American Wrestling Trivia

World Wide Wrestling Federation 1976


WWWF Showdown at Shea 1976

1976-06-25, Shea Stadium, Flushing, New York, New York, USA
  1. Ivan Putski def. Baron Scicluna
  2. Jose Gonzales vs Kevin Sullivan (TLD)
  3. WWWF Tagteam championship:
    Jay Strongbow & Billy White Wolf (ch) def. The Executioners (in three falls)
    The Executioners were DQed in the third fall. NOTE: I think the EXECUTIONERS were Bruiser Brody and John Studd.
  4. Wrestler vs. boxer match: André the Giant def. Chuck Wepner (1:15 in 3rd round) (c-o)
  5. WWWF World championship:
    Bruno Sammartino (ch) def. Stan Hansen
  6. Wrestler vs. boxer match: Antonio Inoki drew Muhammad Ali (15 rounds)
    This match took place in Tokyo and was shown on Closed Circuit TV. Due to time zone differences it occurred on the day after this event.
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