American Wrestling Trivia

Jim Crockett Promotions 1987


Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup

1987-04-10, 1987-04-11, Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
  1. Tagteam tournament, first round:
    Thunderfoots 1 & 2 def. Bobby Jaggers & Rocky King
  2. Konga The Barbarian & Bill Dundee def. Mike Rotundo & Tim Horner
  3. Shaska Whatley & Teijho Khan def. Jimmy Valiant & Lazer-Tron
  4. Jim & Ronnie Garvin def. Italian Stallion & Ricky Lee Jones
  5. Todd Champion & Denny Brown def. Bill & Randy Mulkey
  6. Steve Keirn & George South battled Nelson Royal & Mike Graham to a 20-min. draw (both teams eliminated)
  7. Bob & Brad Armstrong def. Ivan Koloff & Vladimir Petrov (DQ)
  8. The MOD Squad def. Baron Von Raschke & Wahoo McDaniel
  9. Eight teams made it to the second round via bye:
    Dusty Rhodes & Nikita Koloff, Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez, Road Warriors, Midnight Express, Shohei Baba & Isao Takagi, Rock & Roll Express, Arn Anderson & Kevin Sullivan, and Tully Blanchard & Lex Luger
    Second round:
    Rude & Fernandez def. The Thunderfoots
  10. Rhodes & Koloff def. Barbarian & Dundee
  11. Road Warriors def. Whatley & Khan
  12. Midnight Express def. The Garvins
  13. Baba & Takagi def. Champion & Brown
  14. The Armstrongs def. Anderson & Sullivan
  15. Blanchard & Luger def. MOD Squad
  16. Quarter finals
    Blanchard & Luger def. The Armstrongs
  17. Midnight Express def. Road Warriors (DQ)
  18. Rhodes & Koloff def. Fernandez & Rude
  19. Baba & Takagi def. Rock & Roll Express
  20. Semi finals
    Blanchard & Luger def. Baba & Takagi
  21. Rhodes & Koloff def. Midnight Express
  22. Finals
    Rhodes & Koloff def. Blanchard & Luger
  23. Additional matches
    Ole Anderson def. Bubba Rogers in a cage match
  24. NWA Champion Ric Flair def. Barry Windham

Great American Bash 1987

Tour, during July 1987

War Games 1987

1987-07-04, The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

  1. War Games: Road Warriors, Paul Ellering & Superpowers def. Four Hoursemen & JJ Dillon.
    Period one Dusty Rhodes Arn Anderson
    Period two Tully Blanchard
    Period threeAnimal
    Period four Ric Flair
    Period five Nikita Koloff
    Period six Lex Luger
    Period sevenHawk
    Period eight JJ Dillon
    Period nine Paul Ellering

Other matches on the tour:

  1. War Games - The Re-match:
    Road Warriors, Paul Ellering & Superpowers def. Four Hoursemen & War Machine.
    Period one Dusty Rhodes Arn Anderson
    Period two War Machine
    Period threeHawk
    Period four Ric Flair
    Period five Nikita Koloff
    Period six Tully Blanchard
    Period sevenAnimal
    Period eight Lex Luger
    Period nine Paul Ellering
  2. Texas death match: Steve Williams def. Dick Murdoch
  3. Windham def. Steiner (huh?)
  4. Freebirds def. Fernandez, Koloff & Jones
  5. Title unifying match: Rock'n roll Xpress def. Midnight Express (dq)

Starrcade 1987 - Chi-Town Heat

1987-11-26, UIC Pavillion, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. Sting, Michaels Hayes & Jimmy Garvin vs. Eddie Gilbert, Rick Steiner & Larry Zbysko (TLD)
  2. UWF heavyweight championship: Steve Williams (ch) def. Barry Windham
  3. Scaffold match: Rock'n Roll Express def. Midnight Express
  4. TV championship: Nikita Koloff def. Terry Taylor (UWF TV champion), in a match to unify the UWF TV Title
  5. Tagteam championship: Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard def. Road Warriors (DQ)
  6. US championship, steel cage match: Dusty Rhodes def. Lex Luger (ch)
  7. NWA championship, steel cage match: Ric Flair def. Ron Garvin (ch)
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