American Wrestling Trivia

World Wrestling Federation 1997


Royal Rumble 1997

1997-01-21, Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas, USA

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  1. Intercontinental championship:
    Hunter Hearst Helmsley (ch) [w/Curtis Hughes] def. Goldust
    Much wrestling took place outside the ring in this powerwrestling match. Goldust knocked Hunter with the IC belt that Hunter had got into the ring, but only got a two count. Hunter could eventually win the match with a pedigree
  2. Ahmed Johnson def. Faarooq [w/Nation of Domination] (DQ)
    Faarooq tried a lot of illegal moves, for one thing he brought a whip inside the ring, but Ahmed got it. The disqualification of Faarooq was because of his gang, Nation of Domination, coming in and starting messing around with Ahmed
  3. Vader def. Undertaker
    Undertaker showed a lot of strength, even surviving a Vaderbomb in the earlier part of the match. Later, Paul Bearer showed up, and when Undertaker was about to attack Paul Bearer, Vader got in between and Bearer could hit the Undertaker with the urn. Vader won the match with yet another Vaderbomb, and then Vader and Bearer left the ring together. Undertaker chokeslammed the referee after the match, thinking that he should have seen Bearer's outside interference
  4. AAA Six man tagteam match:
    Perro Aguayo, Canek & Hector Garza def. Fuerza Guerrera, Heavy Metal & Jerry Estrada
    As always, the Mexican wrestlers gave a great show of technical and acrobatic wrestling, even though it had a bit too much powerwrestling to really show the Mexicans' superiority in the sport. Even though the match was most entertaining, the audience seemed very uninterested about it
  5. The Royal Rumble:
    Elim. Ent. #Ent. Name By
    1 3 3"Razor Ramon"Ahmed Johnson (2)
    2 2 3Ahmed Johnson Self (went after Faarooq)
    3 1 5Crush Phineas Godwinn (4)
    4 4 5Phineas Godwinn Steve Austin (5)
    5 6 6Bart Gunn Steve Austin (5)
    6 7 8Jake "The Snake" Roberts Steve Austin (5)
    71012The Sultan British Bulldog (8)
    8 813British Bulldog Owen Hart (13)
    91516Cibernetico Mascaras (11)
    10 916Pierot Jr. Mascaras (11)
    111116Mascaras Self (jumped Pierot)
    121216Hunter Hearst Helmsley Goldust (14)
    131417Goldust Owen Hart (13)
    141718Latin Lover Faarooq (18)
    151818Faarooq Self (attacked by Ahmed)
    161618"Wild Man" Marc MeroSteve Austin (5)
    171317Owen Hart Steve Austin (5)
    181919Savio Vega Steve Austin (5)
    192020"Double J" Jesse JamesSteve Austin (5)
    202222Jerry "The King" Lawler Bret "Hit Man" Hart (21)
    212730Flash Funk Vader (28)
    222930Henry O. Godwinn Undertaker (30)
    232530Rocky Maivia Mankind (26)
    242420Terry Funk Mankind (26)
    252630Mankind Undertaker (30)
    26 530Steve Austin Bret "Hit Man" Hart (21) See below
    272830Vader Steve Austin (5)
    283030Undertaker Steve Austin (5)
    292330"Diesel"Bret "Hit Man" Hart (21)
    301830Bret "Hit Man" Hart Steve Austin (5)

    Rightful winner: Bret "Hit Man" Hart (18).
    However, since the referees didn't see Steve Austin being thrown out of the ring (they had their hands full with getting Mankind out), he was judged as the winner, and was to be given a title shot at WrestleMania XIII. However, instead of that, a "final four" match was setup at In Your House XIII.

  6. WWF championship:
    Shawn Michaels def. Sycho Sid (ch)
    This was a psychological match with much powerwrestling. Sid had the advantage in the beginning, where he tried to tire Shawn. Shawn came back with air maneuvers, which however were stopped by Sid. When Shawn tried to apply his special move, the "sweet chin music", Sid could stop that too, reversing it into a powerbomb, after which he (again) went for Shawn's manager, Jose Lothario. Shawn stopped him though. Later on, Sid managed to get the referee unconscious, by slamming him with Shawn. He then covered Shawn, but the new referee that came running to the ring only counted to two. Shawn then gave Sid the same treatment he got at Survivor Series '96, that is, he slammed him with a TV camera. Shawn could then, after another "sweet chin music", get a slow pinfall by the newly awakened referee.

