American Wrestling Trivia

World Wrestling Entertainment 2013


Royal Rumble 2013

2013-01-27, US Airways Center, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

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  1. Last man standing, World heavyweight championship:
    Alberto Del Rio (ch) [w/Ricardo Rodriguez] def. Big Show
    The match quickly moved out of the ring. Big Show took the action to the entrance area, throwing Del Rio from the hall decorations onto a table, but Del Rio got up before the ten-count. The match returned to the ring, and eventually Del Rio managed to put a armlock on Big Show while Rodriguez duct-taped his feet, making him unable to answer the ten-count and letting Del Rio retain the title.
  2. Tagteam championship:
    Team Hell No (ch) def. Team Rhodes Scholars (subm)
    Sandow tried to pin Kane, but failed as Kane had tagged in Bryan without them seeing it. Bryan manages to apply the No Lock on Sandow, making him tap out.
  3. The Royal Rumble:
    Elim. Ent. #Ent. Name By
    1 5 5Santino MarellaCody Rhodes (3)
    2 6 7Drew McIntyreChris Jericho (2)
    3 711Titus O'NeilDavid Otunga (9)
    4 911David OtungaSheamus (11)
    5 813GoldustCody Rhodes (3)
    61315Brodus Clay Chris Jericho (2), Cody Rhodes (3), Kofi Kingston (4), Heath Slater (10), Rey Mysterio (14), Darren Young (15)
    71215TensaiKofi Kingston (4)
    81516Darren YoungKofi Kingston (4)
    9 416Kofi KingstonCody Rhodes (3)
    101717The GodfatherDolph Ziggler (1)
    111019Heath SlaterJohn Cena (19)
    12 319Cody RhodesJohn Cena (19)
    131420Rey MysterioWade Barrett (18)
    142325Great KhaliKane (24)
    152425KaneDaniel Bryan (21)
    162125Daniel BryanAntonio Cesaro (22)
    172526Zack RyderRandy Orton (26)
    182227Antonio Cesaro (US)John Cena (19)
    192728Jinder MahalSheamus (11)
    201829Wade Barrett (IC)Bo Dallas (16)
    211629Bo DallasWade Barrett (20)
    222030Damien SandowRyback (30)
    232930Sin CaraRyback (30)
    242830The MizRyback (30)
    25 230Chris JerichoDolph Ziggler (1)
    262630Randy OrtonRyback (30)
    27 130Dolph ZigglerSheamus (11)
    281130SheamusRyback (30)
    293030RybackJohn Cena (19)
    19John Cena

    Winner: John Cena (19).
    After eliminating Tensai, Kingston gets thrown out, landing on and demolishing the Spanish announce table. He uses JBL's chair to pogo back into the ring to continue the match, only to be almost instantly eliminated by Cody Rhodes. John Cena wins the Royal Rumble match, to get a guaranteed title shot at WrestleMania 29.

  4. WWE championship:
    The Rock def. CM Punk (ch) [w/Paul Heyman]
    Stipulation: If The Shield got involved, Punk would be stripped of the title. Outside the ring, Punk tried to set a Go To Sleep on The Rock on top of the Spanish announce table, but it collapsed under them. Later on, The Rock was about to connect with the People's Elbow when the lights went out, with The Shield attacking The Rock, sending him through the English announce table, allowing Punk to pin him to retain the title. Vince McMahon came out to the ring, about to strip Punk of the title, when Rock demanded the match restarted. The Rock managed to reverse Punk's Go To Sleep into a spinebuster, connect with a People's elbow to win the pinfall.

