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You are welcome to send your comments, suggestions for improvements, corrections and results from events I have missed to me to my e-mail address below. But please note that I do not accept e-mail with HTML or Microsoft Word attachments. A number of inferior e-mail clients send HTML attachments by default (might be called "rich text" in your e-mail client), such as Microsoft's automated virus-spreaders Outlook and Outlook Express and Netscape's e-mail program (at least some versions). If you do not turn HTML off, your message will most likely not be read.

Select Tools - Options - Styled Text. Check “Send plain text only”
Select Edit - Preferences - Mail & Newsgroups - Formatting. Check “Convert message into plain text”
Outlook [Express]
Select Extra - Options - Send. Check the options “Unformatted text” at both “Formatting for e-mail” and “Formatting for news”

Please send all e-mail to this address:

Also please re-read the FAQ, especially the part about me not selling merchandise or videotapes.

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