In Your House XIII - Final Four

1997-02-16, UTC Arena, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

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  1. Final Four for WWF Championship:
    Bret "Hit Man" Hart def. Vader, Undertaker, Steve Austin
    Order of elimination: Steve Austin (by Bret Hart), Vader (by Undertaker), Undertaker (by Bret Hart)
  2. WWF tag team championship:
    Philip Lafon & Doug Furnas def. British Bulldog & Owen Hart (ch)
  3. Intercontinental championship:
    Rocky Maivia (ch) def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
  4. Six man tagteam match:
    Nation of Domination (Faarooq, Crush, Savio Vega) def. Flash Funk, Bart Gunn, Goldust
  5. Marc Mero def. Leif Cassidy

WWF European Championship Tournament

Deutschland Xpress Tour, 20-25 February 1997
British BulldogBritish BulldogBritish BulldogFinals held at
European Championship Berlin
Rocky Maivia
Owen HartOwen HartOwen Hart
Flash Funk
Hunter Hearst HelmsleyBret "Hit Man" Hart
Bret "Hit Man" Hart

WWF European Championship

1997-02-26, Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

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Televised in its entirety 1997-03-01 on DSF. In the US, partly aired as Monday Night Raw 1997-03-03, and WWF Superstars 1997-03-09.

  1. Salvatore Sincere def. Alex "The Pug" Porteau
    The opening bout was a bit boring at start, with both men desperately trying to get the other one to submit to a pin. Sincere could finally get a pin fall after having Porteau in a Full Nelson.

    Between these two matches, German ring-announcer and commentator Carsten Schaeffer, with help of Billy Gunn, awarded a lucky winner with a DF1 digital receiver for the combined DSF/DF1 competition that had run through the Deutschland Xpress Tour.

  2. Doug Furnas & Philip Lafon def. Bob "Spark Plugg" Holly & "Man-O-War" Aldo Montoya
    This match was a true display of sportsmanship from both teams. It was also a display of power wrestling (as often is with the American wrestling in general). Furnas and Lafon won after a Half Nelson followed by a slam.

    Here The Honky Tonk Man arrived, apparently helping out in the American commentator position.

  3. Hunter Hearst Helmsley def. Bret "Hit Man" Hart (dq)
    The audience was definitely on Bret's side, he's said that his German fans are the best, and it seems like that. After a slow start, it showed up to be a match in which Bret seemingly wanted to injure Hunter, working on his leg, for example with a Figure 4 leglock around the ring post. The match ended when Bret had Hunter hanging up-side-down from the ring ropes, and the referee (Earl Hebner) told him to let Hunter go. Bret then pushed the referee away, which costed him a disqualification.
  4. Intercontinental championship:
    Rocky Maivia (ch) def. Vader (dq)
    Even though Vader certainly knew how to throw his weight around, the match was surprisingly even. Vader tried many of his powermoves, but could not get Rocky pinned. In the end, Rocky wanted to end the match with a flying cross-body, but didn't get a pin position. Mankind then entered the ring, and hit Rocky with the urn, which got Vader disqualified.

    In the pause that now followed, we were informed about the most recent developments in the WWF championship ranks. In the arena, one could hear that through the commentators' microphones, Honky Tonk Man was singing (or whatever).

  5. WWF championship:
    Sycho Sid (ch) def. Mankind
    Mankind showed one of his interesting talents, when he gave an interview in German before the match. There, he said that all WWF stars were in "Lebensgefahr" (danger of life), and that "ich bin kein Mensch, ich bin Mankind" (I'm not a human, I'm Mankind). This slow powerwrestling match showed a lot of action outside the ring. Even though Mankind was booed at by the audience, he got the advantage when he applied the Mandible Claw to Sycho Sid, but Sid, in a display of great strength, could get out of it. Sid won the match with a powerbomb.

    Ahmed Johnson was interviewed by Carsten Schaefer, and being asked if he would accept Faarooq's challenge for a match at WrestleMania XIII. Ahmed accepted, dedicating the match to his German fans, but he said that this time, he wouldn't be alone.

  6. The Sultan def. Flash Funk
    Flash Funk showed off his great techniques, but The Sultan got the advantage with his powermoves. The Sultan won after turning a headscissors into a camel clutch.
  7. Ahmed Johnson def. Leif Cassidy
    Ahmed won the match on a piledriver, followed by a spinebuster, a pearl river plunge and then the pin.
  8. WWF European championship final:
    British Bulldog (tag ch) def. Owen Hart (tag ch)
    The championship final was interesting, since it was between the two tag team champions. British Bulldog was, not unexpectedly, the audience's favourite, but there were a number of Owen fans too. Since they have been wrestling as a tag team, they knew each other's style quite well, which made it a technical match. The Bulldog showed an impressive bow & arrow on Owen. You could see that they were friends, since they didn't do any foul moves, except when Owen faked a leg injury, which made Bulldog quite angry. There were a lot of pin attempts from both wrestlers, Owen applied a sharpshooter on Bulldog, but he got to the ropes, so Owen had to let go. Bulldog won the match on a victory roll, which made him the first ever WWF European champion. Even though there were some heated feelings in the interview that followed, it seems as if they're still friends.