Elimination Chamber 2013

2013-02-17, New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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  1. World heavyweight championship:
    Alberto Del Rio (ch) [w/Ricardo Rodriguez] def. Big Show
    Both men had several close counts on their opponents, but eventually Big Show tapped out to a Del Rio's cross arm-breaker after having been targeted by Del Rio's enziguri.
  2. US championship:
    Antonio Cesaro (ch) def. The Miz (dq)
    Cesaro tried to attack the left arm of The Miz that he had injured earlier in the week. The Miz tried to get Cesaro in a figure-four leglock, but gets disqualified for a low blow that was caused by Cesaro himself.
  3. World heavyweight championship #1 contender, Elimination Chamber Match:
    Jack Swagger [w/Zeb Colter] def. Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, Mark Henry, Kane (tag ch), Daniel Bryan (tag ch)
    Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho start out, with Swagger and Kane entering third and fourth, respectively. When Kane entered, his co-tagteam title holder Bryan tried to pin him and when that failed, tried to convince Kane it was by mistake. It failed, and the two battles it out for a while with no clear result. Randy Orton enters fifth and Mark Henry sixth before anyone gets eliminated, but Henry quickly takes affair, eliminating first Bryan and then Kane. He almost manages to take the rest of the contenders out, but they eventually team up to eliminate him, with Orton RKO'ing him for a pinfall. Before leaving, he slammed all three remaining contestants. Orton eventually pins Jericho after an RKO, just to get immediately rolled up and pinned by Swagger.
  4. The Shield (Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) def. John Cena & Sheamus & Ryback
    The match quickly turned into a brawl, with action both inside and outside the ring. The Shield is eventually victorious when Reigns spears Ryback, who was setting up Rollins for a shellshock, instead allowing Rollins to cover him.
  5. Dolph Ziggler [w/AJ Lee, Big E Langston] def. Kofi Kingston
    Ziggler comes in, bragging about how good he is, and instead gets a match. Kofi gets several two-counts on Ziggler, but eventually Ziggler manages to roll up Kofi for a quick three-count. After the match, Langston attacks Kofi, seemingly for Kofi having taken him out during the match.
  6. Divas championship:
    Kaitlyn (ch) def. Tamina Snuka
    Snuka misses a supersplash, allowing Kaitlyn to pin her to retain the title.
  7. WWE championship:
    The Rock (ch) def. CM Punk [w/Paul Heyman]
    Stipulation: If The Rock gets counted out or disqualified, he will lose the championship. Punk performs a Rock Bottom on the Spanish announce table, trying to get Rock counted out, but The Rock manages to get back into the ring just in time. Punk tries to take Rock out using the title belt, with the referee down, but instead hits Paul Heyman, giving The Rock the opportunity he needs to get a pinfall victory.

WrestleMania XXIX

2013-04-07, MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA

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  1. The Shield (Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) def. Sheamus & Randy Orton & Big Show
    Big Show's team tries to take on The Shield by pure force and seems to be successful until Randy Orton steals a tag from Big Show. Orton RKO's Ambrose, but gets speared by Reigns, allowing Ambrose to pin him. After the match, an upset Big Show knocked out his teammates.
  2. Mark Henry def. Ryback
    Ryback shows incredible strength by lifting Mark Henry on his shoulders, getting ready for a Shell Shock. Mark Henry manages to counter the move, however, and gets a pinfall victory. After the match, Ryback tries again, and this time manages to perform the move on Henry.
  3. Tagteam championship:
    Team Hell No (ch) def. Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston
    Bryan pins Ziggler after a headbutt from the top rope.
  4. Fandango [w/Summer Rae] def. Chris Jericho
    Fandango, in his WWE debut match, almost gets a three-count on Jericho after a splash from the top rope. Jericho kicks out in the last minute, however. Fandango tries for a second splash, but Jericho moves away, trying to lock Fandango in the Walls of Jericho. Fandango manages to reverse it into a small package, getting a pinfall victory.
  5. World heavyweight championship:
    Alberto Del Rio [w/Ricardo Rodriguez] (ch) def. Jack Swagger [w/Zeb Colter] (subm)
    Del Rio hits with a kick to the back of Swagger's head, and sets up Swagger for a pinfall, but Colter interferes. Del Rio fights him back, and manages to lock Swagger in his cross-arm breaker, to which Swagger taps out fairly quickly.
  6. Undertaker def. CM Punk [w/Paul Heyman]
    Punk makes several good attempts at finishing off Undertaker and get a pinfall victory, including putting him on the Spanish announce table and performing an elbow drop from the top rope. Undertaker counters Punk's Go To Sleep into the tombstone, and gets a three-count. Undertaker remains undefeated at WrestleMania. 21-0.
  7. No holds barred:
    Triple H [w/Shawn Michaels] def. Brock Lesnar [w/Paul Heyman]
    Stipulation: If Triple H loses, his career is over. With no disqualifications, this quickly turns into a all-out brawl. Lesnar repeatedly slams Triple H into the steel steps, but Triple H fights back, eventually managing to hit the Pedigree on Lesnar onto the steps, getting a three-count.
  8. WWE championship:
    John Cena def. The Rock (ch)
    This highly technical match bears signs of that neither of the men can afford to lose it. Both The Rock and Cena apply their finishing submission moves early, but neither manage to get the other to tap out. After a lot of near-pinfalls from both men, Cena manages to connect with his Attitude Adjustment to get a pinfall victory and win the title.

