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World Wrestling Federation 1993


Royal Rumble 1993

1993-01-24, Arco Arena, Sacramento, California, USA

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  1. Unveiling of "The Narcissist" Lex Luger (performed by Bobby "The Brain" Heenan)
  2. Steiner Brothers def. Beverly Brothers
  3. Intercontinental Championship Match:
    Shawn Michaels (ch) def. Marty Jannetty
  4. Bam Bam Bigelow def. Big Boss Man
  5. WWF Championship Match:
    Bret "Hit Man" Hart (ch) def. Razor Ramon
  6. The Royal Rumble:
    Elim. Ent. Name By
    1 3Papa ShangoRic Flair (1)
    2 5Brian Knobbs [Nasty Boys]Ted DiBiase (4)
    3 8Max MoonJerry Lawler (7)
    4 1Ric FlairMr. Perfect (10)
    511SkinnerMr. Perfect (10)
    6 7"The King" Jerry LawlerMr. Perfect (10)
    7 6VirgilThe Berzerker (14)
    810Mr. PerfectTed DiBiase (4) & Koko B. Ware (12)
    913Samu [The Headshrinkers]Undertaker (15)
    10 9Genichiro TenryuUndertaker (15)
    1116Terrific Terry TailorTed DiBiase (4)
    1212Koko B Ware [High Energy]Ted DiBiase (4)
    1315UndertakerGiant Gonzalez (non-participant)
    14 4"Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase [Money Inc.]Undertaker (15)
    1514The BerzerkerUndertaker (15)
    1621Typhoon [Natural Disasters]Earthquake (23)
    1717Damien DementoCarlos Colon (24)
    1822Fatu [The Headshrinkers]Bob Backlund (2)
    1918Irwin R. Schyster [Money Inc.]himself (18)
    2019TatankaYokozuna (27)
    2124Carlos ColonYokozuna (27)
    2223Earthquake [Natural Disasters]Yokozuna (27)
    2325"El Matador" Tito SantanaYokozuna (27)
    2420Jerry Saggs [Nasty Boys]Owen Hart (28)
    2528"The Rocket" Owen Hart [High Energy]Yokozuna (27)
    2629Repo ManRandy Savage (30)
    2726Rick "The Model" MartelBob Backlund (2)
    28 2Bob BacklundYokozuna (27)
    2930"Macho Man" Randy SavageYokozuna (27)

    Winner: Yokozuna (27).
    Yokozuna wins a title shot at WrestleMania IX.

WrestleMania IX

1993-04-04, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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  1. Intercontinental Championship Match:
    Tatanka def. Shawn Michaels (ch) (c-o)
  2. Steiner Brothers def. The Headshrinkers
  3. Doink def. Crush
  4. Razor Ramon def. Bob Backlund
  5. WWF Tag Team Championship Match:
    Money Inc. (ch) def. Mega-Maniacs (dq)
  6. "The Narcissist" Lex Luger def. Mr. Perfect
  7. Undertaker def. Giant Gonzalez (dq)
  8. WWF Championship Match:
    Yokozuna def. Bret "Hit Man" Hart (ch)
  9. WWF Championship Match II:
    Hulk Hogan def. Yokozuna (ch)

UK Rampage 1993

1993-04-11, Sheffield Arena, Sheffield, England, UK

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  1. Fatu def. Brian Knobbs
  2. Doink def. Kamala
  3. Mr. Perfect def. Samu
  4. Bob Backlund def. Damian Demento
  5. Typhoon def. The Brooklyn Brawler
  6. Intercontinental championship:
    Crush def. Shawn Michaels (ch) (CO)
  7. "The Narcissist" Lex Luger def. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan (DQ)

King of the Ring 1993

1993-06-13, Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio, USA

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Preceding Qualifying Matches:

  1. WWF Superstars 1993-05-01: Mr. Perfect vs. Doink (time-limit draw)
  2. WWF Wrestling Challenge 1993-05-02: Lex Luger def. Bob Backlund
  3. WWF Superstars 1993-05-08: Razor Ramon def. "El Matador" Tito Santana
  4. WWF Wrestling Challenge 1993-05-09: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan def. Papa Shango
  5. WWF Monday Night Raw 1993-05-10: Bam Bam Bigelow def. Typhoon
  6. WWF Wrestling Challenge 1993-05-16: Mr. Perfect vs. Doink (time-limit draw)
  7. WWF Superstars 1993-05-22: Shawn Michaels vs. Crush (double count-out)
  8. WWF Wrestling Challenge 1993-05-23: Mr. Hughes def. Kamala
  9. WWF Monday Night Raw 1993-05-24: Mr. Perfect def. Doink

Matches on the main event itself

Summerslam 1993

1993-08-30, The Palace, Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA

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Monday Night Raw September-October 1993

Shawn Michaels was stripped of the I.C belt on 1993-09-27. There was a 20-man battle royale to determine the two contestants for the I.C belt.

