American Wrestling Trivia

World Wrestling Entertainment 2014


Royal Rumble 2014

2014-01-26, Consol Energy Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

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  1. Bray Wyatt [w/Luke Harper & Erick Rowan] def. Daniel Bryan
    Wyatt wanted to defeat Bryan by himself, sending his accomplices back to the dressing room early on. Wyatt controlled much of the match, trying to pin Bryan at several times, until Bryan fought back. Bryan tried to stay in, but is knocked out when Wyatt smashes him into the barricade, which lets Wyatt get the pinfall victory.
  2. Brock Lesnar [w/Paul Heyman] def. Big Show
    Lesnar started beating Big Show with a steel chair before the match was even started. When the match eventually started, Show immediately landed a KO punch on Lesnar, making him groggy. It did not stop Lesnar from lifting Show, bodyslamming him to get a pinfall victory. Lesnar then continued hitting Show with a chair.
  3. WWE World heavyweight championship:
    Randy Orton (ch) def. John Cena
    Cena picked up Orton on his shoulders, hitting the referee by mistake. When Cena then had Orton tapping out of his submission hold, there was no referee to award him the victory. With the referee still out, Orton hit Cena with the title belt, but only got a two-count after reviving the referee. The two men traded submission holds, until the lights went out and the Wyatts showed up, letting Orton RKO Cena to retain the title.
  4. The Royal Rumble:
    Elim. Ent. #Ent. Name By
    1 3 4Damien SandowCM Punk (1)
    2 5 5KaneCM Punk (1)
    3 610Alexander RusevCM Punk (1), Seth Rollins (2), Cody Rhodes (4), Kofi Kingston (8)
    41313R-TruthDean Ambrose (11)
    5 913Jimmy UsoDean Ambrose (11)
    6 715Jack SwaggerKevin Nash (14)
    7 815Kofi KingstonRoman Reigns (15)
    81215Dolph ZigglerRoman Reigns (15)
    91415Kevin NashRoman Reigns (15)
    101616The Great KhaliDean Ambrose (11), Roman Reigns (15)
    11 416Cody RhodesGoldust (10)
    121016GoldustRoman Reigns (15)
    131920FandangoEl Torito (20)
    142020El ToritoRoman Reigns (15)
    152424JBLRoman Reigns (15)
    161825The MizLuke Harper (22)
    172325Jey UsoLuke Harper (22)
    182528Erick RowanBatista (28)
    192628RybackBatista (28)
    202728Alberto Del RioBatista (28)
    212930Big E Langston (IC ch)Sheamus (17)
    223030Rey MysterioSeth Rollins (2)
    232230Luke HarperRoman Reigns (15)
    242130Antonio CesaroRoman Reigns (15)
    25 230Seth RollinsRoman Reigns (15)
    261130Dean Ambrose (US ch)Roman Reigns (15)
    27 130CM PunkKane (5)
    281730SheamusRoman Reigns (15)
    291530Roman ReignsBatista (2)

    Winner: Batista (28).
    After eliminating Rusev, Kingston is thrown out, but lands in Rusev's hands, who deposits him on the barricades. Kingston, whose feet have not touched the ground, jumps back into the ring to continue the match. Cody Rhodes tried to eliminate Ambrose, but when Goldust was about to help him, Reigns jumped away, making Goldust eliminate his own brother instead. JBL made a surprise entrance from the announce table, getting immediately eliminated. Reigns eliminated his Shield partners when they tried to eliminate Antonio Cesaro. When down to the final four, Kane came back, eliminating Punk from the outside, and then slamming him through the Spanish announce table. Batista wins the Royal Rumble match, to get a guaranteed title shot at WrestleMania 30.

