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What is CrashMail II?

CrashMail II is a Fidonet tosser that supports the *.MSG and JAM message base formats. CrashMail II is available for Win32 (Win95/98/NT), Linux and OS/2.

This page is only about the OS/2 version of CrashMail II, since that is what I was responsible for. The other versions are available from the the SourceForge file archive and the information page there. The source is also available on GitHub.

Please note: The last version that I did test compile for OS/2 is 0.62. I do no longer have a machine set up that I can compile and test on.

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[OS/2] [Win95] [Linux] All files are available in the SourceForge file archive. Sources are available in Git. The OS/2 version is available for download here:

Version 0.62 (August 17th, 2001)
cm062os2.rar, 354 Kbyte (binaries, documentation, source code)
Version 0.6 (November 20th, 1999)
cm06os2.rar, 150 Kbyte (binaries, documentation)
Version 0.52 (first official release)
cm052os2.rar, 144 Kbyte (binaries, documentation)
Version 0.50 (unofficial release)
cm05os2.rar, 239 Kbyte (binaries, documentation, patched sources)

The OS/2 binary requires the EMX runtime package, available from Hobbes. The sources are available in Git.

NB! There seems to be a problem when running the OS/2 version CrashMail directly from the Workplace Shell, it cannot open enough files. When running from the command line, everything works as it should, though. If anyone knows what is causing the problem and/or has a solution to it, please contact me at <>.

Experimental stuff

Here are some experiments from 1999 adding Squish message base support to CrashMail. You can download beta versions for 0.50 here: beta 1, beta 2, beta 3, beta 4. It requires SMAPI and is only tested under Linux. It is not yet completely bug free (tossing and linking works, scanning seems to have bugs). Beta 1 doesn't contain linking, but scanning seem to work there, unlike beta 2. Beta 3 fixes beta 2 bugs, but the scanning still sends all messages, not only those that should be sent. Beta 4 fixes the problem with all messages being scanned and seems fairly stable.

The Squish port is also available on GitHub.

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