American Wrestling Trivia

World Wrestling Federation 1996


Royal Rumble 1996

1996-01-21, Convention Center, Fresno, California, USA

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  1. Ahmed Johnson def. Jeff Jarrett (dq)
    Jeff Jarrett was disqualified after slamming his guitar in Ahmed from the top rope.
  2. Tag Team Championship match:
    Smoking Gunns (ch) def. The Boddy Donnas
    Bart covered Skip for a pin.
  3. Intercontinental Championship:
    Goldust def. Razor Ramon (ch)
    Goldust pinned Razor after 1-2-3 had interfered while the referee was distracted.
  4. The Royal Rumble:
    Elim. Ent. #Ent. Name By
    1 3 9Bob Backlund Yokozuna (9)
    2 210Henry Godwinn Jake "The Snake" Roberts (7)
    3 612King Mabel Yokozuna (9), Savio Vega (12)
    41112Takao Omari Jake "The Snake" Roberts (7)
    5 813Dory Funk Jr. Savio Vega (12)
    6 714Jake "The Snake" Roberts Vader (13)
    71415Doug Gilbert Vader (13)
    81515Squat Team Member #1 Vader (13)
    91616Squat Team Member #2 Vader (13), Yokozuna (9)
    101218Savio Vega Vader (13)
    111318Vader Shawn Michaels (18)
    12 918Yokozuna Shawn Michaels (18)
    1310181-2-3-Kid Shawn Michaels (18)
    141920Hakushi Owen Hart (17)
    152121"Man-O-War" Aldo MontoyaTatanka (20)
    16 421Jerry "The King" Lawler Shawn Michaels (18)
    172022Tatanka Diesel (22)
    18 524Bob "Spark Plug" Holly "Ring Master" Steve Austin (24)
    19 125Hunter Hearst Helmsley Diesel (22)
    202527Barry Horowitz Owen Hart (17)
    211727Owen Hart Shawn Michaels (18)
    222829Marty Jannetty British Bulldog (29)
    232429"Ring Master" Steve AustinFatu (26)
    242629Fatu Isaac Yankeem D.D.S (27)
    252730Isaac Yankeem D.D.S Shawn Michaels (18)
    263030Duke "The Dumpster" Droese Kama (23)
    272930British Bulldog Shawn Michaels (18)
    282330Kama Diesel (22)
    292230Diesel Shawn Michaels (18)
    18Shawn Michaels

    Winner: Shawn Michaels (18).
    Shawn Michaels got a title shot at WrestleMania XII

  5. World Wrestling Federation Championship Match:
    Undertaker def. Bret "Hit Man" Hart (ch) (dq)
    Bret was disqualified when Diesel interfered

In Your House VI

1996-02-18 in Louisville Gardens, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

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  1. Cry-baby match:
    Razor Ramon def. 1-2-3-Kid
  2. Hunter Hearst Helmsley def. Duke "The Dumpster" Droese
  3. Yokozuna def. British Bulldog (dq)
  4. Shawn Michaels def. Owen Hart
  5. WWF championship match, steel cage match:
    Bret "Hit Man" Hart (ch) def. Diesel

Tagteam championship tournament 1996

1996-02-24 to 1996-03-31

Tagteam champions Smoking Gunns had to vacate the titles when Billy Gunn suffered a neck injury.