Elimination Chamber 2014

2014-02-23, Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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  1. Intercontinental championship:
    Big E (ch) def. Jack Swagger [w/Zeb Colter]
    Action quickly moved outside the ring, where Colter tried to distract Big E, but to no avail. Swagger had several near-pins, but Big E counters to keep the title.
  2. Tagteam championship:
    New Age Outlaws (ch) def. Jimmy & Jey Uso
    The Usos mocked the Outlaws' moves, and had several near-falls, but was eventually outsmarted by the Outlaws. Pinfall to retain the titles.
  3. Titus O'Neil def. Darren Young
    O'Neil, being the bigger of the two, dominated much of the of the match due to his size advantage. Young fought back, but was in the end unable to overcome O'Neil.
  4. Wyatt Family def. The Shield
    The two clans collided head-on, with some of the Wyatt Family members showing off moves they haven't been using much before. The match quickly went ugly outside the match, where the Wyatts eliminated Ambrose and smashed Rollins through the Spanish announce table. Bray set up Reigns for Sister Abigale's kiss, but Reigns managed to counter. The second attempt met, however, letting Bray pin Reigns for the victory.
  5. Divas championship:
    Cameron def. AJ Lee [w/Tamina Snuka] (ch) (dq)
    With Cameron outside the ring, AJ set her up for Tamina to kick her, but she missed and instead hit Cameron, who tried to set up AJ for the pinfall. Tamina intervened, disqualifying AJ for outside interference.
  6. Batista def. Alberto Del Rio
    Del Rio entered the ring on crutches, claiming to be unable to compete, but quickly turned to attack Batista with them before the match started. Batista, however, managed to turn the match into a victory, with a pinfall after delivering a Batista Bomb.
  7. WWE World heavyweight championship, Elimination Chamber Match:
    Randy Orton (ch) def. Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Cesaro, Christian, Sheamus
    Cesaro and Sheamus start out, with Daniel Bryan and Christian entering third and fourth, respectively. Despite a lot of battling both inside the ring and on the steel structure outside, no-one is eliminated until all men have entered, with Cena entering fifth and Orton last. Orton tried returning to his pod, but Sheamus brogue-kicked the door, breaking it, to get Orton back into the match. First to be eliminated is Sheamus, on a pinfall by Christian after a dive-bomb from the top of a pod. Bryan eliminated Christian shortly afterwards. Next, Cesaro taps out to Cena's STF. With Orton, Cena and Bryan left, the lights go dark and the Wyatt family appears in the ring, attacking Cena, who is then easily pinned by Cena. With Corporate Kane coming in to watch over things, Bryan attacks him with a dropkick. Bryan counters a DDT from Orton, and has a pinfall going on Orton, but Kane interferes several times, finally allowing Orton to hit an RKO to retain the title.

WrestleMania XXX

2014-04-06, Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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  1. Daniel Bryan def. Triple H [w/Stephanie McMahon]
    Bryan tried to use his speed to his advantage, while Triple H went for strength. Triple H dropped Bryan on the announce table, almost getting a count-out victory. Bryan kicked out of Triple H's pedigree, and Triple H didn't quite manage to come back after that. Eventually, Bryan connects with a running knee and gets a pinfall victory. After the match, McMahon and Triple H keeps attacking Bryan.
  2. The Shield def. Kane & New Age Outlaws
    After taking out Kane, The Shield makes short process on the New Age Outlaws, allowing Seth Rollins to pin Billy Gunn for the victory.
  3. André The Giant memorial battle royal:
    Elim. Name By
    1Yoshi TatsuThe Great Khali
    2Brad MaddoxThe Great Khali & Cody Rhodes
    3Brodus ClayThe Great Khali
    4The Great KhaliDrew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal & Heath Slater
    5Zack RyderDrew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal
    6Darren YoungDrew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal & Heath Slater
    7Drew McIntyreMark Henry
    8Jinder MahalMark Henry
    9Heath SlaterMark Henry
    10Mark HenryBig Show
    11Titus O'NeilBig Show
    12The MizSantino Marella
    13Santino MarellaAlberto Del Rio
    14Xavier WoodsDamien Sandow
    15Damien SandowCody Rhodes & Goldust
    16Justin GabrielBig E
    17David OtungaBig E
    18Big EFandango
    20R-TruthBig Show
    21Sin CaraAlberto Del Rio
    22Tyson KiddAlberto Del Rio
    23GoldustAlberto Del Rio
    24Cody RhodesAlberto Del Rio
    25Rey MysterioCesaro
    26Kofi KingstonSheamus
    27Dolph ZigglerAlberto Del Rio
    28Alberto Del RioAlberto Del Rio
    29SheamusBig Show
    30Big ShowCesaro

    Winner: Cesaro
    Cesaro eliminates Big Show to win.