Extreme Rules

2013-05-19, Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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  1. Chris Jericho def. Fandango [w/Summer Rae]
    A very technical match between Jericho and Fandango. Jericho had Fandango in the Walls of Jericho, but Fandango go to the ropes to break it. Later, Fandango tried to jump Jericho from the top rope, but Jericho countered with the Code breaker for a pinfall victory.
  2. US championship:
    Dean Ambrose def. Kofi Kingston (ch)
    Ambrose came to the ring alone, without his friends from The Shield. Ambrose had several near-falls, until he eventually got Kingston in a DDT to get a pinfall.
  3. Strap match:
    Sheamus def. Mark Henry
    Henry had Sheamus down, just dragging him around the ring touching the turnbuckles, but failed to get all of them. Later, he tried carrying Sheamus around on his shoulder, but Sheamus could then tap the turnbuckles with him. Eventually, Sheamus ran around the ring, with Henry trying to stop him from touching the fourth. Sheamus hit the brogue kick and went on to touch the fourth to win.
  4. #1 contender for the heavyweight championship, I quit match:
    Alberto Del Rio [w/Jack Swagger] def. Jack Swagger [w/Zeb Colter]
    The two men wasted no time, immediately leaving the ring using whatever they found as weapons. The match continued in the ring, where both men tried to get the other to submit. Rodriguez asked Del Rio whether to throw in the towel, but Colter grabbed it, throwing it in his stead causing the referee to call the match to Swagger. Once told what had happened, the referee restarted the match. Del Rio got Swagger in the cross arm-breaker, causing Swagger to quit.
  5. Tornado tagteam match, Tagteam championship:
    Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns def. Team Hell No (ch)
    As in the US championship match, only the Shield members involved in the match actually went to the ring. Both teams tried to incapacitate one of their opponents, to work 2-on-1. The Shield eventually succeeded, when Seth Rollins dropkicked Bryan from the top rope so that Roman Reigns could pin him.
  6. Extreme rules match:
    Randy Orton def. Big Show
    The two men utilized several items found under and outside the ring. Show had Orton on a ladder stretched over two chairs, trying to jump him from the top rope. Orton rolled off, and tried getting a pinfall on Show. He eventually managed, after several RKOs and a boot to the head.
  7. Last man standing match, WWE championship:
    John Cena (ch) vs. Ryback
    After starting out in and around the ring, the match continued out into the spectator area, with both men using whatever they could find as weapons against each other. They eventually went all the way through the lighting ramp at the ring entrance falling to the floor on the other side. While Ryback could walk out, he was bodyslamming Cena, who had to be carried out on a stretcher.
  8. Steel cage match:
    Brock Lesnar [w/Paul Heyman] def. Triple H
    Triple H worked Lesnar's left knee, including both a figure-four leglock and a sharpshooter, causing Lesnar to compete with a limp through much of the match. Triple H grabbed a hidden sledgehammer, but instead of using it, Heyman and Lesnar managed to get to it, eventually leaving Lesnar able to get a pinfall.