  1. First round matches:
    Superstars 1996-02-24: Owen Hart & British Bulldog [w/Jim Cornette] def. Barry Horowitz & Hakushi
  2. Superstars 1996-03-02: The Godwinns (Henry O. Godwinn & Phineas I. Godwinn) def. The New Rockers (Leif Cassidy & Marty Jannetty)
  3. Superstars 1996-03-09: Razor Ramon & Savio Vega def. The Million Dollar Corporation (Tatanka & The 1-2-3 Kid)
  4. Superstars 1996-03-16: The Body Donnas (Skip & Zip) [w/Sunny] def. Bushwhackers (Butch & Luke)
  5. Second round matches:
    Superstars 1996-03-23: The Body Donnas (Skip & Zip) [w/Sunny] def. Savio Vega & Steve Austin [w/Ted DiBiase]
  6. Superstars 1996-03-30: The Godwinns (Henry O. Godwinn & Phineas I. Godwinn) [w/Hillbilly Jim] def. Owen Hart & British Bulldog [w/Jim Cornette] (DQ)
  7. Final:
    WrestleMania XII Free For All: The Bodydonnas (Skip & Zip) [w/Sunny] def. The Godwinns (Henry O. Godwinn & Phineas I. Godwinn) [w/Hillbilly Jim]
Bodydonnas Bodydonnas BodydonnasBodydonnas
Million Dollar CorporationAustin & Vega
Ramon & Vega
Hart & Bulldog Hart & BulldogGodwinns
Hakusi & Horowitz
New Rockers Godwinns

Source: Pro Wrestling Fandom

WrestleMania XII

1996-03-31, Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California, USA

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  1. Vader, British Bulldog & Owen Hart def. Yokozuna, Ahmed Johnson & Jake "The Snake" Roberts
    Vader pinned Jake "The Snake" after a Vader-bomb
  2. Hollywood backlot match:
    "Hot Rod" Rowdy Roddy Piper def. Goldust
    After chasing each other through the town, they returned to the ring, and Piper won after tearing the clothes of Goldust in-front of the WM XII audience
  3. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (Million Dollar Champion) def. Savio Vega
    Savio submitted to Austin's Million Dollar Dream
  4. The Ultimate Warrior def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
    The Warrior got a quick pin of Helmsley in his come-back to the WWF after a four year absence
  5. Undertaker def. Diesel
    Undertaker pinned Diesel after a tombstone
  6. Iron Man Match, championship match:
    Shawn Michaels def. Bret "Hit Man" Hart (ch)
    After 60 minutes with no falls, president Gorilla Monsoon declared that the match should continue with a sudden death, which Shawn won

Iron Man Match: Most falls in 60 minutes.

In Your House VII

1996-04-28, Civic Center, Omaha, Nebraska, USA

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  1. British Bulldog & Owen Hart def. Jake "The Snake" Roberts & Ahmed Johnson
  2. Intercontinental championship match:
    The Ultimate Warrior def. Goldust (ch) (countout)
  3. Vader def. Razor Ramon
  4. WWF Tagteam championship match:
    Body Donnas def. The Godwinns
  5. WWF championship match. No holds barred match:
    Shawn Michaels (ch) def. Diesel

The Kuwait Tournament '96

1996-05, Kuwait

Round one:

Round two:


Farewell to the Clique

1996-05-19, Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA

(This was the infamous farewell card for Diesel & Razor Ramon in their final WWF matches)

  1. Justin Hawk Bradshaw def. Bob Holly
  2. The Bushwackers def. The New Rockers
  3. Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Jake The Snake Roberts
  4. Savio Vega def. Bob Backlund
  5. Ahmed Johnson def. British Bulldog (DQ)
    Owen Hart interfered
  6. Vader pinned Yokozuna
  7. The Ultimate Warrior def. Owen Hart
  8. Hunter Hearst Helmsley def. Razor Ramon
  9. Steel Cage:
    Shawn Michaels def. Diesel

After the main event Helmsley and Razor returned to the ring and the clique hugged and said farewell to the fans.

In Your House VIII - Beware of dog

1996-05-26, Civic Center, Florence, South Carolina USA &
1996-05-28, The Arena, Charleston, South Carolina

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Due to a power failure, this main event was split over two days.

  1. Wild Man Mark Mero def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
  2. WWF championship match:
    British Bulldog vs. Shawn Michaels (ch) ("double pin")
  3. Carribean Strap Match / Chauffeur match:
    Savio Vega def. Stone Cold Steve Austin
  4. Vader def. Yokozuna
  5. Casket Match
    Goldust def. Undertaker
    When Undertaker opened the casket, Mankind was in it. He then placed the Undertaker inside the casket.