  4. John Cena def. Bray Wyatt [w/Luke Harper & Erick Rowan]
    Wyatt played his mind games on Cena, first setting himself up for Cena to do whatever he wanted, and later reversing a "You can't see me" with his spider-step. Cena tried to out-power Wyatt, who kept fighting back. Cena tried to make Cena be a monster like himself, handing him a chair. Cena instead uses it to attack the other members of the family. Cena applied an Attitude Adjustment to get the pinfall.
  5. Brock Lesnar [w/Paul Heyman] def. Undertaker
    Undertaker came in to the match with 21 victories and no losses at WrestleMania. Undertaker started out strong, but Lesnar quickly took control of the match, trying to wear Undertaker down. Undertaker tried some come-backs, and managed to kick out from Lesnar's F-5. Undertaker managed to lock the Hell's Gate, but Lesnar manages to reverse it. Lesnar eventually hits a third F-5, getting a pinfall victory.
  6. Vickie Guerrero invitational, Divas championship:
    AJ Lee (ch) def. Naomi (subm.), Aksana, Alicia Fox, Brie Bella, Cameron, Emma, Eva Marie, Layla, Natalya, Nikki Bella, Rosa Mendes, Summer Rae, Tamina Snuka
    One fall to the finish, with all the divas in the ring at the same time. After some chaos in the ring, AJ Lee locks Naomi in the Black Widow to retain the title.
  7. Triple threat match, WWE World heavyweight championship:
    Daniel Bryan def. Batista (subm.), Randy Orton (ch)
    Bryan came to the ring holding his left arm which was injured by Triple H after their match earlier. During the match, he favored kicks and jumps. Daniel Bryan had Orton in a Yes lock when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came to the ring, attacking the referee. Batista took advantage of the distraction, getting a two-count from Triple H's referee Scott Armstrong. Later, Triple H came out with a sledgehammer, but Bryan stopped him, attacking Triple H with it instead. Batista and Orton started working together, with Batista delivering a Batista bomb into Orton's RKO on top of the announce tables. Bryan eventually was carried away from the ring on a stretcher, but did not want to stay there, climbing off trying to get back into the ring, eventually getting the Yes lock on Batista, who tapped out.

Extreme Rules

2014-05-04, IZOD Center, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA

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  1. Triple threat, elimination match:
    Cesaro [w/Paul Heyman] def. Rob Van Dam, Jack Swagger [w/Zeb Colter]
    Rob Van Dam first eliminates Swagger, pinning him after a frog splash. The match continued with Cesaro dominating much of the match inside the ring, while Van Dam dominated outside. Cesaro pinned Van Dam after he missed a frog splash and instead landed on a trash can. Cesaro then bodyslammed him onto the trash can for the pinfall victory.
  2. Handicap match:
    Alexander Rusev [w/Lana] def. R-Truth & Xavier Woods (subm.)
    Rusev attacks both opponents before the match starts officially, leaving R-Truth alone in the ring. R-Truth scores some hits, but eventually taps out to Rusev's cobra clutch.
  3. Intercontinental championship:
    Bad News Barrett def. Big E (ch)
    A display of power from both sides. Barrett got a several two-counts on Big E, and eventually managed to get a full three-count to win the title.
  4. Six-man tagteam match:
    The Shield (Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) def. Evolution (Randy Orton & Batista & Triple H)
    The match quickly turned into a brawl, with action taking place in the ring, on the announce tables and among the audience at the same time. With everyone else in action outside the ring, Roman Reigns speared Batista inside the ring, allowing him to get a three-count to secure the victory.
  5. Steel-cage match:
    Bray Wyatt [w/Luke Harper & Erick Rowan] def. John Cena
    Cena early on tried to escape the ring by climbing over the cage, but was put off by Harper and Rowan being outside. After failing to get a pinfall, he tried the door, but was denied by Harper and Rowan closing the door from the outside. Eventually the lights when out when Cena tried to walk out the door, and a kid singing in a strange voice scared him back inside. After delivering a sister Abigail, Wyatt could easily walk out for the victory.
  6. Divas championship:
    Paige (ch) def. Tamina Snuka (subm.)
    Snuka showed off her strength, trying to wear Paige out slowly. Despite receiving some rather nasty hits, Paige eventually locks Snuka in the scorpion cross-lock, winning the match by submission.
  7. Extreme rules match, WWE World heavyweight championship:
    Daniel Bryan (ch) def. Kane
    This match between the former tag team champions quickly turned into a brawl, using whatever they could find for weaponry. The match continued backstage, where Bryan got bodyslammed onto a car, and Kane got hit by a crowbar. Bryan then put Kane on a forklift, driving him back into the arena and dropping him in the ring. After a headbutt from the top of the forklift, Kane kicked out of a pinfall. Kane set a table on fire, trying to send Bryan through it, but landed on it himself instead, allowing Bryan to get the pinfall victory.


