American Wrestling Trivia

World Wrestling Entertainment 2011


Royal Rumble 2011

2011-01-30, TD Garden, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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  1. World heavyweight championship:
    Edge (ch) def. Dolph Ziggler [w/Vickie Guerrero]
    Stipulation: Edge was barred from using his signature Spear maneuver. Edge had Ziggler set up for a three-count, when Vickie Guerrero interfered. Kelly Kelly eventually showed up, taking out Guerrero. With both Guerrero and the referee out, Edge delivered a spear anyway, allowing him to pin Ziggler when the referee came to again.
  2. WWE championship:
    The Miz (ch) [w/Alex Riley] def. Randy Orton
    The New Nexus came out, and Riley tried to interfere while Orton was distracted. Orton throws Riley out of the ring, taking them out, but CM Punk comes up from behind, attacking Orton and delivering the GTS on him. The Miz manages to take advantage to pin Orton for the victory.
  3. Diva's championship, fatal 4-way:
    Eve def. Layla, Michelle McCool, Natalya (ch)
    The match was initially a 2-on-1 handicap re-match between Natalya and Team Laycool (Michelle McCool & Layla). Team Laycool did work together quite a lot. The match ended when Eve pinned Layla, at the same time as McCool had Natalya rolled up for a pin in the other corner of the ring.
  4. The Royal Rumble:
    Elim. Ent. #Ent. Name By
    1 3 3Justin Gabriel (The Corre)Daniel Bryan (2)
    2 4 4Zack RyderDaniel Bryan (2)
    3 5 7William RegalTed DiBiase Jr. (6)
    41011Chavo GuerreroMark Henry (11)
    5 811Yoshi TatsuMark Henry (11)
    61213JTGMichael McGillicutty (13)
    7 613Ted DiBiase Jr.Husky Harris (9) & Michael McGillicutty (13)
    8 215Daniel Bryan (US ch)CM Punk (1)
    91415Chris MastersCM Punk (1)
    10 715John MorrisonCM Punk (1) & Husky Harris (9) & Michael McGillicutty (13) & David Otunga (15)
    111115Mark HenryCM Punk (1) & Husky Harris (9) & Michael McGillicutty (13) & David Otunga (15)
    121616Tyler ReksCM Punk (1) & Husky Harris (9) & Michael McGillicutty (13) & David Otunga (15)
    131717Vladimir Kozlov (tag ch)CM Punk (1)
    141818R-TruthCM Punk (1)
    15 919Husky Harris (New Nexus)Great Khali (19)
    161920Great KhaliMason Ryan (20)
    172121Booker TMason Ryan (20)
    182022Mason Ryan (New Nexus)John Cena (22)
    191522David Otunga (New Nexus)John Cena (22)
    201322Michael McGillicutty (New Nexus)John Cena (22)
    21 123CM Punk (New Nexus)John Cena (22)
    222424Tyson KiddJohn Cena (22)
    232525Heath Slater (The Corre)John Cena (22)
    242328HornswoggleKing Sheamus (28)
    252729Jack SwaggerRey Mysterio (29)
    263234DieselWade Barrett (30)
    273135Dolph ZigglerBig Show (35)
    283435Alex RileyJohn Cena (22) & Kofi Kingston (26)
    293336Drew McIntyreBig Show (35)
    293536Big ShowEzekiel Jackson (36)
    312639Kofi Kingston (IC ch)Randy Orton (39)
    322839King SheamusRandy Orton (39)
    333640Ezekiel Jackson (The Corre)Kane (40)
    344040KaneRey Mysterio (29)
    352940Rey MysterioWade Barrett (30)
    362240John CenaThe Miz (non-participant)
    373040Wade Barrett (The Corre)Randy Orton (39)
    383940Randy OrtonAlberto Del Rio (38)
    393740Santino Marella (tag ch)Alberto Del Rio (38)
    38Alberto Del Rio

    Winner: Alberto Del Rio (38).
    The match started with the leader of the New Nexus, CM Punk, entering as number one. Rival Wade Barrett and the Corre came out to attack him, and the New Nexus came out to help Punk. Everyone but Punk was expelled back to the locker room, before the match could get started. Alberto Del Rio wins the first ever 40-man Royal Rumble match, to get a guaranteed title shot at WrestleMania 27.