WrestleMania XIII

1997-03-23, Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, Illinois, USA

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  1. Four team tag elimination match:
    Headbangers def. Godwinns, New Blackjacks, Doug Furnas / Phil LaFon
    As always with matches with more than two teams, it was a bit messed up at times, but even with that, the Furnas/LaFon team could show off their good wrestling technique. First elimination was a double countout of the New Blackjacks and the Furnas/LaFon team after some brawling outside the ring. The match ended when Headbanger Mosh pinned Phineas Godwinn after a frog splash.
  2. Intercontinental championship:
    Rocky Maivia (ch) def. Sultan [w/The Iron Sheik & Bob Backlund]
    This match contained of mostly boring power wrestling, where Sultan dominated most of the match. Rocky managed to get a pinfall over Sultan nevertheless. After the match, Rocky was interviewed, when the Sultan attacked him from behind. Rocky Johnson, the father of Rocky Maivia, entered the ring and defended Rocky.
  3. Hunter Hearst Helmsley [w/Chyna] def. Goldust [w/Marlena]
    It was an even match with a certain amount of foul play in it. The audience was clearly on Goldust's side. Hunter Hearst Helmsley won the match after a pedigree on Goldust, when he tried to protect Marlena from Helmsley's "manager" Chyna.
  4. Tagteam championship:
    Owen Hart & British Bulldog (ch) vs. Vader & Mankind [w/Paul Bearer] (2xCO)
    Owen and Bulldog seemed to have gotten past their personal differences they had after their match for the European Championship. There was a lot of action outside the ring, where, for example, Vader attacked Bulldog with the urn. The match ended in a double countout after Mankind and Bulldog jumped out of the ring while Mankind had a mandible claw applied.
  5. Submission match, Guest referee: Ken Shamrock
    Bret "Hit Man" Hart def. Stone Cold Steve Austin
    This match was at top speed from the beginning, but it was more a brawl than a wrestling match, with both wrestling resorting to ugly tactics. At some times they were even wrestling out among the audience... Bret Hard worked much on Austin's bad leg, but Austin didn't submit even though he was in pain. The match ended after Bret hitting Austin with the ring gong, after Austin tried to choke him with the microphone cables. Bret got Austin into a sharpshooter, which rendered Austin unconscious. Even though him winning the match, Bret continued attacking Austin, but referee Shamrock stopped him with a belly-to-belly. After waking up, Austin applied a stone-cold stunner to Shamrock.
  6. Chicago street fight:
    Legion of Doom & Ahmed Johnson def. Nation of Domination (Faarooq, Crush & Savio Vega) [w/Wolfie D, J.C Ice, D'Lo Brown, Clarence Mason]
    Since this was a Chicago street fight, foreign objects were allowed inside the ring (and outside), and much was used, like, for instance, the French-Canadian commentators' table. Crush covered Hawk for the win, after hitting him with a piece of plank.
  7. WWF championship match:
    Undertaker def. Sycho Sid (ch)
    Bret Hart came into the ring and started humiliating the injured Shawn Michaels who was a commentator, and then continued with Undertaker and Sycho Sid. He said that the title should be his. Sid powerbombed him and called him a cry-baby, and then Undertaker started the real match by attacking Sid from behind.
    Much action took place outside the ring, for example when the Undertaker was slammed against the Mexican commentators' table. Both wrestlers tried to get a quick victory, but none succeeded. Sid almost won the match with a tombstone(!) on Undertaker. Hart once again entered the ring, fighting Sid, which made it possible for Undertaker to win the match.

In Your House XIV - Revenge of the Taker

1997-04-20, Memorial Auditorium, Rochester, New York, USA

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  1. Tagteam championship:
    Legion of Doom (Road Warrior Hawk & Road Warrior Animal) def. Owen Hart & "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith (ch) (DQ)
    British Bulldog was also European champion at the time. LOD are declared winners when they pin Bulldog after a Doomsday device. That is reversed as Owen is the legal man. When Bret "Hit Man" Hart comes in stopping a pinfall on Owen, LOD are awarded the match on disqualification.
  2. Intercontinental championship:
    Savio Vega [w/Nation of Domination] def. Rocky Maivia (ch) (c-o)
    Maivia had Vega for a pinfall when the Nation distracted the referee. Maivia is thrown out into Crush, who knocks him out, causing Maivia to be counted out.
  3. Jesse James def. Rockabilly [w/Honky Tonk Man]
    James pins Rockabilly (Billy Gunn) after a small package.
  4. WWF championship:
    Undertaker (ch) def. Mankind [w/Paul Bearer]
    With the referee down, Mankind picks up the steel steps trying to attack Undertaker, but Undertaker dropkicks it into Mankind and then attacks him with a steel chair. After having thrown Mankind head-first through the Spanish announcers' table, he tombstones him in the ring and gets a pinfall victory.
  5. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. Bret "Hit Man" Hart (DQ)
    Hart came out with Owen Hart and The British Bulldog, but they were sent back to the locker room by Gorilla Monsoon. The men brawled all through the match, with Hart attacking Austin's injured knee. Austin locked Hart in a sharpshooter when Owen and Bulldog came back to the ring, attacking Austin with a steel chair to cause a disqualification.