Part 2

  1. Carribean Strap Match / Chauffeur match / DiBiase leaves WWF match
    Savio Vega def. Stone Cold Steve Austin

King of the Ring 1996

1996-06-23, The Mecca, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

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First round matches (not on the main event):

  1. Monday Night Raw 1996-05-27: The Ultimate Warrior / Goldust: Double countout
  2. Monday Night Raw 1996-05-27: Vader / Ahmed Johnson: Vader
  3. Superstars 1996-06-01: Henry O. Godwinn / Justin Hawk Bradshaw: Justin Hawk Bradshaw
  4. Monday Night Raw 1996-06-03: Bob Holly / "Stone Cold" Steve Austin: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
  5. Monday Night Raw 1996-06-03: Hunter Hearst Helmsley / Jake "The Snake" Roberts: Jake "The Snake" Roberts
  6. Superstars 1996-06-08: Marty Jannetty / Savio Vega: Savio Vega
  7. Monday Night Raw 1996-06-10: Owen Hart / Yokozuna: Owen Hart
  8. Monday Night Raw 1996-06-10: "Wild Man" Marc Mero / Skip: "Wild Man" Marc Mero

Quarter final matches (not on the main event):

  1. Superstars 1996-06-15: Justin Hawk Bradshaw / Jake "The Snake" Roberts: Jake "The Snake" Roberts
  2. Monday Night Raw 1996-06-17: Savio Vega / "Stone Cold" Steve Austin: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
  3. Monday Night Raw 1996-06-17: "Wild Man" Marc Mero / Owen Hart: "Wild Man" Marc Mero

The Event itself:

  1. Semi final matches:
    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. "Wild Man" Marc Mero [w/Sable]
    Austin pins Mero after a Stone Cold stunner, to advance to the final.
  2. Jake "The Snake" Roberts def. Vader [w/James E Cornette] (DQ)
    Vader is disqualified when he pushes the referee.
  3. Tag team championship match:
    The Smoking Gunns (Billy & Bart Gunn) [w/Sunny] (ch) def. The Godwinns (Henry O. & Phineas I. Godwinn) [w/Hillbilly Jim]
    Billy pins Phineas for the victory, to retain the titles.
  4. The Ultimate Warrior def. Jerry "The King" Lawler
    Lawler tries to choke Warrior, but is pinned after being struck with a running shoulder tackle.
  5. Mankind def. Undertaker [w/Paul Bearer] (subm)
    The referee stops the match when Mankind applies the mandible claw.
  6. Intercontinental championship match:
    Ahmed Johnson def. Goldust (ch) [w/Marlena]
    Goldust started giving Johnson mouth-to-mouth, causing Johnson to go mad and apply the pearl river plunge to win the title. Ahmed Johnson became the first black person to take a World Wrestling Federation title. It's about time.
  7. King of the Ring Final:
    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
    WWF President Gorilla Monsoon was about to stop the match since Jake had been injured in his first match against Vader, but Jake wouldn't stop, and lost a pinfall against the new King of the Ring
  8. WWF championship match:
    Shawn Michaels (ch) def. "The British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith [w/Diana & James E Cornette]
    Although Mr. Perfect was assigned as the special guest referee, president Monsoon declared that he was to be the referee outside the ring, so, in practice, he had nothing to say. Michaels pins Bulldog after the Sweet Chin Music.
Ultimate WarriorDouble count-outVaderJake "The Snake" Roberts"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
King of the Ring 1996
Ahmed JohnsonVader
Henry O. GodwinnJustin Hawk BradshawJake "The Snake" Roberts
Justin Hawk Bradshaw
Jake "The Snake" RobertsJake "The Snake" Roberts
Hunter Hearst Helmsley
Bob Holly"Stone Cold" Steve Austin"Stone Cold" Steve Austin"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
Savio VegaSavio Vega
Marty Jannetty
YokozunaOwen Hart"Wild Man" Marc Mero
Owen Hart
Skip"Wild Man" Marc Mero
"Wild Man" Marc Mero