Elimination Chamber 2011

2011-02-20, Oracle Arena, Oakland, California, USA

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  1. Alberto Del Rio def. Kofi Kingston (intercontinental champion) (subm)
    Kingston finally submitted to Alberto's signature cross-arm breaker, after several near-falls from both men.
  2. World heavyweight championship, Elimination Chamber Match:
    Edge (ch) def. Rey Mysterio, Kane, Drew McIntyre, Big Show, Wade Barrett
    Big Show replaced Dolph Ziggler, who was fired by SmackDown general manager on the previous episode of SmackDown. Edge and and Rey Mysterio start out. Wade Barrett enter as number three, Kane as number four, Drew McIntyre as number five and Big Show as number six, without anyone being eliminated. Big Show comes out to eliminate Barrett. Kane eliminates Big Show after a chokeslam, then McIntyre. Edge eliminates Kane after spearing both him and Mysterio. Edge finally pins Mysterio after meeting Mysterio's jump from the top rope with a spear. After the match, Alberto Del Rio, who is set to face Edge at WrestleMania, comes in, attacking Edge, but is saved by his ex-tag partner Christian.
  3. Tagteam championship:
    Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel (The Corre) [w/Ezekiel Jackson] def. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (ch) [w/Tamina]
    Gabriel pins Kozlov after delivering a 450 splash.
  4. WWE championship:
    The Miz (ch) [w/Alex Riley] def. Jerry "The King" Lawler
    Commentator Michael Cole was bad-mouthing Lawler from the commentator's seat, until Lawler took him out by throwing The Miz on top of him. Lawler got a close two-count after diving from the top rope, but The Miz eventually managed to perform his Skull Crushing Finale, pinning Lawler for the victory.
  5. Raw Elimination Chamber Match:
    John Cena def. CM Punk, John Morrison, King Sheamus, Randy Orton, R-Truth
    Winner faces the WWE champion at WrestleMania XXVII. Sheamus and Morrison start out, Randy Orton enter as number three and CM Punk as number four, but gets stuck in the door, which Orton uses to give him an extra beating, and then pin him after an RKO. The Raw General Manager re-instated him, putting him back in his pod again. Cena enters as the new fourth a bit later, R-Truth as number five, but gets eliminated by Sheamus. Punk re-enters as number six, and eliminates Orton by pinfall. Morrison climbs the roof of the dome, jumping on Sheamus, eliminating him. Punk eliminates Morrison after a GTS, only to be eliminated by Cena, who wins the match.

WrestleMania XXVII

2011-04-03, Georgia Dome, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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Hosted by: The Rock.

  1. World heavyweight championship:
    Edge (ch) [w/Christian] def. Alberto Del Rio [w/Brodus Clay]
    Del Rio had a cross armbar on Edge, but he managed to reverse it into a submission move of his own. Del Rio escaped, but immediately ran into Edge's Spear, losing by pinfall. After the match, Edge smashed Del Rio's vintage Rolls Royce.
  2. Cody Rhodes def. Rey Mysterio
    Rhodes was wearing a protective mask, after having had his nose injured by Mysterio's 619 move earlier, and he did not think twice about using it as a weapon. Mysterio knocked it off with a 619, but Rhodes countered. Mysterio took the mask and used it as a weapon himself, but Rhodes managed to apply the Cross Rhodes to get a pinfall.
  3. 8-man tagteam match:
    Big Show & Kane & Santino Marella & Kofi Kingston def. The Corre
    Big Show quickly pinned Heath Slater after a knockout punch, to win the match for his team.
  4. Randy Orton def. CM Punk
    CM Punk repeatedly attacked Orton's legs, which kept Orton from delivering his usual kicks. He eventually gets a pinfall after catching Punk's jumping and performing an RKO.
  5. Special guest referee: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
    Michael Cole [w/Jack Swagger] def. Jerry "The King" Lawler (dq)
    Cole tried to apply many of Swagger's signature moves, with various success. Swagger threw in the towel to stop the match, but Austin ignored it, giving Swagger the stunner. Cole tried to attack Austin, allowing Lawler to fight back. Lawler eventually won using Swagger's signature ankle lock, after stopping a pin count early. Raw's anonymous GM disqualified Lawler due to Austin's interference, however.
  6. No Holds Barred match:
    Undertaker def. Triple H (subm)
    Undertaker put his undefeated streak up against Triple H in this extremely physical match with a lot of out-of-the-ring action. The two were exchanging finishing moves, Undertaker's Last ride, Triple H's Pedigree, Undertaker's Tombstone piledriver, and even Triple H delivering the tombstone on the Undertaker. Triple H eventually had to submit to Undertaker's Hell's Gate submission move, giving Undertaker his 19th straight WrestleMania victory.
  7. 6-person mixed tagteam match:
    John Morrison & Trish Stratus & Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi def. Dolph Ziggler & Layla & Michelle McCool
    Snooki pins McCool for the victory, after Stratus has set her up.
  8. WWE championship:
    The Miz (ch) def. John Cena
    Cena had Miz in an Attitude Adjustment, but the referee was knocked out, allowing Riley to interfere with the briefcase. Cena was able to retaliate, however, knocking Miz out of the ring. With the fight moving out of the ring, the referee counted both men out of the ring, ending the match in a draw. WrestleMania host The Rock came out to the ring, restarting the match, as a no disqualification, no count-out match, and then promptly applied the Rock Bottom on Cena, giving Miz an easy pinfall victory. Miz' celebration fell short with The Rock applying the People's elbow on Miz, however.

