American Wrestling Trivia

Extreme Championship Wrestling 1993


Summer Sizzler 1993

1993-06-19, ECW Arena, South Philadelphia, PA, USA
  1. Herve Rinestro def. Don E. Allen
  2. ECW TV Championship: Jimmy Snuka (ch) def. Tommy Cairo
  3. First Blood Match: Tony Stetson def. Larry Winters
  4. Peaches def. Tigra
  5. Philadelphia Street Fight: Rockin' Rebel def. The Sandman
  6. Don Murraco def. Dark Patriot II
  7. Sal Bellomo, Stevie Wonderful & Super Destroyer #1 def. Johnny Hotbody, Chris Michaels & Hunter Q. Robbins III
  8. Chain Match: Eddie Gilbert def. Terry Funk

Ultra Clash 1993

1993-09-18, ECW Arena, South Philadelphia, PA, USA
  1. Public Enemy def. Jason Knight & Ian Rotten.
  2. ECW Pennsylvania Championship: Tony Stetson def. Tommy Cairo.
  3. Mask vs. mask match: Super Destroyer #1 def. Super Destroyer #2
  4. The Dark Patriot def. JT Smith (Scaffold Match)
  5. Bunkhouse Match: Terry Funk & Stan Hansen def. Kevin Sullivan & Abdullah the Butcher (DQ)
  6. Battle Royal: Tigra def. Sherri/Robinson/Angel/Don E. Allen/Jay Sulli
  7. Strap Match: Sal Bellomo def. Richard Michaels
  8. ECW World Championship: Shane Douglas def. The Sandman
  9. Baseball bat match: The Headhunters def. Miguel Perez & Crash the Terminator

NWA Bloodfest: Part 1

1993-10-01, ECW Arena, South Philadelphia, PA, USA
  1. Ian & Axl Rotten def. Chad Austin & Todd Shaw
  2. Rockin' Rebel def. Don E. Allen
  3. Public Enemy def. Silver Jet & Gino Caruso
  4. Malia Hosaka def. Molly McShane
  5. Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka def. Ian & Axl Rotten
  6. Sandman def. Metal Maniac
  7. Abdullah the Butcher, JT Smith & Terry Funk def. Jimmy Snuka, Kevin Sullivan & Don Muraco
  8. Sabu def. The Tazmaniac
  9. ECW Tag Championship: Tony Stetson & Johnny Hot Body (ch) def. Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka
  10. Rockin' Rebel def. Richard Michaels
  11. Steel Cage, ECW TV championship: Kevin Sullivan and Abdullah the Butcher wrestled to a Double DQ
  12. Terry Funk def. Jimmy Snuka

NWA Bloodfest: Part 2

1993-10-02, ECW Arena, South Philadelphia, PA, USA
  1. ECW Tag Championship: Tony Stetson & Johnny Hot Body (ch) def. Sandman & JT Smith
  2. The Tazmaniac def. Tommy Dreamer
  3. Kevin Sullivan def. Gino Caruso
  4. ECW Championship: Shane Douglas (ch) def. JT Smith (DQ)
  5. Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka def. Public Enemy
  6. Sir Richards Michaels def. Rockin' Rebel (DQ)
  7. Ian & Axl Rotten def. Don E. Allen & Chad Austin
  8. Don Muraco & Jimmy Snuka def. Public Enemy (Forfeit)
  9. ECW World Championship: Sabu def. Shane Douglas (ch)
  10. Jimmy Snuka def. Chad Austin
  11. Steel Cage Match: Kevin Sullivan def. Abdullah the Butcher
  12. Triangle Steel Cage Match: Public Enemy def. Ian & Axl Rotten and Paul Diamond & Pat Tanaka

November to Remember 1993

1993-11-13, ECW Arena, South Philadelphia, PA, USA
  1. Chair Match: Salvatore Bellomo def. Rockin' Rebel (Forfeit)
  2. Sandman and Jim Niedhart (2xDQ)
  3. South Philly Hood Match: Public Enemy def. Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond
  4. Shoot Match: Kevin Sullivan def. Tommy Cairo
  5. Malia Hosaka def. Sherri Martel (DQ)
  6. ECW Tag Championship: Johnny Hotbody & Tony Stetson (ch) def. Ian & Axl Rotten
  7. ECW Tag Team Championship: Johnny Gunn & Tommy Dreamer def. Johnny Hotbody & Tony Stetson (ch) (0:09)
  8. Tazmaniac def. Tommy Dreamer
  9. Mr. Hughes def. Johnny Gunn
  10. Sabu & Road Warrior Hawk def. Terry Funk & King Kong Bundy
    Due to match stipulations Sabu won Funk's ECW TV Title.

Holiday Hell 1993

1993-12-26, ECW Arena, South Philadelphia, PA, USA
  1. Chad Austin def. Pitbull #1
  2. Mike Awesome def. Randy Starr
  3. ECW Tag Team Championship: Kevin Sullivan and Tazmaniac def. JT Smith and Tommy Cairo
  4. Shane Douglas def. Tommy Dreamer
  5. Mr. Hughes def. The Sandman (TKO)
  6. Rockin' Rebel def. Don E. Allen
  7. No DQ Match: ECW World Championship: Sabu def. Terry Funk (ch)
  8. Body Count Match: Pat Tanaka def. Rocco Rock
  9. Tommy Dreamer won a lights out battle royal
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