In Your House IX - International Incident

1996-07-21, General Motors Place, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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  1. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. "Wild Man" Mark Mero
  2. The Body Donnas def. Smoking Gunns (tag team ch)
    Non-title match
  3. Mankind def. Henry Godwinn
  4. Undertaker def. Goldust (dq)
    Goldust was disqualified when Mankind appeared through a hole in the floor of the ring.
  5. Vader, Owen Hart & British Bulldog def. Shawn Michaels, Ahmed Johnson & Sycho Sid
    Shawn Michaels suffered a Vader-bomb, after having been held to the ring corner by James E. Cornette, the manager of the Vader/Hart/Bulldog team

Summerslam 1996

1996-08-18, Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

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  1. Owen Hart def. Savio Vega
    Savio Vega submitted to a sharpshooter after being hit with Owen's plaster
  2. Tagteam title match, four team elimination match:
    Smoking Gunns (ch) def. The Godwinns (eliminated as number three), The New Rockers (eliminated as number two) and The Body Donnas (eliminated first)
  3. Sycho Sid def. British Bulldog
    British Bulldog was pinned after a chokeslam followed by a powerbomb
  4. Goldust def. "Wild Man" Marc Mero
    Goldust won after Marlena had distracted the referee when Mero had Goldust down for a pin. After the match, Goldust was making advances towards Mero's "manager" Sable, and was then attacked by Mero
  5. Jerry "The King" Lawler def. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
    Lawler pinned Roberts after hitting him over the head with a liquor bottle. After the match he tried to get Roberts, who recently had recovered from his alcoholism, to drink from the bottle, but the guest commentator Mike Henry intervened and chased Lawler away
  6. Boiler room brawl, in the basement:
    Mankind def. Undertaker
    The object of the match was to get back up to the ring and get the urn from Paul Bearer, who was stationed in the ring. When they got there, Paul Bearer, Undertaker's manager, first turned his back on The Undertaker, and then hit him with the urn, helping Mankind to win. He then followed Mankind out of the arena
  7. WWF championship match:
    Shawn Michaels (ch) def. Vader
    Vader first won over Shawn by a count-out, but Vader's manager Jim Cornette talked Shawn into continuing the match. Vader then again won, this time by a disqualification when Shawn grabbed Cornette's tennis racket and hit Vader, but again Cornette didn't want it to end that way, and the match was restarted. After Vader missing a moonsault, Shawn got Vader with one, and won by a pinfall

Intercontinental championship tournament 1996

1996-08-19 to 1996-09-23
  1. First round matches, for the vacant Intercontinental championship:
    Raw 1996-08-19: Owen Hart def. British Bulldog (CO)
    Owen wins on count-out when Sunny distracts Bulldog.
  2. Raw 1996-09-06: Sycho Sid def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
    Sid pins Helmsley after a powerbomb.
  3. Raw 1996-09-06: "Wild Man" Marc Mero [w/Sable] def. Stone Cold Steve Austin (DQ)
    Austin is disqualified after attacking the referee.
  4. Raw 1996-09-09: Farooq Assad [w/Sunny] def. Savio Vega
    Farooq pins Vega after a gutwrench powerbomb.
  5. Second round matches:
    Raw 1996-09-16: "Wild Man" Marc Mero [w/Sable] def. Owen Hart
    Mero pins Hart after knocking him out with Owen's cast.
  6. Raw 1996-09-16: Farooq Assad [w/Sunny] def. Sycho Sid
    Sid is disqualified when he attacks Farooq with a steel chair.
  7. Final, special guest referee: Pat Patterson
    Raw 1996-09-23: "Wild Man" Marc Mero [w/Sable] def. Farooq Assad [w/Sunny]
    Sunny is ejected from the ring after interfering in the match. She returns, starting a fight with Sable. Meanwhile, Mero hits Farooq's with Sunny's purse, allowing him to pin Farooq and receive the title.
Owen Hart Owen Hart Marc MeroMarc Mero
British Bulldog
Steve AustinMarc Mero
Marc Mero
Sycho Sid Sycho Sid Farooq Assad
Savio Vega Farooq Assad
Farooq Assad