Extreme Rules

2011-05-01, St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa, Florida, USA

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  1. Last man standing match:
    Randy Orton def. CM Punk
    Punk came out with all New Nexus members, but they were dismissed by the Raw anonymous General Manager. Orton RKO'd Punk on the announce table, after Punk tried to GTS him, but that was not enough to get a 10-count. Orton finally won after beating Punk with a Kendo stick and performing an RKO from the top rope.
  2. US championship, Table match:
    Kofi Kingston def. Sheamus (ch)
    Game started off with both men quickly introducing tables, but neither being able to finish off his opponent. Sheamus had the physical advantage, but Kingston used his dexterity for what it was worth. Kingston finally managed to jump Sheamus from the top rope to put Sheamus through a table.
  3. Tagteam country-whipping match:
    Michael Cole & Jack Swagger def. Jim Ross & Jerry "The King" Lawler
    "Voice of WWE" Michael Cole came out to the ring wrapped in bubble-wrap, to avoid being hit by the leather straps, which were legal, but he was unwrapped fairly quickly by Lawler. Cole managed to roll up Ross for a pinfall while Ross was being distracted by Swagger.
  4. Falls count anywhere:
    Rey Mysterio def. Cody Rhodes
    The match immediately left ringside, with action going all the way backstage. They eventually made it back into the ring, where Mysterio managed to pin Rhodes after a 619, after spraying Rhodes in the face with some kind of green mist.
  5. Loser leaves WWE, No count-out, no disqualification:
    Layla def. Michelle McCool
    McCool had Layla rolled up for a cover, but Layla managed to turn it, pinning McCool and keeping her contract with the WWE. Layla left the ring upset about losing her earlier tagteam partner. After the match, debuting Kharma came out, taking McCool out.
  6. Ladder match, World heavyweight championship:
    Christian def. Alberto Del Rio
    This match was for the heavyweight championship which had been forfeit by Edge due to injuries. After an even match, Christian had climbed a ladder and got hold of the belt, but Del Rio's associate Brodus Clay came in, removing the ladder. Del Rio was about to claim the belt for himself, but was distracted by Edge, which gave Christian just about the time to fetch the belt and win the match.
  7. Tagteam championship, Lumberjack match:
    Kane & Big Show (ch) def. Wade Barrett (IC champion) & Ezekiel Jackson
    Jackson bodyslammed Big Show, and was about to cover him when Barrett tagged himself in, only to get chokeslammed by Big Show, and then pinned.
  8. WWE championship, Triple-threat steel cage match:
    John Cena def. The Miz (ch), John Morrison
    All three men tried to win the match by climbing out of the cage, but were always denied. At one point, both Miz and Cena go their hands on the floor outside the ring, but that did not count as you have to have your feet outside to win. Morrison took both his opponents out, and was about to leave the ring, when R-Truth, whose spot in the match he had taken, threw him back in and beat him up. Cena eventually pinned The Miz after an Attitude Adjustment off the top rope.