2013-06-16, Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois, USA

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  1. Triple-threat match, Intercontinental championship:
    Curtis Axel def. Wade Barrett (ch), The Miz
    Axel had a near-fall on Barrett, only to be stopped in the last second by The Miz. The Miz eventually manages to lock a figure-four leglock on Barrett, who did not tap out, but instead got covered by Curtis Axel, who won the title.
  2. Divas championship:
    AJ Lee def. Kaitlyn (ch) (subm)
    The match got very physical very fast, with AJ throwing Kaitlyn out onto the Spanish announce table. Kaitlyn had the advantage of strength, but AJ played tricks luring the referee away to attack Kaitlyn with illegal objects and similar. Kaitlyn speared AJ but waited too long to get a pinfall. AJ came back, managed to lock the Black Widow on Kaitlyn, who tapped out.
  3. US championship:
    Dean Ambrose (ch) def. Kane (c-o)
    Ambrose dominated Kane through most of the match, and eventually managed to lure Kane out of the ring. Kane set up the Spanish announce table as to chokeslam Ambrose, but instead received a DDT himself and got counted out.
  4. World heavyweight championship:
    Alberto Del Rio [w/Ricardo Rodriguez] def. Dolph Ziggler (ch) [w/AJ Lee & Big E Langston]
    The referee sent Langston away from the ring for helping Ziggler illegally. Both men fought a good fight, with several near falls on both sides. Ziggler was having problems, with medical personnel asking him to stop the match, but Ziggler refused, something Del Rio took advantage of. Del Rio landed a kick to the head, getting the pinfall victory.
  5. CM Punk [w/Paul Heyman] def. Chris Jericho
    Punk made his first match since WrestleMania, and was generally cheered on by his home audience. Both men clearly wanted to show off that they were the better wrestler, trading submission holds and finishing moves on each other. Punk eventually gets a pinfall after performing two Go To Sleep on Jericho.
  6. Tagteam championship:
    Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins (ch) def. Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan
    The unlikely team-up of Orton and Bryan managed to hold off against The Shield for quite some time, with Bryan scoring several near-pins and submission holds. The Shield eventually managed to fight back, with Rollins pinning Bryan to retain the titles.
  7. WWE championship, three stages of hell match:
    John Cena (ch) def. Ryback
    1. 1st fall: Lumberjack match:
      Ryback def. John Cena
      Ryback pinned Cena after a shell shock.
    2. 2nd fall: Tables match:
      John Cena def. Ryback
      Cena slammed Ryback through a table to win the second fall.
    3. 3rd fall: Ambulance match:
      John Cena def. Ryback
      Cena puts Ryback into the ambulance by slamming him through the roof of the car, retaining the championship.

Money in the Bank

2013-07-14, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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  1. World championship Money in the Bank, Ladder match:
    Damien Sandow def. Fandango, Dean Ambrose (US ch), Antonio Cesaro [w/Zeb Colter], Jack Swagger [w/Zeb Colter], Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett
    Barett was first to climb a ladder, touching the contract suspended above the ring, but was denied grabbing it by Fandango. Swagger tried carrying Cesaro on his shoulders, so that he could grab the bag, but it fell flat when Rhodes interfered. Eventually, The Shield interfered, trying to set up Ambrose for the win, but their opponents from earlier in the evening, The Usos, came in denying them. After the carnage settled, Rhodes tried to get to the contract, only to be denied by his tag-team partner.
  2. Intercontinental championship:
    Curtis Axel (ch) [w/Paul Heyman] def. The Miz
    The Miz faked Heyman attacking him outside the ring, getting the referee to send him back to the locker room early. The Miz tried locking Axel in a figure-four leglock, but Axel fought back and eventually won by pinfall.
  3. Divas championship:
    AJ Lee (ch) [w/Big E Langston] def. Kaitlyn [w/Layla] (subm.)
    AJ kept working on Kaitlyn's injured left arm, eventually getting her to submit to the Black Widow with the arm locked in tight.
  4. Ryback def. Chris Jericho
    Jericho tried to counter Ryback's power-style of wrestling, but was unsuccessful for quite some time, until he finally managed to break through. Eventually, Ryback managed to get a quick roll-up after Jericho missed a lionsault, getting a pinball victory.
  5. World heavyweight championship:
    Alberto Del Rio (ch) def. Dolph Ziggler (dq)
    Divas champion AJ Lee came out to the ring in the middle of the match, but Ziggler asked her to leave. She did, however, stay, costing Ziggler the match when she interfered on Ziggler's behalf, attacking Del Rio with her Divas belt. After the match, Ziggler walked out on AJ, blaming here for the loss.
  6. WWE championship:
    John Cena (ch) def. Mark Henry (subm.)
    Mark Henry uses his strength as his main weapon, not letting Cena get to him with his speed and agility. Cena failed to get a pinball after an Attitude Adjustment, and tried jumping Henry from the top rope, only to get caught in mid-air and bodyslammed. Eventually, Cena manages to lock an STF and get Henry to submit.
  7. WWE championship Money in the Bank, Ladder match:
    Randy Orton def. Rob Van Dam, Christian, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, CM Punk
    The all-stars match was between six previous champions RVD was cheered by the audience in his WWE return, so he was the first to be attacked by his opponents. Sheamus had his hands on the briefcase, but was torn down by Punk before being able to unlock it. Sheamus had taken out his opponents, only to be attacked by Curtis Axel. Paul Heyman came out to the ring, seemingly cheering for Punk, but instead attacking him as he was climbing a ladder, allowing for Orton to grab the briefcase.