2014-06-01, Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois, USA

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  1. US championship:
    Cesaro [w/Paul Heyman] def. Sheamus (ch)
    A good fight between two evenly matched opponents. Both men had opportunities to overtake the other. Cesaro had Sheamus in the Cesaro swing, but Sheamus managed to get up immediately, getting Cesaro in a small package to get a pinfall victory.
  2. Curtis Axel & Ryback def. Cody Rhodes & Goldust
    Despite Cody having several near-pins over Ryback, he eventually ended up on the receiving end of a three-count, giving Rybaxel the win. After the match, Cody asked for a microphone, announcing the Goldust would need a better tagteam partner.
  3. Rusev [w/Lana] def. Big E (subm.)
    Big E managed to get the Bulgarian Brute on his back, spearing him through the ring ropes. Rusev, however, came back and got Big E to submit to the camel clutch.
  4. Kofi Kingston vs. Bo Dallas (no contest)
    Kane arrived when the match was about to start, attacking Kingston and delivering a tombstone piledriver.
  5. Intercontinental championship:
    Bad News Barrett (ch) def. Rob Van Dam
    Van Dam started the match in his usual extreme way, putting Barrett on the spectator barricade and jump-kicking him. Back in the ring, the advantage swayed back and forth until Barrett eventually managed to nail his bull-hammer punch, getting a three-count to retain the title.
  6. The injured Daniel Bryan (WWE World Heavyweight champion) and his wife Brie Bella come out answer Stephanie McMahon's ultimatum to surrender the title or have Bella fired. Bella refuses to have it happen, so she quits and slaps Stephanie who runs back to the dressing room area.
  7. Last man standing match:
    John Cena [w/The Usos] def. Bray Wyatt [w/Luke Harper & Erick Rowan]
    The match started out as a regular power-wrestling match, until ringside turned into a brawl between the Wyatts and the Usos and the competitors in the ring started attacking each other with tables, chairs and even the steel steps. Wyatt was on the offensive, until Cena threw the steel steps out of the ring, getting a nine-count on Wyatt. Wyatt came back, but eventually was put through a wood box outside the ring, and was counted out with Cena standing on top, triumphant.
  8. Divas championship:
    Paige (ch) def. Alicia Fox (subm.)
    Fox tried to play it unclean, grabbing Paige's nose and slamming her head into the mat. Paige eventually managed to turn the momentum over, and got Fox to submit to a scorpion cross-lock.
  9. No holds barred, elimination match:
    The Shield (Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) def. Evolution (Randy Orton & Batista & Triple H)
    Order of elimination:
    1. Batista (by Seth Rollins)
    2. Randy Orton (by Dean Ambrose)
    3. Triple H (by Roman Reigns)

    This match was a brawl from start to finish, with most of the action taking place out of the ring, with both teams using whatever they could get hold of as weapons. Evolution kept wearing the Shield down, but Shield eventually managed to get the first two eliminations, making it a 3-on-1 handicap match. Batista and Orton tried to make some damage on their way out, but it wasn't enough.

Money in the Bank

2014-06-29, TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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  1. Tagteam championship:
    The Usos (ch) def. Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan)
    The family controlled the match, getting several two-counts. Rowan tried to jump Jimmy Uso from the top rope, but Jimmy managed to stop him, and after the Usos delivered a two-man superplex and two big splashes, Jey managed to get a pinfall to retain the titles.
  2. Divas championship:
    Paige (ch) def. Naomi [w/Cameron]
    Naomi dominated the match, getting Paige on the defensive for most of the match. Naomi had Paige in a small package, but Paige countered, and managed to get a quick pinfall victory. Outside the ring, Cameron seemed delighted about Naomi's losing.
  3. Adam Rose [w/The Rosebuds] def. Damien Sandow
    Sandow came out dressed as Paul Revere, calling "the half-wits are coming". Sandow had a near-pin, but Rose countered and won this quick match with a pinfall.
  4. WWE World heavyweight championship Money in the Bank, Ladder match:
    Seth Rollins def. Rob Van Dam, Jack Swagger [w/Zeb Colter], Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, Dean Ambrose
    The match hadn't even started when Dean Ambrose attacked his former Shield colleague Rollins. Inside the ring, Kingston started out showing his amazing athletism. Ambrose kept at attacking Rollins, superplexing him from the top of a ladder inside the ring. Ambrose injured his shoulder attacking Swagger, and was led out of the ring by medical personnel. Ambrose would later return, trying to make it up the ladder when Kane came in, taking attacking him and allowing Rollins to climb the ladder to retrieve the contract briefcase.
  5. Goldust & Stardust Curtis Axel & Ryback
    It seemed like Ryback would dominate the Dust brothers, like in their previous encounters, but Cody's new incarnation Stardust eventually managed to put Ryback out long enough to get a three-count.
  6. Rusev [w/Lana] def. Big E
    Lana came out mocking the USA as usual, while Big E arrived waving the country's flag. Rusev had Big E down and in the Accolade submission hold, but Big E almost managed to break it. It failed, and he eventually had to tap out.
  7. Special referee: Fandango
    Layla def. Summer Rae
    Both women tried to distract Fandango to get the victory. Layla eventually hit a boot to Rae's face, getting an easy pinfall victory.
  8. Ladder match for the WWE world heavyweight championship:
    John Cena def. Sheamus (US ch), Bray Wyatt, Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro [w/Paul Heyman], Randy Orton, Roman Reigns
    Kane spent the match trying to help Randy Orton climb the ladder, rather than trying to win the match himself. Cesaro and Sheamus climbed the ladder, getting to the titles when Wyatt removed the ladders leaving them hanging from the titles. Eventually it was Orton and Reigns left. Reigns knocked off Orton, but Kane stopped him, and while he tried helping Orton, Cena got back into the ring, took out both men, climbing the ladder to claim the title.