In Your House X - Mind Games

1996-09-22, The Corestates Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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  1. Leather strap match:
    Savio Vega def. Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw
  2. Jose Lothario def. Jim Cornette
  3. Tag team championship:
    Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith def. The Smoking Gunns (ch)
  4. Mark Henry def. Jerry "The King" Lawler
  5. The final curtain Match:
    Undertaker def. Goldust
  6. WWF championship match:
    Shawn Michaels (ch) def. Mankind (dq, Vader interfered)

In Your House XI - Buried Alive

1996-10-20, Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

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  1. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley
  2. Tag team championship:
    Owen Hart & Davey Boy Smith (ch) def. The Smoking Gunns
  3. Intercontinental championship match:
    "Wild Man" Marc Mero (ch) def. Goldust
  4. Sid def. Vader
  5. Buried Alive match:
    Undertaker def. Mankind

Survivor Series 1996

1996-11-17, Madison Square Garden, New York City, USA

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  1. Doug Furnas, Philip Lafon, Henry Godwinn & Phineas Godwinn def. British Bulldog, Owen Hart, Marty Jannetty & Leif Cassidy
    Eliminated in order:
    1. Marty Jannetty (by Henry Godwinn)
    2. Henry Godwinn (by Owen Hart)
    3. Phineas Godwinn (by British Bulldog)
    4. Leif Cassidy (by Philip Lafon)
    5. British Bulldog (by Philip Lafon)
    6. Owen Hart (by Doug Furnas)
  2. Undertaker def. Mankind
    Mankind's manager, Paul Bearer, was placed in a cage above the ring, to keep him from interfering in the match. Undertaker made a spectacular entrance, "flying" from the down to ring, dressed as somewhat as Batman. Undertaker managed to win the match with a tombstone, after a lengthy "mandible claw" from Mankind. Undertaker then went to attack Paul Bearer (who had now been let out of the cage), but was attacked by The Executioner.
  3. "Wild Man" Marc Mero, "The Stalker" Barry Windham, Rocky Maivia & Jake "The Snake" Roberts def. Crush, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Goldust, Hunter Hearst Helmsley
    Eliminated in order:
    1. Jerry Lawler (by Jake Roberts)
    2. The Stalker (by Goldust)
    3. Hearst Helmsley (by Marc Mero)
    4. Marc Mero (by Crush)
    5. Jake Roberts (by Crush)
    6. Crush (by Rocky Maivia)
    7. Goldust (by Rocky Maivia)
  4. Bret "Hit Man" Hart def. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
    After a lengthy, even, match, Bret Hart, who had returned from a six months' pause, won.
  5. Faarooq, "Razor Ramon", "Diesel", Vader vs. Savio Vega, Yokozuna, Flash Funk, Mystery partner: "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka
    Eliminated in order:
    1. Savio Vega (by "Diesel")
    2. "Razor Ramon" (by Superfly).
    3. A bit later, both teams were disqualified for attacking each other with chairs outside the ring.
  6. WWF Championship Match:
    Sycho Sid def. Shawn Michaels (ch)
    In this match between the two former friends, to some surprise, the audience seemed to cheer more toward Sid than to Shawn. At moments, Shawn was even boo'ed out! The match consisted of tiresome power wrestling, with Sid in control most of the time. Outside the ring, Sid attacked Shawn's manager, Jose Lothario, with a TV camera. When Shawn tried to help him, Sid attacked him too, with the camera. Sid then won after a power bomb.