Summerslam 2013

2013-08-18, Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

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  1. Ring of Fire match:
    Bray Wyatt [w/Luke Harper & Erick Rowan] def. Kane
    This was a no disqualification match in a ring surrounded by flames. Wyatt's entourage tried getting to the ring several times, eventually making it when Kane had Wyatt down. they finally managed to enter, taking out Kane, allowing Wyatt to get a pinfall victory.
  2. Cody Rhodes def. Damien Sandow
    Rhodes gets a pinfall victory after the Cross Rhodes.
  3. World heavyweight championship:
    Alberto Del Rio (ch) def. Christian (subm)
    Christian tried several high-risk maneuvers, but failed to get a pinfall. Alberto Del Rio eventually hit Christian's injured shoulder with a spear and then locked Christian in his cross arm-breaker, forcing Christian to tap out.
  4. Natalya [w/Funkadactyls] def. Brie Bella [w/Nikki Bella & Eva Marie] (subm)
    Bella submitted to Natalya's sharpshooter.
  5. No disqualification match:
    Brock Lesnar [w/Paul Heyman] def. CM Punk
    Lesnar took advantage of Punk being distracted by Heyman, sending him through both the American and Spanish announce tables. Lesnar locked the Kimura, but Punk managed to reverse it into a triangle hold. Lesnar tried to get out, but Punk held on until Lesnar picked him up, powerbombing him. Later, Punk had Lesnar in a pinfall after a GTS when Heyman attacked him, allowing Lesnar to pick him up. After attacking him with a chair, Lesnar got a pinfall victory over Punk.
  6. Dolph Ziggler & Kaitlyn def. Big E Langston & AJ Lee (Divas champion)
    Ziggler pins Big E after the Zig Zag.
  7. WWE championship, Special guest referee: Triple H
    Daniel Bryan def. John Cena (ch)
    Bryan proved he was the master of submission by applying submission hold after submission hold. Cena on several occasions tried to lock the STF, only to be reversed into Bryan's Yes lock. Bryan eventually managed to secure the championship by pinfall after a kick to the head.
  8. WWE championship:
    Randy Orton def. Daniel Bryan (ch)
    After the match, Randy Orton came out to the ring with his Money in the Bank contract. Triple H delivered a pedigree on Bryan, and then started the match where Orton immediately pinned Bryan to become the new champion.

Night of Champions 2013

2013-09-15, Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan, USA

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  1. Intercontinental championship:
    Curtis Axel (ch) [w/Paul Heyman] def. Kofi Kingston
    Axel dominated much of the match, after his power style wrestling had managed to slow Kingston's athletic style down. Kingston tried to kick back, but eventually Axel managed to get the pinfall victory.
  2. Fatal 4-Way, Divas championship:
    AJ Lee (ch) def. Natalya, Naomi, Brie Bella (subm)
    AJ retains her championship as she breaks up Natalya's double sharpshooter on Naomi and Bella, to instead lock a submission move on Natalya to retain the title.
  3. World heavyweight championship:
    Rob Van Dam [w/Ricardo Rodriguez] def. Alberto Del Rio (ch)
    Van Dam shows off his high-flying style, getting several near-pins, but when he tries a Frog splash from the top-rope Del Rio counters and lock him in a cross arm-breaker. Del Rio refuses to break the lock as Van Dam reaches for the ropes, getting himself disqualified, keeping the title.
  4. The Miz def. Fandango [w/Summer Rae]
    The Miz kept going after Fandango's legs, for to finally getting him to submit to the figure four leg-lock.
  5. No disqualification handicap elimination match:
    Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman def. CM Punk (IC champion)
    CM Punk tried getting his hands on Heyman from the beginning, but Axel protected him, keeping Punk occupied in the ring while Heyman could stay on the outside. Punk eventually managed to get him to tap out to the Anaconda vice, leaving Heyman alone to face him. Heyman tried to run way, but Punk brought him back, handcuffing him and attacking him in the ring. Ryback suddenly Ryback appeared, attacking Punk, and set up Heyman for a pinfall victory.
  6. US championship:
    Dolph Ziggler def. Dean Ambrose (ch)
    Ambrose quickly came to dominate the match, and retained the title after pinning Ziggler.
  7. Tagteam championship:
    The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) def. Primetime Players
    Reigns spears Titus O'Neil while the referee is away, letting Rollins get the pinfall victory.
  8. WWE championship:
    Daniel Bryan def. Randy Orton (ch)
    After a match where both contenders hit their signature moves at several occasions, Bryan finally managed to pin Orton after hitting a running knee, to win the title.