In Your House XV - Cold day in Hell

1997-05-11, Richmond Colliseum, Richmond, Virginia, USA

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  1. Hunter Hearst Helmsley [w/Chyna] def. Flash Funk
    Helmsley gets a pinfall applying the pedigree on Funk.
  2. Mankind def. Rocky Maivia (subm)
    Mankind catches a diving Maivia with a mandible claw for the victory.
  3. Gauntlet match:
    Nation of Domination (Crush, Savio Vega & Farooq) def. Ahmed Johnson
    Stipulation: If Johnson can beat all three men of the Nation of Domination (in succession), the N.O.D is disbanded.
    Matches in order:
    1. Ahmed Johnson def. Crush
      Crush starts out, after WWF president Gorilla Monsoon sends the rest of the Nation away from ringside. Johnson pins Crush after a reverse heel kick.
    2. Ahmed Johnson def. Savio Vega (DQ)
      Vega is disqualified after attacking Johnson with a steel chair outside the ring.
    3. Farooq def. Ahmed Johnson
      After being attacked with the steel chair by Vega, Farooq pins Johnson after a dominator.
  4. No holds barred match:
    Ken Shamrock def. Vader (subm)
    Stipulation: The only way to win the match is by knockout or submission. Shamrock wins via submission after applying an ankle lock on Vader.
  5. WWF championship:
    Undertaker (ch) def. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
    Brian Pillman, who sat ringside with the Hart Foundation, rang the bell when Austin had Undertaker set up for a pin. This gave Undertaker enough time to get back up, pinning Austin after a tombstone.

The Kuwait Tournament 1997


Round one:

  1. Tiger Ali Singh def. Leif Cassidy
  2. Billy Gunn def. Bob Holly
  3. British Bulldog def. "Diesel"
    Running powerslam
  4. Mankind def. Phineas Godwinn
    Mandible claw
  5. Freddie Joe Floyd def. Sycho Sid
    Forfeit due to injury
  6. Vader def. Bart Gunn
  7. Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Bret "Hit Man" Hart (co)
  8. Owen Hart def. Henry Godwinn
    Spin kick

Round two:

  1. Tiger Ali Singh def. Billy Gunn
    Spin kick
  2. Mankind def. British Bulldog (DQ)
  3. Vader def. Freddie Joe Floyd
  4. Owen Hart def. Stone Cold Steve Austin (outside interference)

Semi finals

  1. Tiger Ali Singh def. Mankind
    Small package
  2. Owen Hart def. Vader


King of the Ring 1997

1997-06-08, Providence Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

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First round matches (not on the main event):

  1. Monday Night Raw 1997-05-12: Ahmed Johnson def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley [w/Chyna] (DQ)
  2. Monday Night Raw 1997-05-19: Hunter Hearst Helmsley def. Crush [w/Nation of Domination]
    Helmsley substituted for Vader, who was injured from his match with Shamrock at In Your House XV. Helmsley was given an extra opportunity for not being fully informed of the rules for his first qualification match.
  3. Monday Night Raw 1997-05-26: Jerry "The King" Lawler def. Goldust [w/Marlena]
  4. Monday Night Raw 1997-06-02: Mankind def. Savio Vega [w/Nation of Domination]

Matches on the event itself:

  1. Semi final 1:
    Hunter Hearst Helmsley [w/Chyna] def. Ahmed Johnson
    Hunter pinned Ahmed after a pedigree after Chyna distracts Johnson
  2. Semi final 2:
    Mankind def. Jerry "The King" Lawler (subm)
    Lawler submits to the mandible claw after Mankind reverses a piledriver.
  3. Goldust [w/Marlena] def. Crush [w/Nation of Domination]
    Goldust pinned Crush after a DDT.
  4. Six man tagteam match:
    Hart Foundation (British Bulldog (European ch) & Owen Hart (Intercontinental ch) & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart) def. Legion of Doom & Sycho Sid
    Owen pinned Sid after a sunset flip.
  5. King of the Ring Final:
    Hunter Hearst Helmsley [w/Chyna] def. Mankind
    Hunter Hearst Helmsley became the 1997 King of the Ring by winning by a pinfall over Mankind. Hunter attacked Mankind with the crown after the match.
  6. Stone Cold Steve Austin (tagteam champion) vs. Shawn Michaels (tagteam champion) (2xDQ)
    First Austin knocked down one referee, and when another one came in, Shawn knocked him. Earl Hebner then came in and disqualified both men.
  7. WWF championship match:
    Undertaker (ch) [w/Paul Bearer] def. Faarooq [w/Nation of Domination]
    Undertaker pinned Faarooq after a tombstone. Paul Bearer ordered Undertaker to apply more tombstones to Faarooq, but Undertaker didn't really want to do that. Ahmed Johnson then appeared in the ring, stopping the Undertaker with a chickenwing suplex.
Hunter Hearst HelmsleyAhmed JohnsonHunter Hearst HelmsleyHunter Hearst Helmsley
King of the Ring 1997
Ahmed Johnson
Hunter Hearst HelmsleyHunter Hearst Helmsley
GoldustJerry "The King" LawlerMankind
Jerry "The King" Lawler
Savio VegaMankind