The men that competed on 1993-10-04: Mr. Perfect, Diesel, Giant Gonzalez, Razor Ramon, Bam Bam Bigelow, Tatanka, Superfly Jimmy Snuka, Adam Bomb, Marty Jannetty, MVP - Most Valuable Player, Bastion Booger, 1-2-3-Kid, Pierre (Quebecers), Jacques (Quebecers), Owen The Rocket Hart, Bob Backlund, I.R.S - Irwin R. Schyster, Mabel (M.O.M), Macho Man Randy Savage, The Model Rick Martel.

The winners of the Battle Royale were "The Model" Rick Martel, returning to the WWF, and Razor Ramon. The I.C title match came on next week's Monday Night Raw (1993-10-11). In a match of techniques against strength, Razor Ramon won by pinning The Model in 12.5 minutes after the Razor's Edge.

WWF in Israel

1993-10-07, Tel Aviv, Israel
  1. 1-2-3-Kid def. Doink the Clown
  2. Razor Ramon def. Irwin R. Schyster
  3. Bob Backlund def. Papa Shango
  4. The Headshrinkers def. The Smokin' Gunns
  5. Diesel def. the Brooklyn Brawler
  6. Undertaker def. Adam Bomb
  7. Lex Luger def. Ludvig Borga

Survivor Series 1993

1993-11-24, Boston Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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  1. "All Americans" (Lex Luger, Undertaker, Steiner Brothers (Rick & Scott)) def. "Foreign Fanatics" (Yokozuna, Ludvig Borga, Quebecer Jacques, Crush)
    Eliminated in order:
    1. Rick Steiner was pinned by Ludvig Borga
    2. Crush was counted out
    3. Jacques was pinned by Lex Luger
    4. Scott Steiner was pinned by Yokozuna
    5. Yokozuna & the Undertaker were counted out
    6. Ludvig Borga was pinned by Lex Luger
    Survivor: Lex Luger
  2. "Hart Family" (Bret "Hit Man", Owen "The Rocket", Bruce, Keith) def. Shawn Michaels and his knights
    Eliminated in order:
    1. Black Knight was pinned by Owen Hart
    2. Red Knight was pinned by Bret Hart
    3. Blue Knight was pinned by Owen Hart
    4. Owen Hart was pinned by Shawn Michaels
    5. Shawn Michaels was counted out
    Survivors: All but "The Rocket" in the "Hart Family".
  3. Razor Ramon, Macho Man, Marty Jannetty, 1-2-3 Kid def. Irwin R. Schyster, Diesel, "Model" Rick Martel, Adam Bomb
    Eliminated in order:
    1. Diesel was pinned by Macho Man
    2. Macho Man was pinned by IRS
    3. IRS was pinned by Razor Ramon
    4. Razor Ramon was counted out
    5. Adam Bomb was pinned by Marty Jannetty
    6. Rick Martel was pinned by 1-2-3-Kid
    Survivors: Marty Jannetty, 1-2-3-Kid
  4. Luke "Doink", Butch "Doink", Mo Doink, Mabel "Doink" def. Bam Bam Bigelow, Bastion Booger, Headshrinkers (Samu & Fatu)
    Eliminated in order:
    1. Samu was pinned by Bushwhacker Luke
    2. Bastion Booger was pinned by Mabel
    3. Fatu was pinned by Bushwhacker Luke
    4. Bam Bam Bigelow was pinned by MOM and the Bushwackers
    Survivors: The "Doinks"
  5. Smokey Mountain Wrestling (SMW) Tag Team Championship:
    Heavenly Bodies def. Rock'n'roll Express (ch)

Women's championship tournament 1993

1993-11-29 to 1993-12-13

A tournament was set up to revive the Women's championship, which had been vacant since 1990. Only three first-round matches took place, according to rumors former champion Sensational Sherri was intended to participate in the fourth, but she left for WCW around this time. Only the final match aired on TV.

  1. First round matches:
    USWA 1993-11-29: Madusa def. Allison Royal
  2. WWF Wrestling Challenge TV taping 1993-11-30 (dark matches): Heidi Lee Morgan def. Black Venus
  3. Rusty Thomas def. Angie Marino
  4. Second round match:
    WWF Superstars TV taping 1993-12-01 (dark match): Heidi Lee Morgan def. Rusty Thomas
  5. Final:
    WWF All American Wrestling 1993-12-26 (taped at Monday Night Raw 1993-12-13 TV tapings): Alundra Blayze def. Heidi Lee Morgan
Heidi Lee MorganHeidi Lee MorganHeidi Lee Morgan
Black Venus
Rusty Thomas Rusty Thomas Alundra Blayze
Angie Marino
Alundra Blayze Alundra Blayze Alundra Blayze
Allison Royal

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