2013-10-06, First Niagara Center, Buffalo, New York, USA

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  1. Battleground hardcore rules, World heavyweight championship:
    Alberto Del Rio (ch) def. Rob Van Dam [w/Ricardo Rodriguez] (subm)
    Van Dam felt just like home in the hardcore rules match, utilizing several different elements as weapons. Del Rio had Van Dam in an cross-armlock when Rodriguez entered, attacking his former employer with a bucket. Del Rio eventually kicked Vam Dam through a chair, for to lock the cross-armbreaker through it, winning the match when Van Dam kicked out.
  2. The Real Americans [w/Zeb Colters] def. The Great Khali & Santino Marella [w/Hornswoggle]
    Cesaro managed to grab Khali by the legs and perform his signature Cesaro swing, making him dizzy enough to get an easy pinfall.
  3. Intercontinental championship:
    Curtis Axel (ch) [w/Paul Heyman] def. R-Truth
    A lot of power-wrestling from both men. R-Truth got a couple of good hits, and managed to get several two-counts, but eventually Axel was was the one getting the pinfall victory.
  4. Divas championship:
    AJ Lee (ch) [w/Tamina Snuka] def. Brie Bella [w/Nikki Bella]
    AJ worked hard trying to destroy her opponent, but was met with fierce opposition from Bella, who didn't allow Lee to get an easy win. When Tamina attacked Nikki on the outside, it gave Lee the distraction she needed for a quick roll-up and pinfall victory.
  5. Cody Rhodes & Goldust [w/"American Dream" Dusty Rhodes] def. The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns)
    Stipulation: If the Rhodes family did not win their match, they would lose their jobs. Goldust and Cody gave everything to not lose their jobs. Third Shield member Dean Ambrose came to assist his friend, but was chased off by Dusty. Meanwhile, Cody managed to perform the crossroads on Rollins for a pinfall.
  6. Bray Wyatt [w/Luke Harper & Erick Rowan] def. Kofi Kingston
    Kingston tried to attack the entire Wyatt family with his high-flying style, but was silenced by Bray's "sister Abigale" slam, and was pinned. After the match, Kingston was attacked by the entire family.
  7. CM Punk def. Ryback [w/Paul Heyman]
    Punk was setting up Ryback for a GTS, when Heyman grabbed a microphone, taunting Punk about beating him at Night of Champions. This gave Ryback the opportunity to attack the distracted CM Punk. Punk came back, and when the referee was busy trying to get Heyman to drop a kendo stick, he struck Ryback with a low blow to get a pinfall victory.
  8. WWE championship:
    Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan
    The match was for the WWE championship, which was vacant after Bryan was stripped of the title following the previous PPV. Bryan had Orton in a face-lock when Big Show came to the ring, getting rid of the referee and knocking Bryan out. Raw GM Brad Maddox sent a new referee to the ring to give Orton an easy count, but Big Show knocked him out, too, not wanting to stand for giving Orton the victory. Orton eventually got knocked out by Show as well, leaving the match undecided.

Hell in a Cell 2013

2013-10-27, American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida, USA