In Your House XVI - Canadian Stampede

1997-07-06, Calgary Sattledome, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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  1. Hunter Hearst Helmsley [w/Chyna] vs. Mankind (2xCO)
    Both men are counted out as the match ends in a brawl outside the ring.
  2. The Great Sasuke def. Taka Michinoku
    Sasuke pins Michinoku after a tiger suplex.
  3. WWF championship:
    Undertaker (ch) def. Vader [w/Paul Bearer]
    Pinfall after a tombstone.
  4. Ten man tagteam match:
    The Hart Foundation (Brian Pillman & Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart & "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith [w/Diana Hart-Smith] (European ch) & Owen "The Rocket" Hart (IC ch) & Bret "Hit Man" Hart def. Goldust & Ken Shamrock & Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) & "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
    Owen Hart rolls up Austin, who is concentrated on fighting the rest of the Hart family outside the ring, and gets a pinfall victory.

Tag-team championship tournament 1997

1997-06-16 to 1997-07-14

When tag team champions "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels were unable to defend the titles due to Michaels' injury, a tournament was set up to determine which team would meet Austin, and a partner of his choice, to determine the new champions.

  1. First round matches, for the contendership:
    Monday Night Raw 1997-06-16: Hart Foundation (British Bulldog & Owen Hart) def. New Blackjacks (Blackjack Windham & Blackjack Bradshaw)
  2. Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) def. Jerry "The King" Lawler & Rob Van Dam
  3. Monday Night Raw 1997-06-23: Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) def. Godwinns (Phineas & Henry)
  4. Nation of Domination (D'Lo Brown & Farooq) [w/Kama Mustafa] def. Undertaker & Vader [w/Paul Bearer]
  5. Second round matches:
    Monday Night Raw 1997-06-30: Nation of Domination (D'Lo Brown & Farooq) [w/Kama Mustafa] def. Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal)
  6. British Bulldog & Owen Hart def. Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher)
  7. Third round match:
    Monday Night Raw 1997-07-07: British Bulldog & Owen Hart [w/Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart & Brian Pillman] def. Nation of Domination (D'Lo Brown & Farooq) [w/Kama Mustafa] (DQ)
  8. Tagteam championship:
    Monday Night Raw 1997-07-14: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin & Dude Love def. British Bulldog & Owen Hart
    Bulldog was WWF European champion at the time, and Owen was Intercontinental champion. Austin came out to the ring alone, but was joined by Mankind's alter ego "Dude Love" who "debuted" as Austins partner, winning the titles.
King / Van Dam Headbangers Bulldog / OwenBulldog / Owen
Gets title match
Bulldog / Owen Bulldog / Owen
New Blackjacks
Legion of Doom Legion of DoomNation of Domination
Nation of DominationNation of Domination
Undertaker / Vader

Summerslam 1997: Hart & Soul

1997-08-03, Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA

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  1. Steel-cage match:
    Mankind def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley [w/Chyna]
    Chyna stopped Mankind from coming out, knocked the referee, and threw in a chair for Hunter to use, but Mankind used it against Hunter, and catapulted him against Chyna who was outside the cage. Mankind then climbed out, almost, but climbed back in and performed an elbow drop from the cage top. Then he climbed out and won the match, even though Chyna attempted to pull Hunter out of the ring. Instead of the Mankind music, the Dude Love (Mankind's alter ego) was played, which made him appear as a totally different person.
  2. Goldust [w/Marlena] def. Brian Pillman
    Stipulation: If Pillman lost the match, he would have to appear in one of Marlena's dresses on the following Raw is War. Goldust won by pinfall after Marlena hit Pillman with her purse.
  3. Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) def. The Godwinns (Henry & Phineas)
    Animal pins Henry Godwinn after a spike piledriver.
  4. European Championship:
    British Bulldog (ch) def. Ken Shamrock (DQ)
    Stipulation: If Bulldog lost the match, he would have to eat a can of dog food. Bulldog threw the dogfood in Shamrock's face, which made him very angry. Shamrock replied by hitting Bulldog in the head with the dog food can, which got him disqualified. After the match, Shamrock placed a sleeper hold on Bulldog, and refused to let go. When the officials finally got him to let go of it, he began to do belly-to-belly:s on the officials.
  5. Eight man warfare:
    Los Boricuas (Savio Vega, José Estrada, Miguel Pérez, Jesús Castillo) vs. Disciples of Apocalypse (Crush, Skull, 8-Ball, Chainz) (no contest)
    A high-paced match, with Los Boricuas tagging in and out very often. A bit into the match, the third team, Nation of domination, lead by Faarooq and Ahmed Johnson, showed up, and made the match and in a general brawl between the three groups.
  6. Intercontinental championship:
    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (tag ch) def. Owen Hart (ch)
    Stipulation: If Stone Cold did not win, he would kiss Owen's ass. This ending of this match was the one of the worst I've seen. Stone Cold was obviously hurt after a pile-driver from Owen, but instead of getting a certain pinfall, he walked around doing nothing at all while the referee checked up on Austin. After a while, Stone Cold rolled him into a pin situation, which would have been extremely easy for Owen to get out of, if he just had wanted to. (Stone Cold actually suffered a broken neck during this match.)
  7. WWF championship, Guest referee: Shawn Michaels:
    Bret "Hit Man" Hart def. Undertaker (ch)
    Stipulation: If Hit Man did not win the title, he would not wrestle in the US again. In the match that everybody knew who would win, we saw a lot of pin and submission attempts from both sides. The obvious ending came when Shawn by mistake had knocked the Undertaker with the chair he had found Bret taking into the ring. Shawn Michaels was planning on hitting Bret with it, since he refused to confirm that he had taken it into the ring while Shawn was knocked outside the ring, and also spit Shawn in the face.