WWE Over The Limit

2011-05-22, Key Arena, Seattle, Washington, USA

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  1. Rey Mysterio def. R-Truth
    R-Truth pinned Mysterio after showing off his new power style wrestling.
  2. Intercontinental championship:
    Ezekiel Jackson def. Wade Barrett (ch) (dq)
    Barrett and ex-Corre Jackson fought an even match. Jackson had the upper hand after several consecutive powerslams and had Barrett in a Torture rack, when Corre members Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel came in, getting Barrett disqualified.
  3. Sin Cara def. Chavo Guerrero
    Cara pins Guerrero after dominating him through the entire match with his acrobatic wrestling.
  4. WWE tagteam championship:
    Kane & Big Show (ch) New Nexus (CM Punk & Mason Ryan)
    Big Show pins Ryan after a double chokeslam.
  5. Divas championship:
    Brie Bella [w/Nikki] (ch) def. Kelly Kelly
    Nikki Bella pinned Kelly, after having switched place with her twin sister Brie.
  6. World heavyweight championship:
    Randy Orton (ch) def. Christian
    Orton retains the title after an RKO on Christian, who was very close to win the match after performing a spear on Orton.
  7. Kiss my feet match:
    Jerry "The King" Lawler def. Michael Cole
    Cole came out with a "Doctor's Note" stating he couldn't compete, but the referee didn't accept it and started the match anyway. King got a quick pinfall victory after a elbow drop from the top rope. Before making Cole kiss his feet, King called out Eve, Jim Ross and Bret "Hit Man" Hart, who all got to get some payback on Cole.
  8. WWE championship, "I Quit" match:
    John Cena (ch) def. The Miz [w/Alex Riley]
    Since an "I Quit" match has no disqualifications, the match in effect became a 2-on-1 match with Riley helping Miz. Miz and Riley quickly dominated Cena with their double-teaming, hitting Cena with various weapons. Cena repeatedly refused to quit. Riley eventually played back a recording of Cena saying "I Quit", but the referee found out and restarted the match, giving Cena enough time to recover to perform an Attitude Adjustment through the announcers' table, and managed to get Miz in a submission hold.

Capitol Punishment

2011-06-19, Verizon Center, Washington, D.C, USA

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  1. US championship:
    Dolph Ziggler [w/Vickie Guerrero] def. Kofi Kingston (ch)
    Kofi had several near-falls on Ziggler, after several spectacular moves, but the match was stopped with Kofi passing out to Ziggler's sleeper hold, after Guerrero poked him in his eyes.
  2. Alex Riley def. The Miz
    Riley had Miz outside the ring, but commentator Michael Cole started badmouthing him, allowing Miz to counter the attack. Miz tried to hit Riley with his suitcase, but Riley stopped him, got a DDT on Miz and won by pinfall.
  3. Alberto Del Rio def. Big Show
    Big Show attacked Del Rio on the way to the ring, only for himself to get attacked by Mark Henry before the match started, injuring his feet, causing Big Show to limp through the match. The referee eventually stops the match awarding Del Rio the victory.
  4. Intercontinental championship:
    Ezekiel Jackson def. Wade Barrett (ch) (subm)
    Barrett had a two-count on Jackson after the Wasteland, but Ezekiel kicked out, and countered with his multiple bodyslams. Barrett eventually submitted to the torture rack.
  5. CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio
    Punk nullified Mysterio's high-flying style with his own power-wrestling style. Mysterio eventually applied his 619, but Punk caught him, applied his signature Go to sleep and won by pinfall.
  6. World heavyweight championship:
    Randy Orton (ch) def. Christian
    Christian reversed Orton's RKO into a killswitch, and got a two-count, but eventually Orton connected with the RKO to get a pinfall victory. Christian protested the decision on behalf of having his foot under the rope.
  7. Evan Bourne def. Jack Swagger
    Bourne pins Swagger after countering Swagger's ankle lock.
  8. WWE championship:
    John Cena (ch) def. R-Truth
    Cena kept kicking out of R-Truth's pin attempts, and finally pins R-Truth, after he had got a soda that he stole from a kid ringside thrown into his face.