2014-07-20, Tampa Bay Times Forum, Tampa, Florida, USA

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  1. Two out of three falls, tagteam championship:
    The Usos (ch) def. Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan)
    The family gets a quick first fall when Rowan pins Jimmy Uso, getting the Usos on the defensive. Jey is outside the ring, but when he finally manages to crawl back into the ring, he immediately rolls up Harper to win the second fall. Harper super-plexed both Usos from the top rope, but failed to get a three-count. The Usos responded with a double splash to get the third fall.
  2. Divas championship:
    AJ Lee (ch) def. Paige
    Paige took control early in the match. AJ Lee locked the Black Widow on Paige, who countered and hit the Paige turner, but AJ kicked out of the count. After trading submission moves, AJ eventually gets a three-count to retain the title.
  3. Rusev [w/Lana] def. Jack Swagger [w/Zeb Colter] (c-o)
    Lana started out mocking the US as usual, when Colter tried to retort, Lana smacked here in the face. Swagger had Rusev in the Patriot lock, but Rusev made it to the ring ropes. Swagger re-applied the lock outside the ring, but Rusev broke it, throwing Swagger into the ring post. Swagger was unable to get back in to the ring, and was counted out.
  4. Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose (forfeit)
    Ambrose had a run-in with Rollins backstage and was thrown out of the arena. Rollins came out and was declared winner by forfeit. As he was leaving, Ambrose returned, attacking Rollins. The fight continued backstage during the night.
  5. Chris Jericho def. Bray Wyatt [w/Luke Harper & Erick Rowan]
    Harper and Rowan kept helping Wyatt from outside the ring, until the referee banned them from ringside. Wyatt tried to keep wearing Jericho down, getting several two-counts. Jericho eventually managed to hit the Codebreaker, getting a pinfall victory.
  6. Battle Royal, Intercontinental championship:
    The Miz
    The injured former champion Bad News Barrett came out, forfeiting the title belt. Ziggler thought he had the win when he eliminated Sheamus, but The Miz, who had gone under the bottom rope only, came back in eliminating Ziggler for the victory. Eliminations in order:
    1. Xavier Woods (by The Great Khali)
    2. Zack Ryder (by The Great Khali)
    3. The Great Khali (by almost everyone else)
    4. Sin Cara (by Bo Dallas)
    5. R-Truth (by Curtis Axel & Ryback)
    6. Curtis Axel (by Damien Sandow)
    7. Damien Sandow (by Diego)
    8. Diego (by Ryback)
    9. Ryback (by Sheamus)
    10. Titus O'Neil (by Bo Dallas)
    11. Alberto Del Rio (by Dolph Ziggler)
    12. Big E (by Cesaro)
    13. Kofi Kingston (by Cesaro)
    14. Cesaro (by Heath Slater)
    15. Heath Slater (by Sheamus)
    16. Bo Dallas (by Dolph Ziggler)
    17. Sheamus (US champion) (by Dolph Ziggler)
    18. Dolph Ziggler (by The Miz)
  7. Fatal 4-way, WWE World heavyweight championship:
    John Cena (ch) def. Kane, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns
    Orton and Kane worked together on taking out Cena, while keeping Reigns at bay. Kane tried to cover Reigns while Orton was outside the ring, causing Orton and Kane going at each other. Both Kane and Orton has a couple of near-pins, when Cena covers Kane for the pinfall victory.