In Your House XVII - Ground Zero

1997-09-07, Louisville Gardens, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

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  1. Indecent proposal match:
    Brian Pillman def. Goldust [w/Marlena]
    Stipulation: If Pillman loses, he leaves WWF forever, if Goldust loses, Marlena would be Pillman's personal assistant for 30 days. With the referee out, Marlena tried to attack Pillman with her loaded purse. Pillman grabbed it, attacked Goldust and got a pinfall victory.
  2. Brian Christopher vs. Scott Putski (no contest)
    Putski suffered a knee injury, so the referee stopped the match awarding it to Christopher.
  3. Triple threat match:
    Savio Vega (Los Boricuas) def. Crush (Disciples of Apocalypse), Faarooq (Nation of Domination)
    Savio Vega pinned Crush after a spinning heel kick.
  4. Max Mini def. El Torito
  5. Tagteam championship, fatal four-way match:
    Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) def. Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal), The Godwinns (Henry & Phineas), Owen Hart & British Bulldog (European ch)
    1. Legion of Doom (DQ)
    2. Godwinns (by Headbangers)
    3. Owen Hart & British Bulldog

    After the injury sustained at Summerslam, Steve Austin was forced to forfeit his tagteam championship before the match. First eliminated are the L.O.D when they use the Godwinn's bucket into the ring. Second, Thrasher pinned Phineas. The match ended when Austin comes in and attacks Owen, letting Thrasher get a pinfall to win the vacant titles.
  6. WWF Championship:
    Bret "Hit Man" Hart (ch) def. The Patriot (subm)
    British Bulldog came to ringside, breaking Patriot's pin attempt against Hart. Vader also came ringside, attacking Hart. Hart calls for a disqualification, but the match is allowed to continue. Patriot puts Hart in the sharpshooter, but Hart reverses it and the Patriot submits.
  7. Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels (no contest)
    With the referee out, Rick Rude, Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna come to ringside, bringing another referee to count a pinfall for Michaels, but the Undertaker kicks out. When Undertaker chokeslams referee Earl Hebner, referee Tim White calls for the bell judging the match a no contest.

One Night Only

1997-09-20, Birmingham NEC, Birmingham, England, UK

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  1. Hunter Hearst Helmsley [w/Chyna] def. Dude Love
    Pinfall after the pedigree.
  2. Tiger Ali Singh [w/Target Jeet Singh] def. Leif Cassidy
    Pinfall after the tiger bomb.
  3. Tagteam championship:
    Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) (ch) def. Los Boricuas (Savio Vega & Miguel)
    Miguel is pinned after missing a piledriver.
  4. The Patriot def. Flash Funk
    The Patriot pins Funk after the Uncle Slam.
  5. Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) def. The Godwinns (Henry & Phineas)
    Animal pins Phineas after hitting the Doomsday Device.
  6. Vader def. Owen Hart
    Ken Shamrock was originally scheduled to meet Hart, but he was injured in his match against Farooq in the Intercontinental championship tournament the previous Monday. Vader rolls up Hart to score a pinfall victory.
  7. WWF Championship match:
    Bret "Hit Man" Hart (ch) def. Undertaker (DQ)
    Hart is trapped by the throat by the ring ropes, and the referee calls for a disqualification when Undertaker does not let him go. Undertaker bodyslams the referee and other officials because of this.
  8. European Championship:
    Shawn Michaels def. British Bulldog [w/Tracy Smith] (ch)
    Bulldog dedicated the match to his sister Tracy, who was fighting cancer. Michaels was eventually joined ringside by Rick Rude and later by Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Chyna. Michaels locks Bulldog in a figure-four leglock (with some help from his friends) and the referee awards the title to Michaels when Bulldog passes out. Shawn Michaels becomes the first man to have held all of the European, Intercontinental, tagteam and heavyweight championship.