Money in the Bank

2011-07-17, Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois, USA

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  1. SmackDown Money in the Bank, Ladder match:
    Daniel Bryan def. Sin Cara, Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Sheamus, Cody Rhodes, Heath Slater
    Sheamus powerbombs Cara through a ladder, causing him to be sent out on a stretcher. After most wrestlers had attempted to climb the ladder, and failed, Bryan managed to catch the briefcase after kicking Barrett off the ladder.
  2. Diva's championship:
    Kelly Kelly (ch) [w/Eve Torres] def. Brie Bella [w/Nikki]
    Pinfall after a facedrop.
  3. Mark Henry def. Big Show
    Big Show started out dominating Henry, but he soon countered, attacking Show's weak knee. Henry eventually pins Show after applying two of his World's strongest slam. After the match, he continued to attack Show's leg.
  4. Raw Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
    Alberto Del Rio def. Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger, Evan Bourne, R-Truth, Alex Riley, The Miz, Rey Mysterio
    Upon entering the ring, all competitors armed themselves with ladders, R-Truth and Miz picking small ones to fight with. Miz dropped from a ladder when Del Rio removed it, injuring his knee causing him to have to leave the match. At one pint, all competitors were on top of ladders, within arms reach of the briefcase. Everyone falls off, when a limping Miz re-enters the match, only to be denied by Mysterio, who is denied and unmasked by Del Rio, who wins the match.
  5. World heavyweight championship:
    Christian def. Randy Orton (ch) (dq)
    Stipulation: If Randy Orton is disqualified, or if the referee makes a bad call, Christian wins the title. After a long match where the advantage shifted between the competitors, Christian upsets Orton by spitting in his face. Orton answers by delivering a low blow, disqualifying him, giving Christian the title. After the match, Orton RKO'd Christian onto the Spanish commentators' announce table twice.
  6. WWE championship:
    CM Punk def. John Cena (ch)
    Stipulation: If Cena loses the match, he is fired, as CM Punk has promised to leave the WWE with the title. CM Punk entered the arena in his home town to the crowd's cheer, while Cena was booed at. After an even match with lots of action, Vince McMahon approached the ring, trying to get the bell ring to call Cena the winner. Cena stops him, but instead gets himself pinned, losing the title. McMahon called out Del Rio to cash in his contract from his ladder match, but CM Punk left the arena before he could do so.

WWE Championship Tournament

2011-07-25 (Monday Night Raw), Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Virginia, USA

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Vince McMahon started a tournament for the WWE championship which was vacated when CM Punk left the company following Money in the Bank. All matches but the final were held on the 2011-07-18 edition of Monday Night Raw.

Rey MysterioRey MysterioRey MysterioRey Mysterio
Dolph Ziggler
Jack SwaggerR-Truth
Kofi KingstonKofi KingstonThe Miz
Alberto Del Rio
Alex RileyThe Miz
The Miz

Rey Mysterio won the final on 2011-07-25, getting the title, only to lose the title to John Cena later in the evening. After Cena's match, CM Punk re-appeared with the title belt he had supposedly left the company with.

Summerslam 2011

2011-08-14, Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

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  1. Six-man tagteam match:
    The Miz & R-Truth & Alberto Del Rio def. Kofi Kingston & John Morrison & Rey Mysterio
    After several near-pins and interference from tag partners, Mysterio eventually pinned R-Truth after a frog splash from the top rope.
  2. Mark Henry def. Sheamus (count-out)
    A match with power wrestling from the two powerhouses. In action outside the ring, Henry pushed Sheamus through the audience barricade, making Sheamus unable to get back into the ring to answer the ten-count.
  3. Diva's championship:
    Kelly Kelly (ch) [w/Eve Torres] def. Beth Phoenix [w/Natalya]
    Pinfall after a roll.
  4. Wade Barrett def. Daniel Bryan
    Bryan had the LeBell lock set, but Barrett reached for the rope, forcing him to let go. Barrett wins with a pinfall after a Wade slam.
  5. World heavyweight championship, No holds barred:
    Randy Orton def. Christian (ch) [w/Edge]
    Christian called out Edge to his ring corner, but he left before the match started, calling Christian a "whining moaning bitch". At one time, Orton superplexed Christian onto a table, but Christian kicked out from the pin attempt. The match saw the use of several foreign object, and Orton eventually was able to RKO Christian onto the steel steps for the victory.
  6. Undisputed WWE championship, Special guest referee: Triple H
    CM Punk (ch) def. John Cena (ch)
    Both Cena and Punk came to the ring claiming the WWE championship. Again, Punk was cheered while Cena was booed. To make sure the match did not end in a double-countout with both men out of the ring, Triple H brought them back in himself. Both men had several near-pins. Punk eventually pinned Cena after applying two GTS'es. After the match, Kevin Nash came out, attacking Punk, which made Alberto Del Rio cash in his Money in the Bank contract.
  7. WWE championship:
    Alberto Del Rio def. CM Punk (ch)
    Del Rio delivered a kick to the incapacitated Punk, winning the title in less than a minute.

