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What is Announcer?

Announcer is a program for automated posting of Fidonet messages into message bases of types Squish, JAM, Hudson, *.MSG or EzyCom, or into standard PKT files.


I originally wrote this program for a local BBS, where I and a couple of my friends "competed" on who could write the most messages, and since I don't like to be on-line, I downloaded the mail and read it off-line. The problem then was that I was not able to check the statistics when I was offline, and that I always forgot to check it when I was on-line.

So, therefore I wrote this program, initially a very limited one, but as the beta testers and I personally came up with new ideas, the program grown out of this limited version to what it now is. It is now able to do more than only post top-ten-lists, it can post welcoming messages to new users, conference rules in echomail areas, automatic reminders, and much more. Your imagination is the limit (okay, so long as it is inside the program's area. It won't operate your microwave oven).


This program is released under the GNU Public License. For more information, see the enclosed file COPYING.

Get it!

You can download the latest release version (1.2) of Announcer here. The file is 403138 bytes, and is a RAR compressed archive. This version was released 1998-03-08.

A reconstructed revision control history using Git is hosted on GitHub.

Beta/gamma version

There are no beta or gamma versions available at the moment. When they are available, they will be downloadable here.

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