Intercontinental championship tournament 1997

1997-09-08 to 1997-10-05

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin was ordered to forfeit the Intercontinental championship due the injury sustained at Summerslam.

  1. First round matches:
    Monday Night Raw 1997-09-08: Owen Hart [w/Bret "Hit Man" Hart & "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith] def. Goldust (DQ)
  2. Monday Night Raw 1997-09-15: Ken Shamrock def. Faarooq
    Shamrock was injured during his match and had to forfeit his spot in the tournament.
  3. Brian Pillman [w/Marlena] def. Dude Love (DQ)
    Goldust attacked Pillman.
  4. Monday Night Raw 1997-09-22: Ahmed Johnson def. Rocky Maivia [W/Nation of Domination]
  5. Second round matches:
    Owen Hart def. Brian Pillman [w/Marlena] (outside interference)
  6. Monday Night Raw 1997-09-29: Farooq [w/Nation of Domination] def. Ahmed Johnson [w/Legion of Doom & Ken Shamrock] (DQ)
Dude Love Brian Pillman Owen HartTitle match at Badd Blodd
Brian Pillman
Goldust Owen Hart
Owen Hart
Ken Shamrock Ken Shamrock FarooqFarooq
Ahmed JohnsonAhmed Johnson
Rocky Maivia

In Your House XVIII - Badd Blood

1997-10-05, The Kiel Center, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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  1. Nation of Domination (D'Lo Brown, Rocky Maivia & Kama Mustafa) def. Legion Of Doom (Hawk & Animal)
    Ken Shamrock was supposed to tag with L.O.D, but was injured and could not compete. Rocky pinned Hawk after outside interference by Faarooq.
  2. Max Mini & Nova def. Mosaic & Tarantula
    Max Mini pins Tarantula after a roll-up.
  3. Tagteam championship:
    The Godwinns (Henry O. & Phineas I.) [w/Uncle Cletus] def. The Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) (ch)
    Phineas pinned Mosh after Henry breaks Mosh's attempt to pin Phineas, who instead got the victory to win the title.
  4. Intercontinental championship tournament final:
    Owen Heart def. Faarooq
    Forfeiting champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin came ringside to present the belt. After wreaking havoc at the commentators tables, with the referee distracted he hits Faarooq with the belt, giving Owen an easy pinfall victory.
  5. 8-man tagteam match:
    Disciples of Apocalypse (Crush & Chainz & 8-Ball & Skull) def. Los Boricuas (Savio Vega & Jesus Castillo & Jose Estrada Jr. & Miguel Pérez Jr)
    Crush pinned Jesus after a backbreaker.
  6. Flag match:
    Bret "Hit Man" Hart & The British Bulldog def. Vader & The Patriot
    Stipulation: Match could be won by capturing your team's flag, or by pinfall or submission. Patriot tries to roll up Hart for the victory, but he reverses it to get a pinfall victory.
  7. Hell in a Cell match:
    Shawn Michaels (European champion) [w/Triple H & Chyna] def. Undertaker
    Undertaker knocked Michaels with a chair, and was about to cover him, when his brother Kane appeared with Paul Bearer, tombstoning Undertaker. Michaels could then cover Undertaker to get a pinfall victory.