Night of Champions 2011

2011-09-18, HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York, USA

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  1. Tagteam championship:
    Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne) (ch) def. Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth) (DQ)
    The Miz was disqualified for hitting the referee, after getting upset when the referee was busy telling R-Truth to stay out after missing a tag, and thus missing counting Miz's pinfall on Kingston. The referee had earlier called a tag between Kingston and Bourne where there was none, which made The Miz and R-Truth continue talking about a conspiracy against them.
  2. Intercontinental championship:
    Cody Rhodes (ch) def. Ted DiBiase
    Rhodes rolled up DiBiase for a pin when DiBiase was trying to hit Rhodes with the protective mask he had taken off of him.
  3. US championship, Fatal 4-way:
    Dolph Ziggler (ch) [w/Vickie Guerrero] def. John Morrison, Jack Swagger, Alex Riley
    Swagger set up Morrison for a pinfall after a gutwrench powerbomb, but was denied by Ziggler who pinned Morrison himself.
  4. World heavyweight championship:
    Mark Henry def. Randy Orton (ch)
    Henry counters Orton's RKO and performs his world's strongest slam to get a pinfall.
  5. Diva's championship:
    Kelly Kelly [w/Eve Torres] (ch) def. Beth Phoenix [w/Natalya]
    Kelly counters a glam slam to get a pin.
  6. WWE championship:
    John Cena def. Alberto Del Rio (ch) (subm)
    After several attempts, Cena finally manages to get Del Rio to submit to a facelock.
  7. No disqualification match:
    Triple H def. CM Punk
    Stipulation: If Punk wins, Triple H steps down as COO of the WWE. The match took place all over the arena, demolishing both the English and Spanish announce able. With both men recuperating from that, Miz & R-Truth arrived in the ring, taking out both men and setting Punk up for a pinfall. When the referee only counted two, they took out the referee. John Laurinaitis, 2nd vice president of talent relations, came out, stopping the new referee from counting a pin for Triple H. Kevin Nash also appeared, taking out both men, but concentrating on Triple H. Eventually, Triple H took him out with a sledgehammer, and managed to pin punk after a pedigree.

Hell in a Cell 2011

2011-10-02, New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

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  1. Sheamus def. Christian
    Christian failed to pin Sheamus after two spears, and tried his kill switch, which Sheamus countered into a kick, getting a pinfall victory.
  2. Sin Cara (blue) def. Sin Cara (black)
    After an even lucha-libre style technical match, Blue Sin Cara gets a pinfall after a powerbomb.
  3. Tagteam championship:
    Air Boom (ch) def. Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler [w/Vickie Guerrero]
    Swagger tried to set up Bourne for a powerbomb from the top rope, but Bourne countered, pinning Swagger while Kingston kept Ziggler from entering the ring.
  4. World heavyweight championship, Hell in a cell:
    Mark Henry (ch) def. Randy Orton
    Henry picked up Orton, who was trying to kick Henry to the head, delivered a power slam and pins Orton to retain the title. After the match, he brought out a steel chair, attacking Orton to induct him into his "Hall of Pain", but Orton moves out of the way in the last minute and attacks Henry with the chair himself.
  5. Intercontinental championship:
    Cody Rhodes (ch) def. John Morrison
    Rhodes came out telling he would defend his title anywhere, any time, so a match against Morrison gets set up for him. Rhodes manages to leverage off Morrison missing a move, to roll him up and get a pinfall victory.
  6. Diva's championship:
    Beth Phoenix [w/Natalya] def. Kelly Kelly [w/Eve Torres] (ch)
    Phoenix had Kelly in a submission move, but Kelly made it to the rope. While the referee got Phoenix to reverse the move, Natalya hit Kelly with a microphone, allowing Phoenix to pin Kelly to win the title.
  7. WWE championship, Triple threat Hell in a Cell match:
    Alberto Del Rio def. CM Punk, John Cena (ch)
    The three combatants made good use of both chairs and tables to get leverage over their opponents. Several near-pins were denied by the third wrestler. Cena had Rio in his STF, when Rio's ring announcer opened the cell door, trying to attack Cena. Cena throw him out of the ring, only to be thrown out himself by Rio, who locked the door from the inside. Inside the ring, Rio attacked Punk with a steel pipe, getting a pinfall. After the match, Miz and R-Truth enters the ring, attacking everyone and lowering the cage again, leaving it locked with no way to stop the attack.