Summerslam 2014

2014-08-17, Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

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  1. Intercontinental championship:
    Dolph Ziggler def. The Miz (ch)
    Ziggler got a two-count after a superkick to Miz' face, trying to end this fast-action match early. Miz countered with his skull-crushing finale, but Ziggler kicked out and managed to get a quick pinfall victory.
  2. Divas championship:
    Paige def. AJ Lee (ch)
    Paige kept mocking AJ Lee by copying her style. AJ had locked the Black Widow on Paige, but she countered into the Rampage, getting a three-count to win the title.
  3. Flag match:
    Rusev [w/Lana] def. Jack Swagger [w/Zeb Colter]
    Swagger quickly went for the Patriot Lock, trying to injure Rusev's leg. Swagger dominated much of the match, reversing Rusev's Accolade into another Patriot Lock, but Rusev kicked out. Rusev locked another Accolade, causing Swagger to pass out, giving Rusev the victory.
  4. Lumberjack match:
    Seth Rollins def. Dean Ambrose
    Whenever Ambrose went outside the ring, he kept attacking the lumberjacks, instead of the reverse. Despite the lumberjacks, Rollins almost escaped he arena, but Ambrose followed him taking the action out to the audience. Corporate Kane arrived to the ring, getting the lumberjacks go after them to bring them back. Ambrose set up for a pinfall, when Kane stopped him. After that the lumberjacks entered the ring stopping him. Rollins hit Ambrose with his Money in the Bank briefcase, getting a three-count.
  5. Bray Wyatt def. Chris Jericho
    Jericho had Wyatt in the Walls of Jericho, but Wyatt got to the ring ropes. Wyatt kept trying to psyche out Jericho, but he didn't seem to listen too much. Outside the ring, Wyatt hit Sister Abigail on Jericho, and then another inside the ring, to get the pinfall victory.
  6. Stephanie McMahon def. Brie Bella
    Stephanie looked very confident, in this match which was her first PPV match since 2003, dominating much of early part of the match. She fell through after a while. Triple H came in, removing the referee when Bella had McMahon in a Yes lock. Bella dropkicked Triple H and Brie's sister Nikki got to the ring, stopping Stephanie McMahon from leaving, but Nikki then turned on her sister, knocking Brie out. McMahon hit the pedigree, and got a pinfall victory.
  7. Roman Reigns def. Randy Orton
    This match was a display of power-wrestling with the men trading punches and kicks. Orton slammed Reigns through the English announce table. Reigns eventually managed to steal a three-count to win the match.
  8. WWE World heavyweight championship:
    Brock Lesnar def. John Cena (ch)
    Lesnar seemed to be set on crushing Cena, throwing him around the ring like a rag doll in a total of 16 German suplexes. Cena did an attempt at fighting back, getting a two-count. Lesnar eventually hit the F-5 on Cena to win the title.

Night of Champions 2014

2014-09-21, Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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  1. WWE tagteam championship:
    Gold & Stardust def. The Usos (ch)
    The two teams were evenly matched, and despite the Usos starting out on top Stardust did, eventually, manage to roll up Jey Uso for a pinfall victory.
  2. US championship:
    Sheamus (ch) def. Cesaro
    Cesaro showed his strength, trying to wear Sheamus down. The two men traded blows, finishing moves and two-counts, but neither man wanted to give in. Sheamus eventually hit a brogue kick giving him a three-count victory.
  3. Intercontinental championship:
    The Miz [w/Damien Mizdow] def. Dolph Ziggler [w/R-Ziggler] (ch)
    Despite being the subject of several early elbow drops from Ziggler, both men dominated their parts of the match. Outside the ring, Sandow interfered, and then started to insult special guest commentators Florida Georgia Line, causing R-Truth to chase Sandow out of the arena. Sandow returned, kicking Ziggler and allowing The Miz to get a pinfall victory, despite holding on to Ziegler's tights during the count.
  4. Seth Rollins def. Roman Reigns (forfeit)
    Roman Reigns was in the hospital receiving emergency hernia treatment. Rollins came out and demanded the match be started and Reigns be counted out. He then called anybody from the locker room to come out to challenge him. Dean Ambrose arrived, attacking Rollins. Rollins tried to run away, but Ambrose went after him, attacking him. Ambrose was eventually stopped by security guards,
  5. Rusev [w/Lana] def. Mark Henry (subm.)
    Rusev tried to keep his opponent down delivering many of his trademarked kicks, but Henry kept rising up. Eventually, Henry had to see himself beaten by submitting to Rusev's Accolade sleeper hold.
  6. Randy Orton def. Chris Jericho
    The match showed some highly technical wrestling, with Orton performing a super-plex from the top rope on Jericho. It also went outside, with Orton slamming Jericho onto the English announce table. Jericho eventually lured Orton into the Walls of Jericho. Orton almost made it to the ring ropes, but instead managed to break the hold. He eventually managed to RKO Jericho and get a three-count.
  7. Triple threat match, Divas championship:
    AJ Lee def. Paige (ch), Nikki Bella (subm.)
    AJ had Bella locked in the Black Widow, but Paige saved her, for not to lose her title. Bella then had Paige covered, but AJ saved her before the three-count. After knocking out Bella, AJ then locked Paige in the Black Widow, forcing Paige to tap out and giving AJ the title.
  8. WWE World heavyweight championship:
    John Cena def. Brock Lesnar [w/Paul Heyman] (ch) (DQ)
    In this rematch from Summerslam, Lesnar started out much in the same manner as in their last match-up. Lesnar again dominated most of the match, keeping Cena on his back or knees. Cena did attempt an AA, but failed to get a pinfall. He then locked the STF, but Lesnar countered into his own Kimura submission hold. Cena tried again with the AA until Seth Rollins came in attacking Lesnar with his Money in the Bank case, which he tried to cash, but Cena stopped him when trying to get into the ring to claim the match.

