch)
  6. Tagteam championship: The Road Warriors (ch) def. Steve Williams & Kevin Sullivan
  7. NWA championship: Ricky Steamboat def. Ric Flair (ch)

Clash of the Champions VI - "Ragin' Cajun"

1989-04-02, (Same day as WWF Wrestlemania 5), Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans

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  1. NWA championship: Ricky Steamboat (ch) def. Ric Flair in Falls 2 & 3 in a 3-fall match
  2. Mike Rotunda & Steve Williams upset the Road warriors to win the NWA World tag Team titles (biased ref Teddy Long gave the belts away after Williams pinned Hawk for a FAST TWO-COUNT even though Hawks shoulders were off the mat!)
  3. Bob Orton (with Gary Hart) def. Dick Murdoch
  4. TV championship: Sting (ch) def. Rip Morgan
  5. US tag championship: Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner (ch) def. Dan Spivey & Kevin Sullivan
  6. US championship: Lex Luger (ch) def. Jack Victory
  7. Great Muta def. Steve Casey
  8. Ranger Ross def. The Iron Sheik (DQ)
  9. Junkyard Dog def. Butch Reed
  10. Samoan Swat Team (Samu & Fatu) def. the Midnight Express

Wrestle War 1989: Music City Showdown

1989-05-07, Municipal Auditorium, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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  1. The Great Muta def. Doug Gilbert
  2. Butch Reed def. Ranger Ross
  3. Bullrope match: Dick Murdoch def. Cowboy Bob Orton
  4. The Dynamic Dudes def. The Samoan Swat Team
  5. US championship: Michael Hayes def. Lex Luger (ch)
  6. TV championship: Sting (ch) def. The Iron Sheik
  7. NWA championship: Ric Flair def. Ricky Steamboat (ch)
  8. Tagteam championship, special referee Nikita Koloff: The Road Warriors def. Steve Williams & Mike Rotunda (ch) (DQ)
  9. US tagteam championship: Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner (ch) def. Kevin Sullivan & Dan Spivey

Clash of the Champions VII

1989-06-14, Fort Bragg Gymnasium, Ft Bragg, North Carolina, USA

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  1. NWA tagteam tourney semi-finals:
    Michael Hayes & Jim Garvin (surprise mystery replacement for Terry Gordy) def. Dynamic Dudes (Shane Douglas & Johnny Ace)
  2. Midnight Express def. Samoan Swat Team
  3. Final: Hayes & Garvin def. Express when Gordy interfered, to win the belts
  4. Ricky Steamboat def. Terry Funk (DQ); Luger rescued Steamboat and then attacked him with a chair
  5. Norman The Lunatic (aka Makhan Sigh and Bastion Booger) def. Mike Justice
  6. Kevin Sullivan & Mike Rotunda def. the Steiner Brothers
  7. TV championship: Sting (ch) def. Wild Bill Irwin
  8. Steve Williams (now good) fought Terry Gordy to a double countout
  9. Ding Dongs def. Cougar Jay & George South
  10. Ranger Ross def. "The Terrorist" (maybe David Sierra)

The Great American Bash 1989 - "The Glory Days"

1989-07-23, Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland

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  1. Two ring battle royale:
    1. Elimination order in ring 1:
      1. Ranger Ross (By Ron Simmons)
      2. Ron Simmons (By Mike Rotunda)
      3. Scott Hall (By Sid Viscious)
      4. Terry Gordy (By Rotunda & Sullivan)
      5. Wild Bill Irwin (By Dr. Death)
      6. Eddie Gilbert (By Dan Spivey)
      7. Scott Steiner (By Rotunda & Sullivan)
      8. Dan Spivey (By Mike Rotunda)
      9. Mike Rotunda (By Dr. Death)
      10. Dr. Death (By Sid Viscious)
      11. Kevin Sullivan (By Rick Steiner)
      12. Rick Steiner (himself, followed Sullivan)
      13. Flyin' Brian (himself, missed splash attempt on Sid)

      Winner: Sid Vicious
    2. Elimination order in ring 2:
      1. Ron Simmons (By Ranger Ross)
      2. Ranger Ross (By Dan Spivey)
      3. Kevin Sullivan (By Rick & Scott Steiner)
      4. Rick Steiner (By Scott Hall)
      5. Scott Steiner (By Scott Hall)
      6. Eddie Gilbert (By Terry Gordy)
      7. Terry Gordy (By Eddie Gilbert)
      8. Scott Hall (By Dan Spivey)
      9. Wild Bill Irwin (By Dr. Death)
      10. Flyin' Brian (By Rotunda & Spivey)
      11. Mike rotundo (By Dr. Death)
      12. Dr. Death Steve Williams (By Dan Spivey)