Vengeance 2011

2011-10-23, AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas, USA

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  1. Tagteam championship:
    Air Boom (ch) def. Dolph Ziggler (US ch) & Jack Swagger [w/Vickie Guerrero]
    Air Boom had several near falls after performing several astonishing aerial maneuvers, until Bourne eventually managed to pin Ziggler after an Air Bourne.
  2. US championship:
    Dolph Ziggler (ch) [w/Jack Swagger & Vickie Guerrero] def. Zack Ryder
    Directly after the tagteam match, Ryder came out to the ring to compete in an US championship match. Air Boom, who hadn't left for the locker room, were sent back by the referee after throwing Ziggler back into the ring after he had been thrown out. Swagger distracted Ryder just enough for Ziggler to be able to superkick Ryder and win by pinfall.
  3. Diva's championship:
    Beth Phoenix (ch) def. Eve Torres
    Phoenix misses a first glam slam, but connects with her seconds, pinning Torres to retain her title.
  4. Sheamus def. Christian
    Pinfall after a brogue kick.
  5. Miz & R-Truth def. CM Punk & Triple H
    Kevin Nash came to the ringside, taking out Triple H, allowing Truth & Miz to attack Punk while the referee was watching the outside. Miz pinned Punk for the victory, after which Nash entered the ring attacking Triple H.
  6. Randy Orton def. Cody Rhodes
    Orton pins Rhodes after Rhodes collided with his bag man, who was trying to interfere with Orton.
  7. World heavyweight championship:
    Mark Henry (ch) vs. Big Show (no contest)
    Mark Henry performed a superplex on Big Show from the second rope, collapsing the ring in the process. Neither man could continue the match, Big Show leaving the ring on a stretcher, while Henry could walk out by himself.
  8. WWE championship, Last man standing match:
    Alberto Del Rio (ch) [w/Ricardo Rodriguez] def. John Cena
    John Laurinaitis came out, declaring that the championship match was to be performed despite the ring being collapsed. The match continued out into the backstage area, before coming back into the ring again. Cena planted Del Rio through the Spanish announce table, meanwhile which R-Truth and Miz came out attacking Cena, almost costing him a ten count. Del Rio attacked him again, to just fail a new ten-count, leaving Del Rio the champion.

Survivor Series 2011

2011-11-20, Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, USA

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  1. US championship:
    Dolph Ziggler (ch) [w/Vickie Guerrero] def. John Morrison
    The audience was chanting for Zack Ryder, who at multiple times had beat Ziggler in non-title matches. Morrison has several near-pins after Guerrero was banned from ringside, but Ziggler connects with a zig-zag, pinning Morrison for the victory.
  2. Diva's championship, Lumberjill match:
    Beth Phoenix (ch) [w/Natalya] def. Eve Torres
    Phoenix denies Torres a top-rope move, instead performing her glam slam from there, pinning Torres to retain the title.
  3. 5-on-5 elimination match:
    Team Barrett (Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Hunico, Cody Rhodes (Intercontinental champion)) Team Orton (Sheamus, Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston (tagteam champion), Mason Ryan, Randy Orton)
    Order of elimination:
    1. Dolph Ziggler (by Randy Orton)
    2. Sin Cara (injury)
    3. Mason Ryan (by Cody Rhodes)
    4. Kofi Kingston (by Wade Barrett)
    5. Sheamus (disqualified)
    6. Jack Swagger (by Randy Orton)
    7. Hunico (by Randy Orton)
    8. Randy Orton (by Wade Barrett)

    Survivors: Wade Barrett & Cody Rhodes.