Survivor Series 1997 - Gang rulz

1997-11-09, Molson Centre, Montréal, Québéc, Canada

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  1. Road Dog Jesse James, Bad Ass Billy Gunn & The Godwinns (Phineas & Henry) def. Headbangers (Mosh & Thrasher) & New Blackjacks (Windham & Bradshaw)
    Order of elimination:
    1. Henry (pin by Bradshaw)
    2. Windham (pin by Phineas)
    3. Mosh (pin by Bad Ass)
    4. Phineas (pin by Thrasher)
    5. Bradshaw (pin by Road Dog)
    6. Thrasher (pin by Bad Ass)
    Survivors: Road Dog & Bad Ass
  2. Truth Commission (Jackyl, Recon, Sniper & The Interrogator) def. Disciples of Apocalypse (Chainz, Skull, 8-Ball & Crush)
    Order of elimination:
    1. Chainz (pin by Interrogator)
    2. Jackyl (pin by Skull)
    3. Recon (pin by Skull)
    4. Skull (pin by Interrogator)
    5. 8-Ball (pin by Interrogator)
    6. Sniper (pin by Crush)
    7. Crush (pin by Interrogator)
    Survivor: The Interrogator
  3. Team Canada (British Bulldog, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon) def. Team USA (Vader, Goldust, Marc Mero [w/Sable] & Steve Blackman)
    Order of elimination:
    1. Blackman (countout)
    2. Anvil (pin by Vader)
    3. LaFon (pin by Vader)
    4. Mero (pin by Furnas)
    5. Goldust (countout)
    6. Furnas (pin by Vader)
    7. Vader (pin by Bulldog)
    Survivor: British Bulldog
    This was interesting, since the only Canadian on Team Canada was Phil LaFon, but it still was quite an interesting match, with Goldust being counted out because he refused to get into the ring and wrestle, claiming to have a broken arm. Team Canada won the match when Bulldog put Vader out by hitting him with the ring announcer's bell.
  4. Kane [w/Paul Bearer] def. Mankind
    Kane seemed to be even more resistant to wrestling moves than the Undertaker is. Kane won over Mankind by pinning him after a tombstone.
  5. Ken Shamrock, Ahmed Johnson & Legion of Doom (Hawk & Animal) (tag ch) def. Nation of Domination (Faarooq, Kama Mustafa, D'Lo Brown & Rocky Maivia)
    Order of elimination:
    1. Hawk (pin by Rocky)
    2. Faarooq (pin by Ahmed)
    3. Ahmed (pin by Rocky)
    4. Kama (pin by Animal)
    5. Animal (countout)
    6. D'Lo Brown (submission by Shamrock)
    7. Rocky Maivia (submission by Shamrock)
    Survivor: Ken Shamrock Bad Ass and Road Dog came down to ringside and disturbed Legion of Doom, enough to get Animal counted out
  6. Intercontinental Championship:
    Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Owen Hart (ch) [w/British Bulldog, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, Doug Furnas & Phil LaFon]
    Austin gets a quick pin after a Stone Cold stunner.
  7. WWF championship:
    Shawn Michaels def. Bret "Hit Man" Hart (ch) (subm)
    It took several minutes for this match to officially start, because Bret and Shawn brawled outside the ring for quite a while. Shawn won the match on submission, he applied a sharpshooter to Bret Hart after managing to reverse a figure-four leglock, and the referee called for the bell awarding the title to Michaels without Hart actually tapping out.

Light heavyweight championship tournament 1997

1997-11-03 to 1997-12-07
  1. First round matches:
    Monday Night Raw 1997-11-03: Aguila def. Super Loco
  2. Monday Night Raw 1997-11-10: Taka Michinoku def. Devon Storm
  3. Monday Night Raw 1997-11-17: Scott Taylor def. Eric Shelley
    Scott Taylor replaces Jerry Lynn in the graphics without any on-screen mention of why.
  4. Monday Night Raw 1997-11-24: "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher [w/Jerry "The King" Lawler] def. Flash Flanagan
  5. Second round matches:
    Monday Night Raw 1997-12-01: Taka Michinoku def. Aguila
  6. Brian Christopher def. Scott Taylor (forfeit)
    Kane and Paul Bearer came out, taking out Taylor before the match could take place.
Aguila Aguila Finals held at In Your House XIX
Super Loco
Taka Michinoku Taka Michinoku
Devon Storm
Scott TaylorScott TaylorBrian Christopher
Eric Shelley
Flash Flanagan Brian Christopher
"Too Sexy" Brian Christopher

In Your House XIX - Degeneration X

1997-12-07, Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. WWF light heavyweight championship tournament final:
    Taka Michinoku def. "Too Sexy" Brian Christopher
    Michinoku wins the title by pinfall after the Michinoku driver.
  2. Los Boricuas (José Estrada, Miguel Pérez, Jesús Castillo) def. Disciples of Apocalypse (Chainz, Skull, 8-Ball) [w/Savio Vega]
    José pins Chainz after Miguel interferes with Chainz pinfall attempt.
  3. Tough-man fight:
    Butterbean [w/Art Dore & Marray Sutherland] def. Marvelous Marc Mero [w/Ray Rinaldi & Sable] (dq)
    This was a boxing match of four two-minute rounds. Mero is disqualified after throwing a low blow and attacking Butterbean with a chair.
  4. Tagteam championship:
    Road Dog Jesse James & Bad Ass Billy Gunn (ch) def. Legion of Doom (dq)
    Legion of Doom were disqualified when LOD hit Gunn and James with the bucket from the Godwinns (who just had entered to interfere with LOD).
  5. Bootcamp match:
    Triple H [w/Chyna] def. Sgt. Slaughter
    Pinfall after Triple H pedigrees Slaughter onto a steel chair.
  6. Jeff Jarrett def. Undertaker (dq)
    Kane comes out with Paul Bearer, attacking Jarrett (who had attacked Kane), causing Undertaker to be disqualified.
  7. Intercontinental championship:
    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (ch) def. Rocky Maivia [w/Nation of Domination (Farooq & Kama Mustafa & D'Lo Brown)]
    Pinfall for Austin after a Stone Cold Stunner
  8. WWF championship:
    Ken Shamrock def. Shawn Michaels (ch) (dq)
    Shawn Michaels was disqualified when Triple H and Chyna came into the ring attacking Shamrock. After the match Owen Hart comes out attacking Michaels.
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