Hell in a Cell 2014

2014-10-26, American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas, USA

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  1. Intercontinental championship, two out of three falls:
    Dolph Ziggler def. Cesaro
    Ziggler wins the match in two straight falls, the first a quick pin after being subjected to the Cesaro swing. The second fall took longer, but he eventually hit Cesaro with the Zig Zag to retain the title.
  2. Nikka Bella def. Brie Bella
    Stipulation: The loser of the match would be the winner's personal assistance for 30 days, or be fired. Brie tried to get Nikki to submit to the Yes lock, but failed and was knocked out by an elbow punch from Nikki, who got an easy three-count.
  3. Tagteam championship:
    Gold & Stardust (ch) def. The Usos
    As always in a match between these two technical teams, we got an even match with a lot of high-flying moves. Goldust steals a quick pinfall on Jey, after Stardust kicked his leg away, to retain the titles.
  4. Hell in a Cell match, #1 contender for the heavyweight title:
    John Cena def. Randy Orton
    Orton started out dominating the early part of the match, using the ring and steel cage to his advantage. Cena made a comeback and the two exchanged pin attempts for a while. Eventually, Cena slams Orton through a table and gets a pinfall victory.
  5. US championship:
    Sheamus (ch) def. The Miz [w/Damien Mizdow]
    Mizdow was playing Miz' stunt double outside the ring, mimicking what Miz was doing in-ring. Miz got a two-count, and almost got a three-count after Mizdow distracted the referee. Sheamus connects with a Brogue kick and pins Miz to retain the title.
  6. Rusev [w/Lana] def. Big Show (subm.)
    Big Show had Rusev down on his back when Mark Henry arrived to beside the ring. Rusev attacked both with his kicks, putting Big Show in his Accolade submission move.
  7. Divas championship:
    AJ Lee (ch) def. Paige [w/Alicia Fox] (subm.)
    After dropping Paige onto the barricade outside the ring, Alicia sent her back into the ring and made her submit to the Black Widow. After the match, Paige attacked Alicia.
  8. Hell in a Cell match:
    Seth Rollins [w/Joey Mercury, Jamie Noble] def. Dean Ambrose
    Instead of entering the ring, Ambrose climbs up onto the top of the steel cage, before the match has even started. Rollins refuses to follow, but sends his security guards instead. With Ambrose distracted, Rollins climbs up, attacking Ambrose from behind. They both try to climb down, only to fall down crashing one announce table each. Ambrose and Rollins were stretchered away, when Ambrose cuts loose, running to attack Rollins and gets him into the ring to officially start the match. After beating each other for a while, the arena turns dark and Ambrose is attacked by Bray Wyatt, who appeared. Rollins get a pinfall victory.