      Winner: Dan Spivey
    3. Instead of fighting, Dan Spivey & Sid Vicious split the prize money.
  2. Brian Pillman def. Wild Bill Irwin.
  3. Skyscrapers def. Dynamic Dudes
  4. Tuxedo Street Fight: Jim Cornette def. Paul E. Dangerously
  5. Tornado match: Steiner Brothers def. Kevin Sullivan & Mike Rotunda
  6. TV championship: Sting vs. Great Muta (double pin fall)
  7. US championship: Lex Luger (ch) def. Ricky Steamboat (DQ)
  8. War Games: Road Warriors, Midnight Express & Steve Williams beat Fabulous Freebirds & Samoan Swat Team
    Double steel cage ring. One from each team begins, next contender let in after five minutes, then each two minutes. First to give up loses.
    Period one Bobby Eaton Jimmy Garvin
    Period two Terry Gordy
    Period threeSteve Williams
    Period four Samu
    Period five Animal
    Period six Fatu
    Period sevenStan Lane
    Period eight Michael Hayes
    Period nine Hawk
  9. NWA championship: Ric Flair (ch) def. Terry Funk

Clash of the Champions VIII - "Fall Brawl"

1989-09-12, Frank McGuire Arena

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  1. Tagteam championship: The Freebirds (ch) def. The Steiners
  2. Brian Pillman def. Norman
  3. US championship: Lex Luger (ch) def. Tommy Rich
  4. Road Warriors def. Samoan Swat Team
  5. Tom Zenk def. Cuban Assassin
  6. Sid Vicious def. Ranger Ross
  7. Steve Williams def. Mike Rotunda
  8. Ric Flair & Sting def. Great Muta & Dick Slater (DQ) (Slater replaced Terry Funk, who showed up anyway and smothered Flair with a plastic bag)

Halloween Havoc 1989 - "Settling the Score"

1989-10-28, Civic Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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  1. Tom Zenk (Z-Man) def. Captain Mike Rotunda
  2. The Samoan Swat Team & The Samoan Savage def. The Midnight Express & Steve Williams [w/Jim Cornette]
  3. "Wildfire" Tommy Rich def. The Cuban Assassin
  4. Tagteam championship: The Fabulous Freebirds (Jimmy Garvin & Michael Hayes) (ch) def. The Dynamic Dudes [w/Jim Cornette]
  5. Grudge tagteam match: Doom [w/Woman] def. The Steiner Brothers
  6. US championship: Lex Luger (ch) def. Brian Pillman
  7. Road Warriors [w/Paul Ellering] def. Skyscrapers [w/Theodore R. Long] (DQ)
  8. Thunderdome cage match, special referee Bruno Sammartino: Sting & Ric Flair [w/Ole Anderson] def. Terry Funk & The Great Muta [w/Gary Hart]
    The only way to win was to have the opponent team's terminator throw in the towel. The Great Muta was TV champion at the time, and Ric Flair was the world champion. Anderson threw Hart's towel in to end the match.

Clash of the Champions IX

1989-11-15, RPI Fieldhouse, Troy, New York, USA

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  1. Fabulous Freebirds def. Road warriors (DQ)
  2. Doom def. Eddie Gilbert & Tommy Rich
  3. Midnight Express def. Dynamic Dudes
  4. Steve Williams def. Super Destroyer
  5. Steiner Brothers (tag champions) vs. Skyscrapers (2xDQ) (non-title)
  6. US championship: Lex Luger (ch) def. Brian Pillman
  7. NWA championship, I Quit Match: Ric Flair (ch) def. Terry Funk

Starrcade 1989 - Future Shock

1989-12-13, Omni Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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  1. Steiner Brothers def. Doom (CO)
  2. Lex Luger def. Sting
  3. Road Warriors def. Doom
  4. Ric Flair def. Great Muta
  5. Steiner Brothers def. Road Warriors
  6. Sting def. Great Muta
  7. Wild Samoans def. Doom
  8. Ric Flair vs. Lex Luger (draw)
  9. Wild Samoans def. Steiner Brothers (DQ)
  10. Lex Luger def. Great Muta (DQ)
  11. Road Warriors def. Wild Samoans
  12. Sting def. Ric Flair
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