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Software available from us

Program Version Platforms Description
Turquoise SuperStat 3.0 OS/2 Windows 95 Linux Fidonet and Usenet statistics software
Announcer 1.2 DOS Automated Fidonet message poster
RedGreenBlue 1.1.1 Windows 95 Simple tool for creating HTML colour tags
iso2dos DOS OS/2 Linux Converts text between iso 8859-1 and DOS codepage 437
Indigo 0.01 DOS OS/2 Enables you to use Bluewave as a Fidonet point
Pager 4.2c2 DOS Paginates documentation files
xDIR 1.40 DOS OS/2 Small colourised directory lister
nodExtr 1.1 DOS OS/2 Windows 95 Extracts information from Fidonet nodelists
killEof 1.0 DOS OS/2 Windows 95 Removes EOF markers from text files
noDot 1.0 DOS OS/2 Removes high-bit characters from text files
BinkCol 1.03 DOS OS/2 BinkleyTerm 2.60/2.60XE colour configuration
Azure/NewsPrep 3.0 DOS Posts FidoNews in echomail

See also programs we have ported to other platforms.

Note: Programs labelled Windows 95 also works in Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000, XP and Vista.

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