Survivor Series 2014

2014-11-23, Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. Fatal-4-Way, Tagteam championship:
    The Miz & Damien Mizdow def. The Usos, Los Matadores [w/El Torito], Gold & Stardust (ch)
    Mizdow was drawing more cheers imitating The Miz, than The Miz got doing anything in the first place. The Usos cleared house and was about to get a pin on Goldust when first The Miz and then Mizdow tags himself in, and pins Goldust for the championship.
  2. 4-on-4 elimination match:
    Team Natalya (Natalya [w/Tyson Kidd], Naomi, Emma, Alicia Fox) def. Team Paige (Paige, Cameron, Summer Rae, Layla)
    Order of elimination:
    1. Cameron (by Naomi)
    2. Layla (by Alicia Fox)
    3. Summer Rae (by Emma) (subm.)
    4. Paige (by Naomi)
    Survivors: Natalya & Naomi & Emma & Alicia Fox
  3. Bray Wyatt def. Dean Ambrose (dq)
    In this intense and physical match, the competitors tried to outdo each other as being the more psychotic and deranged. Ambrose mocked Wyatt's signature "spider-walk" and showed he was one step ahead of Wyatt during much of the match. Wyatt had the advantage when he brought a steel chair into the ring. Ambrose took it, attacking Wyatt, losing the match on disqualification. He proceeded to attack Wyatt with tables, ladders and chairs.
  4. Adam Rose & The Bunny [w/Rosebuds] def. Heath Slater & Titus O'Neil
    The Bunny pinned Heath Slater for the victory. After the match, The Bunny ran off with the Rosebuds, leaving Rose in the ring all alone.
  5. Divas championship:
    Nikki Bella [w/Brie Bella] def. AJ Lee (ch)
    Brie distracts Lee by kissing her, mocking the opening of the WrestleMania 28 world championship match. Nikki takes advantage of the situation to get a quick pinfall victory to win the title.
  6. 5-on-5 elimination match:
    Team Cena (Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erick Rowan, Ryback, John Cena) def. Team Authority (Kane, Mark Henry, Luke Harper (IC ch), Rusev (US ch) [w/Lana], Seth Rollins [w/Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury]) [w/Triple H & Stephanie McMahon]
    Order of elimination:
    1. Mark Henry (by Big Show)
    2. Ryback (by Rusev)
    3. Rusev (count-out)
    4. Erick Rowan (by Luke Harper)
    5. John Cena (by Seth Rollins)
    6. Big Show (count-out; walked out)
    7. Kane (by Dolph Ziggler)
    8. Luke Harper (by Dolph Ziggler)
    9. Seth Rollins (by Dolph Ziggler)
    Survivor: Dolph Ziggler
    Stipulation: If Team Cena wins, Triple H & Stephanie McMahon would no longer be in control. If Team Authority wins, all Cena's team members will be fired. With Ziggler out and Cena down, Big Show punched Cena to let Rollins pin him, then shook Triple H's hand and walked out, leaving Ziggler alone. Ziggler eliminated Kane and Rowan, and had Rollins set up for a pinfall when Triple H attacked the referee. He inserted his own crooked referee, but before he could count Sting arrived taking out Triple H. He set up Ziggler to get his three-count and win the match as the sole survivor.

TLC - Tables, Ladders, Chairs (and Stairs) 2014

2014-12-14, Quicken Loans Arena, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. Ladder match, Intercontinental championship:
    Dolph Ziggler def. Luke Harper (ch)
    Harper looked like he was in his true element, using every ladder as a weapon. Ziggler seemed to have problems hanging on. Physicians were tending to Ziggler's bleeding face when Harper climbed the ladder in the middle of the ring. Ziggler pushed him aside trying to rush up the ladder. He failed at that instant, but managed to grab the title belt some time later.
  2. Tagteam championship:
    Miz & Damien Mizdow (ch) def. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey)
    The Usos started out in high tempo, with Miz taking a beating in-ring and "stunt double" Mizdow mimicking everything outside. Miz attacked the Usos outside with his Slammy award statue, getting disqualified.
  3. Stairs match:
    Big Show def. Erick Rowan
    Big Show pinned Rowan while blocking him under a set of steel stairs in the ring.
  4. Tables match:
    John Cena def. Seth Rollins [w/Jamie Noble & Joey Mercury]
    Stipulation: If Rollins wins, Cena loses his #1 contender position for the heavyweight title. Cena dropped Rollins through a table from the second turnbuckle, but the referee was out so the Mercury and Noble took out the broken table. Cena put both of Mercury and Noble through a table. With Rollins and Cena fighting, both men fell through a table. The referee called for the bell, but later restarted the match. Big Show entered the ring attacking Cena, but then Roman Reigns made a return, helping Cena out. Rollins returned to the ring, only to be picked up by Cena, who performed his Attitude Adjustment through a table to win the match.
  5. Divas championship:
    Nikki Bella (ch) [w/Brie Bella] def. AJ Lee
    After some near-pins from AJ, and Brie getting evicted from ringside, Nikki manages to get a pinfall victory after spraying something in AJ's eyes.
  6. Chairs match:
    Ryback def. Kane
    With chairs legal, both men kept attacking each other with them, but both men kept battling until Ryback hit Kane with the Shellshock to get a pinfall victory.
  7. US championship:
    Rusev [w/Lana] def. Jack Swagger (subm)
    Swagger tried to get Rusev to submit to his ankle lock, but Rusev kicked out, sending Swagger outside the ring. Coming back into the ring, Rusev locked him in the Accolade to win the match by submission.
  8. Tables, ladders and chairs match:
    Bray Wyatt def. Dean Ambrose
    Ambrose immediately took the match outside the ring, not letting Wyatt even enter it. Ambrose ceased the momentum and kept it for much of the early match until Wyatt seemingly awoke, sending Ambrose through a table. Anything that could be used as a weapon was. Ambrose put Wyatt through several tables outside the ring, including a flying elbow from a ladder onto the Spanish announce table. Ambrose tried to hit Wyatt with a television monitor when it exploded in Ambrose's face, temporary blinding him, allowing Wyatt hit him with Sister Abigail for a quick pinfall.
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