In Your House XII

1996-12-15, Memorial Auditorium, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA

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  1. Rocky Maivia def. Salvatore Sincere
    Rocky Maivia won with a shoulderbreaker. Once again Jim Cornette comes up short in his quest to get back at Rocky for refusing to let him manage his career.
  2. Flash Funk def. Leif Cassidy
    Two former ECW stars opened the IYH PPV when Leif Cassidy went up against Flash Funk. Cassidy showed that he can work well without Marty performing not one but two planchas, one over the top rope and another from the top of the turnbuckle. Funk performed the usual aerial tactics and also went for his signature 2 Cold maneuver (Shooting Star Press) from the top rope and got the win.
  3. Tag Team Championship Match:
    Owen Hart & British Bulldog (ch) def. "Razor Ramon" & "Diesel"
    It seemed that Davey Boy didn't have his mind set during their title match against Razor/Diesel. Davey Boy had his mind on Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Champions were distracted by not only Cibernetico and Pierroth from AAA but also when Stone Cold came out to ringside and was met by the Bulldog. They started slugging it out until Austin was led back to the dressing room by the officials.
    Owen and the British Bulldog won, then Davey Boy was clipped by Steve Austin when he came back into the ring and Owen Hart didn't do anything to help his partner.

    Vince McMahon then announced the return of Ahmed Johnson who said that Ahmed will meet Faarooq in January at the Royal Rumble. Ahmed said on account of what happened between him and Faarooq that he lost everything that was dear to him. Then all of a sudden Faarooq and the NOD made a surprise appearance and Faarooq called his enemy an "Uncle Tom." He finished by saying he was going to make an example of Johnson "by any means necessary."

  4. Intercontinental Championship Match:
    Hunter Hearst Helmsley (ch) def. "Wildman" Marc Mero
    Most of the action would have been appreciated if the satellite signal wasn't as screwed up as it was during the match. It seemed that Hunter was doing his best to get himself disqualified, but the ref was having no part of it whatsoever. Prior to the match there was some kind of confrontation between Hunter and Marlena, and that brought out Goldust who accidentally knocked out Wildman Marc Mero while attempting to knock out Hunter. Wildman won by a countout.
  5. Undertaker def. Executioner
    The Armageddon Rules match literally turned into a handicapped bout that almost brought the house down when Mankind interfered. The match went from the ring to the house built on the set. Then all of a sudden, security came to ringside and maced Mankind and put him in a strait jacket. Then Undertaker and the Executioner fought outside the arena and UT made his way back and systematically attacked Mankind. He beat him back to the dressing room, and then got the Executioner in the Tombstone inside the squared circle and pinned him for the win.
  6. WWF Championship Match:
    Sycho Sid (ch) def. Bret "Hit Man" Hart
    From the ringing of the bell, Bret tried to fight Sid's fight by slugging the champ from behind. Bret made a mistake by trying to fight Sid style instead of wrestling him. Shawn Michaels was doing co-commentary and was making references to how much of a role model Bret was claiming to be.
    It was classic with Bret Hart working on Sid like a textbook wrestler. Out came Stone Cold Steve Austin who knee clipped the Hit Man and that brought out Davey Boy Smith and the WWF officials. Then throughout the melee, both individuals wound up in front of Shawn Michaels at the announcing table and in similar fashion to when Diesel fought Shawn Michaels and Bret was at ringside, Sid shoved Shawn to provoke him. Then Shawn got on top of the ring apron as Sid whipped Bret into the rope, and Shawn went flying off the ring onto the ground,costing Bret the match. Sid got Bret in the Powerbomb and won the opportunity to face Shawn Michaels in January at the Royal Rumble. Hart then took out his frustration on HBK, kicking him to the ground.
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