  4. World heavyweight championship:
    Big Show def. Mark Henry (ch) (DQ)
    This time the match took place in a reinforced ring. Big Show eventually climbed to ring post, delivering an elbow from the top rope, but Henry kicked out. Big Show was about to chokeslam Henry when he intentionally got himself disqualified after a low blow.
  5. WWE championship:
    CM Punk def. Alberto Del Rio [w/Ricardo Rodriguez] (ch)
    Del Rio set kept attacking Punk's left arm to set up for his cross-arm bar, but when he first applied it, Punk managed to hook the rope to break the hold. Punk countered, winning the match after Del Rio tapped out to the Anaconda Vice.
  6. John Cena & The Rock def. The Miz & R-Truth
    Cena came out to shouts of "Cena sucks", while The Rock came out to "You still got it" cheers. Miz & R-Truth took full advantage of being a tag-team, while Cena's and Rock's alliance was slightly less smooth-running. Cena was getting a pounding, but he was eventually able to tag out to The Rock, who pinned The Miz after delivering the People's Elbow. After posing together in the ring, Rock applied the Rock Bottom on Cena as a preview of their match at WrestleMania 28.

TLC - Tables, Ladders and Chairs 2011

2011-12-18, 1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. US championship:
    Zack Ryder def. Dolph Ziggler (ch) [w/Vickie Guerrero]
    Ryder had Ziggler up for a pin when Vickie Guerrero helped Ziggler to get a foot on the rope, causing her to be expelled from ringside. Ryder eventually manages to pin Ziggler after the Rough Ryder.
  2. Tagteam championship:
    Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne) (ch) def. Primo & Epico [w/Rosa Mendez]
    Kingston pins Primo after the Trouble in Paradise.
  3. Tables match:
    Randy Orton def. Wade Barrett
    Orton reverses Barrett's dive from the top rope, sending him through a table with an RKO.
  4. Diva's championship:
    Beth Phoenix (ch) def. Kelly Kelly
    Pinfall after a face slam.
  5. Sledgehammer ladder match:
    Triple H def. Kevin Nash
    Stipulation: The sledgehammer suspended above the ring is legal. Triple H used the sledgehammer to incapacitate Nash and win by pinfall.
  6. Sheamus def. Jack Swagger [w/Vickie Guerrero]
    Swagger missed an attack on Sheamus, allowing Sheamus to kick Swagger and win by pinfall.
  7. World heavyweight championship, Chairs match:
    Big Show def. Mark Henry (ch)
    Big Show starts by filling the ring with chairs, which makes Mark Henry try to walk out, but he is denied by Henry. Big Show hits Henry with an injured right hand, and pins Henry to win the title. After the match, Henry attacks Big Show with a chair and DDT's him onto a chair.
  8. World heavyweight championship:
    Daniel Bryan def. Big Show (ch)
    Daniel Bryan, after Henry's attack on Big Show, comes to the ring to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, and quickly pins Big Show for the title.
  9. Intercontinental championship:
    Cody Rhodes (ch) def. Booker T
    A previous attempt at starting the match right after the Diva's championship match was stopped as Rhodes attacked Booker T on his way to the ring. Rhodes pins Booker T after several kicks to the head.
  10. WWE championship, Tables, ladders and chairs match:
    CM Punk (ch) def. Alberto Del Rio [w/Ricardo Rodriguez], The Miz
    Punk was trying to climb the ladder when Rodriguez came in, handcuffing him to the ladder. Del Rio tried to climb it, but Punk broke free, instead attacking him with the handcuffs. With all three wrestlers out of action, Rodriguez tried to climb the ladder, but he was sent outside the ring through two tables by Punk and The Miz. The Miz then handcuffed Punk to the ring post, Punk eventually dismantled the turnbuckle to get away, just in time to deny Miz and Del Rio from grabbing the belt, and grab it himself.
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