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  1. Triple threat match, Tagteam championship:
    Cody Rhodes & Goldust (ch) def. The Shield (Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns), The Usos
    The Shield, lacking Dean Ambrose, dominated much of the match, taking out both the Usos and the Rhodes brothers. Eventually, Cody manages to land the Cross Rhodes on Seth Rollins, getting a pinfall victory to retain the titles.
  2. Summer Rae & Fandango def. The Great Khali & Natalya [w/Hornswoggle]
    After a fierce battle, Summer Rae managed to roll up Natalya for a pinfall victory.
  3. US championship:
    Big E Langston def. Dean Ambrose (ch) (dq)
    Langston, having challenged Ambrose on the pre-show, kept going after Ambrose's leg. Langston controlled the match, until Ambrose refused to come back into the ring, getting counted out. Ambrose remains the US championship, but is attacked by Langston after the match.
  4. Hell in a Cell match:
    CM Punk def. Ryback & Paul Heyman
    Paul Heyman arrived in a crane, starting the match on top of the cage, causing the actual match in the cage to turn into a regular match between between Punk and Ryback. Ryback dominated much of the match, but Punk hit him with a low blow and elbow-dropped him on top of a table, letting him set Ryback up for a pinfall victory. After the match, Punk climbed up, attacking Heyman.
  5. Los Matadores [w/El Torito] def. Real Americans [w/Zeb Colter]
    Cesaro almost got a pinfall after performing his Cesaro swing, but it wasn't enough, and Los Matadores instead managed to reverse and get a pinfall victory themselves.
  6. World heavyweight championship:
    John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio (ch)
    A number of near-falls from both men, in this fast-paced match. Cena seemed not to have recovered 100 % from his recent injury, something Del Rio tried taking advantage of, locking Cena in a cross-armbreaker. Cena managed to counter the move, picking Del Rio up and bodyslamming him. He then performed the Attitude Adjustment and got a pinfall victory to win the title.
  7. Divas championship:
    AJ Lee [w/Tamina Snuka] (ch) def. Brie Bella [w/Nikki Bella] (subm.)
    Lee locks Bella in the Black Widow, causing Bella to submit.
  8. Hell in a Cell, WWE championship, Special guest referee: Shawn Michaels
    Randy Orton def. Daniel Bryan
    The match quickly turned into a brawl, with both men using the ring and whatever they could find in it to attack the other. Orton hit a superplex on Bryan, but only got a two-count from it. At this point Triple H came to the cage, demanding Michaels call a three-count on Bryan. While they were arguing, Orton set up Bryan for a pin. Orton got angry with Michaels, eventually causing Michaels to get knocked out. He remained knocked out as Bryan had Orton set up for a pin. Triple H entered, getting knocked out by Bryan. When Michaels saw that, he put the Sweet Chin Music on Bryan, allowing Orton to get a pinfall victory winning the title.

Survivor Series 2013

2013-11-24, TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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  1. 5-on-5 elimination match:
    Heels (Real Americans (Jack Swagger & Antonio Cesaro [w/Zeb Colter]), The Shield (Dean Ambrose (US champion) & Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns)) def. Faces (Rey Mysterio, The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso), Cody Rhodes & Goldust (tag team champions))
    Order of elimination:
    1. Dean Ambrose (by Cody Rhodes)
    2. Jack Swagger (by Jey Uso)
    3. Antonio Cesaro (by Cody Rhodes)
    4. Jimmy Uso (by Roman Reigns)
    5. Cody Rhodes (by Seth Rollins)
    6. Jey Uso (by Seth Rollins)
    7. Seth Rollins (by Rey Mysterio)
    8. Goldust (by Roman Reigns)
    9. Rey Mysterio (by Roman Reigns)

    Survivors: Roman Reigns

  2. Intercontinental championship:
    Big E Langston (ch) def. Curtis Axel
    Langston wins the match after the Big Ending. Langston dominated much of the match.
  3. 7-on-7 elimination match:
    Total Divas (Natalya, The Bella Twins (Brie & Nikki), Funkadactyls (Naomi & Cameron), Jo-Jo, Eva Marie) def. True Divas (AJ Lee (Divas champion), Tamina Snuka, Summer Rae, Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox, Aksana, Kaitlyn)
    Order of elimination:
    1. Alicia Fox (by Naomi)
    2. Cameron [F] (by Rosa Mendes)
    3. Rosa Mendes (by Nikki Bella)
    4. Summer Rae (by Nikki Bella)
    5. Eva Marie (by Kaitlyn)
    6. Naomi (by Kaitlyn)
    7. Kaitlyn (by Brie Bella)
    8. Brie Bella (by Aksana)
    9. Aksana (by Nikki Bella)
    10. Jo-Jo (by AJ Lee)
    11. Tamina Snuka (by Natalya) (subm.)
    12. AJ Lee (by Natalya)

