American Wrestling Trivia

Jim Crockett Promotions 1984


Starrcade 1984 - The Million Dollar Challenge

1984-11-29, Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

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  1. NWA Junior heavyweight championship: Denny Brown def. Mike Davis (ch)
  2. Brian Adidis def. Mr. Ito
  3. NWA Florida heavyweight championship: Jesse Barr (ch) def. Mike Graham
  4. Tag-team elimination match: Buzz Tyler & Assassin I def. The Zambuie Express [w/Paul Jones]
  5. Anything goes match, Brass knuckles championship: "Ragin' Bull" Manny Fernandez def. Black Bart [w/J. J. Dillon] (ch)
  6. Loser-leaves-town tuxedo street fight: Paul Jones [w/Zambuie Express] def. Jimmy Valiant [w/Assassin I]
  7. Mid-Atlantic championship: "Cowboy" Ron Bass [w/J. J. Dillon] (ch) def. Dick Slater (DQ)
    Ron Bass was also Mid-Atlantic tagteam champion at the time.
  8. Ivan & Nikita Koloff def. Ole Anderson & Keith Larson [w/Don Kernodle]
  9. No disqualification, no run, NWA TV championship: Tully Blanchard (ch) def. Ricky Steamboat
    Both wrestler had posted $10,000 for the match with winner-takes-all.
  10. US championship: "Chief" Wahoo McDaniel (ch) def. "Superstar" Billy Graham
  11. Special guest referee: Joe Frasier, NWA championship: Ric Flair (ch) def. Dusty Rhodes
    Ric Flair won the $1 million prize when referee Joe Frasier stopped the match due to Rhodes bleeding from the eye.
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