American Wrestling Trivia

Jim Crockett Promotions/World Championship Wrestling 1988


The Bunkhouse Stampede

1988-01-24, Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York, USA

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  1. TV championship: Nikita Koloff (ch) vs. Bobby Eaton (draw)
  2. Western States championship: Larry Zbyszko def. Barry Windham (ch)
  3. NWA championship: Road Warrior Hawk def. Ric Flair (ch) (DQ)
  4. Dustin Rhodes won the Bunkhouse Stampede

Clash of the Champions I

1988-03-27 (Same day as WWF WrestleMania 4), Greensboro Colliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

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  1. NWA championship: Sting vs. Ric Flair (ch)
    goes to a 45-min draw. Three judges are there in case of a draw, but one votes for Flair, one for Sting, and one for a DRAW!
  2. Tagteam championship: Lex Luger & Barry Windham def. Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson (ch)
  3. Six-man barbed wire match, Six-man tag championship match: Road Warriors & Dusty Rhodes (US ch.) def. Powers of Pain & Ivan Koloff (ch) (DQ)
  4. US tagteam championship: Midnight Express (ch) def. The Fantastics (DQ)
  5. TV championship, Olympic rules match: Mike Rotunda (ch) def. Jimmy Garvin

Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup

1988-04-22, Greenville Coliseum, Greenville, South Carolina
1988-04-23, Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
  1. Tagteam tournament, first round:
    Kendall Windham & Italian Stallion def. Terminator & Green Machine (forfeit)
  2. Ivan Koloff & Dick Murdoch def. Jimmy Valiant & Mighty Wilbur
  3. Jive Tones def. Nelson Royal & Rocky King
  4. Chris Champion & Mark Starr def. The Mexican Twin Devils
  5. Tim Horner & Brad Armstrong def. John Savage & Johnny Ace
  6. The Sheepherders def. The Cruel Connection
  7. Al Perez & Larry Zbyzsko def. Joe Cruz & Ricky Santana
  8. Mike Rotunda & Rick Steiner def. Ron Simmons & Steve Williams
  9. Second round:
    Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson def. Windham & Stallion
  10. Sting & Lex Luger def. Murdoch & Koloff
  11. Road Warriors def. Jive Tones
  12. Barbarian & Warlord def. Champion & Starr
  13. Sheepherders def. Horner & Armstrong
  14. Fantastics def. Perez & Zbyzsko
  15. Midnight Express def. Sheepherders
  16. Quarter finals:
    Fantastics def. Rotunda & Steiner
  17. Sting & Luger def. Midnight Express
  18. Barbarian & Warlord def. Road Warriors
  19. Semi finals:
    Sting & Luger def. Barbarian & Warlord
  20. Blanchard & Anderson def. Fantastics
  21. Final:
    Sting & Luger def. Blanchard & Anderson
  22. Additional matches:
    Jim Garvin def. Kevin Sullivan
  23. Midnight Rider def. J.J. Dillon in a bullrope match
  24. Nikita Koloff def. NWA Champion Ric Flair (DQ)

Clash of the Champions II - "Miami Mayhem"

1988-06-08, James L. Knight Center, Miami, Florida, USA

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  1. Jim & Ron Garvin def. Rick Steiner & Mike Rotunda
  2. US championship: Barry Windham (ch) def. Brad Armstrong
  3. Nikita Koloff def. Al Perez (DQ)
  4. US tagteam championship: The Fantastics (ch) def. the Sheepherders
  5. Tagteam championship: Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson (ch) vs. Sting & Dusty Rhodes (2xDQ -- Rhodes & Sting pushed ref AND Windham attacked Rhodes)

    Also, the Horsemen attacked Lex Luger in a parking lot, busting his forehead, the injury which allegedly caused him to lose to Flair at Bash 88 PPV

The Great American Bash 1988

1988-07-10, Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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  1. Tagteam championship: Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson vs. Sting & Nikita Koloff (draw)
  2. US tagteam championship: Midnight Express def. Fantastics (ch)
  3. Tower of Doom match: Road Warrior, Steve Williams, Jimmy Garvin & Ron Garvin def. Russian Assassin, Mike Rotunda, Kevin Sullivan, Al Perez & Ivan Koloff
  4. US championship: Barry Windham (ch) def. Dusty Rhodes
  5. NWA championship: Ric Flair (ch) def. Lex Luger (referee stopped the match)

Clash of the Champions III - "Fall Brawl"

1988-09-07, Albany Civic Center, Albany, Georgia, USA

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  1. TV championship: Mike Rotunda vs. Brad Armstrong (draw)
  2. Nikita Koloff & Steve Williams def. The Sheepherders
  3. Dusty Rhodes def. Kevin Sullivan
  4. Ricky Morton upset Ivan Koloff in a Russian Chain Match (Ivan turns good after this one)
  5. US championship: Sting def. Barry Windham (ch) (DQ)

Clash of the Champions IV - "Season's beatings"

1988-12-07, UTC (University of Tennessee-Chattanooga), Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

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  1. Fantastics def. Eddie Gilbert & Ron Simmons in tourney finals for vacant US Tag Titles
  2. Steve Williams (here, the newest heel in the Varcity Club) def. Italian Stallion
  3. Ivan Koloff (with one hand tied behind his back) def. Paul Jones
  4. Road Warrior Animal (tag champion) def. Dusty Rhodes (DQ) allowing the Road Warriors to replace Dusty with their choice (Genichiro Tenyru) as the NWA World Six Man Championship Tag Team (Warriors had just recently turned heel)
  5. World Champ Ric Flair & US Champ Barry Windham def. The Midnight Express

Starrcade 88 - True Gritt

1988-12-26, Scope Arena, Norfolk, Virgina, USA

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  1. US tagteam championship: "Dr. Death" Steve Williams & "Gamesmaster" Kevin Sullivan def. Fantastics (ch)
    William pinned Bobby Fulton for the title.
  2. Midnight Express ("Sweet" Stan Lane & "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton) [w/Jim Cornette] def. Original Midnight Express ("Ravishing" Randy Rose & "Loverboy" Dennis Condrey) [w/Paul E. Dangerously]
    Lane pinned Rose to win the match.
  3. Russian Assassins [w/Paul Jones] def. Ivan Koloff & Junkyard Dog
    Stipulation: If Assassins lose, they had to unmask and Paul Jones retire. Assassin #1 pinned Koloff to win the match.
  4. TV championship: Rick Steiner def. Mike Rotunda (ch) [w/Kevin Sullivan]
    Sullivan was placed in a cage beside the ring. Steiner thought he had won the match when the bell rang, meanwhile Sullivan exited the cage. Steiner pushes Rotunda into Sullivan and covers him to win the title by pinfall.
  5. US championship: Barry Windham (ch) [w/James J. Dillon] def. Bam Bam Bigelow (CO) [w/Oliver Humperdink]
    Windham retains the title when Bigelow got counted out.
  6. Tagteam championship: Dusty Rhodes & Sting def. Road Warriors (ch) (DQ) [w/Precious Paul Ellering]
    Road Warriors were disqualified when Ellering broke a pinfall attempt on Animal by Sting, losing the match but keeping the title.
  7. NWA championship: Ric Flair (ch) [w/James J. Dillon] def. Lex Luger
    Stipulation: If Flair is disqualified, Luger wins the title. Flair pinned Luger to retain the title.
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