    Survivors: Natalya & Nikki Bella

  4. Mark Henry def. Ryback
    Ryback came out to the ring issuing an open challenge, which was picked up by Mark Henry. Just like in their match at WrestleMania, Ryback showed that while Henry might be the strongest man in the world, he's not the only strong man in the world. But again Henry gets a pinfall victory, after the World's strongest slam.
  5. World heavyweight championship:
    John Cena (ch) def. Alberto Del Rio
    Del Rio targeted Cena's arm, which had undergone surgery earlier in the year. The match swayed back and forth between the two, which were evenly matched. Del Rio had Cena's bad arm in the cross arm-breaker, but Cena managed to reverse it, bodyslamming Del Rio. He followed it with a pinfall victory to retain the title.
  6. CM Punk & Daniel Bryan def. Wyatt Family (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan [w/Bray Wyatt])
    Punk and Bryan worked well as a team, double-teaming against their opponents on several occasions, so much that the Wyatts had to start isolating their opponents. Rowan had Bryan in the ring, bodyslamming him multiple times but was unable to get a pinfall. Punk managed to tag back in, getting the Go to Sleep on Harper to win the match.
  7. WWE championship:
    Randy Orton (ch) def. Big Show
    Orton tried mostly to stay out of Big Show's way, but Show managed to hit several of his power moves. Orton tried to take advantage of the referee being knocked out by attacking Show with a chair, but was denied by Show. Show had knocked Orton out, and was about to cover him in the ring when Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Kane entered the arena. While Show was distracted, Orton countered with an RKO and a kick to the head, getting the pinfall victory.

TLC - Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2013

2013-12-15, Toyota Center, Houston, Texas, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. 3-on-1 handicap match:
    CM Punk def. The Shield (Dean Ambrose (US champion) & Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns)
    Roman Reigns tried to spear Punk outside the ring, but missed him, flying over the announce table, injuring his eye. Punk sent Rollins towards the ring ropes, where Rollins hit Ambrose with an elbow, leaving Punk alone with Rollins in the ring. Punk locked the Anaconda Vice, but Ambrose returned just in time to break the hold. Reigns came back, trying to spear Punk, but accidentally speared Ambrose, allowing Punk to pin Ambrose for the victory.
  2. Divas championship:
    AJ Lee (ch) [w/Tamina Snuka] def. Natalya
    Natalya kicked out of the Black Widow, and tried locking a sharpshooter, just for Lee to grab Natalya's hair, reversing the hold to get a pinfall victory, keeping the title.
  3. Intercontinental championship:
    Big E Langston (ch) def. Damien Sandow
    Langston dominated most of the match, winning by pinfall after the Big Ending.
  4. Fatal 4-way elimination match, Tagteam championship:
    Real Americans (Cesaro & Jack Swagger) [w/Zeb Colter] def. Rey Mysterio & Big Show, Ryback & Curtis Axel, Cody Rhodes & Goldust (ch)
    Order of elimination:
    1. Ryback & Curtis Axel (Ryback by Goldust)
    2. Real Americans (Cesaro by Big Show)
    3. Rey Mysterio & Big Show (Mysterio by Cody)
  5. R-Truth [w/Xavier Woods] def. Brodus Clay [w/Tensai & Funkadactyls]
    Clay had R-Truth outside the ring, setting up to run him through the ring steps, when Tensai stopped him. Meanwhile Woods got Truth back into the ring. They kept arguing, making Tensai and the Funkadactyls leave the ring in disgust. R-Truth took advantage of the situation, getting a quick pin.
  6. No disqualification:
    Kofi Kingston def. The Miz
    As in many no-disqualification matches, a lot of the action took place outside of the ring. The Miz started working on taking out Kingston's left leg. The Miz untied a turnbuckle, but Kingston managed to hit Miz himself on it, getting a pinfall victory.
  7. 3-on-1 handicap match:
    Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) def. Daniel Bryan
    Despite being a 3-on-1 match, Bray started out in his rocking chair outside of the ring, just watching for a while before eventually tagging in. With Bryan down, Bray offered him his hand, saying he could "make all of this go away". Bryan refused, fighting back and getting several two-counts on Harper and trying to get the Yes lock on Bray. He failed, and Bray managed to get a pinfall victory for his team.
  8. Tables, ladders and chairs match, title unification match:
    Randy Orton (WWE champion) def. John Cena (World champion)
    Orton fairly quickly got a ladder, trying to climb it to get to the title belts suspended above the ring, but was denied by Cena. The men battled away for a while, Cena sending Orton through a table, Orton coming back performing an RKO, and so on. Orton at one point took out a ladder that Cena had climbed to grab the titles, only to leave Cena hanging from the belts. Orton had to attack Cena with a chair to make him drop. Orton located handcuffs outside the ring, locking Cena to the bottom rope. Orton took his time getting a ladder and climbing it, leaving Cena time to untie the bottom rope to deny him. Orton managed to drag Cena down, and climb back onto the ladder to grab the title belts, winning the match.
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