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WWE NXT 2024


NXT Men's Breakout Tournament

2023-12-12 to 2024-01-02, WWE Performance Center, Orlando, Florida, USA

The winner of the NXT breakout tournament gets a title shot at their choosing.

First round matches:

  1. NXT 2023-12-12: Oba Femi def. Myles Borne
    Femi pins Borne after a powerbomb.
  2. Riley Osborne def. Keanu Carver
    Osborne hits the shooting star press from the top rope, to get the pinfall.
  3. NXT 2023-12-19: Lexis King def. Dion Lennox
    King replaced Trey Bearhill after attacking him with a steel chair the week prior. King hits the coronation neckbreaker on Lennox, getting the pinfall victory.
  4. Tavion Heights def. Luca Crusifino
    Heights hits a spinning belly-to-belly suplex to get the pinfall.

Semi-final matches:

  1. NXT 2023-12-26: Riley Osborne def. Lexis King
    King goes to the top rope, but Trey Bearhill approaches the ring with a steel chair, distracting King. Osborne kicks King off and hits a shooting-star press to get the pinfall.
  2. Oba Femi def. Tavion Heights
    Femi powerbombs Heights to get the pinfall.

Final (New Year's Evil):

Riley Osborne Riley OsborneRiley OsborneOba Femi
Keanu Carver
Trey Bearhill Lexis KingLexis King
Dion Lennox
Oba Femi Oba Femi Oba Femi
Myles Borne
Tavion Heights Tavion Heights
Luca Crusifino

NXT Vengeance Day

2024-02-04, F&M Bank Arena, Clarksville, Tennessee, USA

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Men's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, first round matches (not on the main event):

The winner of the 2024 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic earns the right to challenge for the NXT tagteam championship.

  1. NXT 2024-01-09: Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin def. Gallus (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang) [w/Joe Coffey]
    Breakker is about to end the match when Corbin tags himself back in. Breakker spears Wolfgang and Corbin hits the End of Days on Coffey, getting the pinfall.
  2. Axiom & Nathan Frazier def. Hank Walker & Tank Ledger
    Axiom hits a running knee on Ledger, allowing Frazier to hit a corkscrew moonsault from the top rope for the pinfall.
  3. NXT 2024-01-16: Trick Williams & Carmello Hayes def. Malik Blade & Edris Enofé
    Williams hits a running crossbody on Blade to get the pinfall.
  4. LWO (Cruz del Toro & Joaquin Wilde) [w/Zelina Vega] def. Chase U (Riley Osbornse & Duke Hudson) [w/Andre Chase]
    Toro hits a tornado DDT on Osborne outside the ring, and throws Hudson back in, hitting a moonsault. Cruz tags in, hits a corkscrew splash from the top rope, getting the pinfall.

Semi-final matches:

  1. NXT 2024-01-23: Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin def. Axiom & Nathan Frazier
    Frazier hits the Phoenix splash on Corbin, but the pinfall is denied by Breakker. Breakker spears Frazier for the pinfall.
  2. NXT 2024-01-30: Trick Williams & Carmello Hayes def. LWO (Cruz del Toro & Joaquin Wilde)
    Williams hits the jumping knee on Wilde to get the pinfall.

Matches on the main event:

  1. Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 2024 Final:
    Baron Corbin & Bron Breakker def. Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams
    Corbin goes for the End of Days on Hayes, but Williams breaks it with a neckbreaker. Breakker spears Hayes, with Williams ducking out of the way. Breakker gets the pinfall victory before Williams makes it back to break it up.
  2. No disqualification:
    Dijak def. Joe Gacy
    Gacy throws Dijak through a table set up with small toys outside the ring, but Dijak makes it back, sending Gacy into a steel chair. Gacy tapes Dijak's eyes and hits Dijak with kendo sticks. Dijak powerbombs Gacy blind, but is unable to find Gacy for the pinfall. Dijak lifts Gacy into a fireman's carry, and drops him onto the knee to get the pinfall.
  3. The Family (Adriana Rizzo & Channing Lorenzo & Tony D'Angelo) def. Out The Mud (Bronco Nima & Jaida Parker & Lucien Price) [w/SCRYPTS]
    Rizzo jumps from the top rope to the outside, taking out OTM, allowing D'Angelo to pin Nima inside the ring.
  4. NXT Women's championship:
    Lyra Valkyria (ch) vs. Roxanne Perez
    Perez hits the Pop Rocks, rolling through to get the pinfall. Lola Vice runs in with her Breakout tournament contract, making the match a triple-threat.
  5. NXT Women's championship, triple threat match:
    Lyra Valkyria (ch) def. Roxanne Perez, Lola Vice
    Vice tries to lock an arm bar on Valkyria, but Valkyra fights out. Perez hits the Pop Rocks on Valkyria, when Tatum Paxley runs in, taking out Perez. Valkyria hits the Night Wish on Vice to get the pinfall victory to retain the championship.
  6. NXT North American champinship:
    Oba Femi (ch) def. Dragon Lee
    Femi throws Lee into the top turnbuckle, and then tosses him back into the middle of the ring, hitting a powerbomb to get the pinfall.
  7. NXT championship:
    Ilja Dragunov (ch) def. Trick Williams [w/Carmelo Hayes]
    The match goes outside the ring, where William drives Dragunov into the floor. As Williams tries to get up, Hayes start bantering with Dragunov. Dragunov pushes Hayes away, and he accidentaly hits the leg of Williams. Back in the ring, Williams ducks out of the Torpedo Moscow, hits a big boot but only gets a two-count. Williams inadvertently takes out the referee, he then hits the Trick Knee on Dragunov, but as the referee is out, there is no-one to count. With a new referee in the ring, Dragunov hits the Torpedo Moscow to get the pinfall, retaining the championship.
Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin Bron Breakker & Baron CorbinBron Breakker & Baron CorbinBron Breakker & Baron Corbin
Hank Walker & Tank Ledger Axiom & Nathan Frazier
Axiom & Nathan Frazier
Chase U LWO Carmello Hayes & Trick Williams
Carmello Hayes & Trick WilliamsCarmello Hayes & Trick Williams
Edris Enofé & Malik Blade

NXT Stand & Deliver

2024-04-06, Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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  1. NXT tagteam championship:
    Baron Corbin & Bron Breakker (ch) def. Axiom & Nathan Frazer
    Axiom and Frazer showed some fantastic aerial offense, with Axiom hitting a Spanish Fly from the top rope on Breakker, which Frazer followed up with a 450 splash over the top rope. Frazer follows up with a pinfall attempt, but only gets a two-count. Breakker hits a spear on Frazer, allowing Corbin to get the three-count to retain the championship.
  2. North American championship, triple threat match:
    Oba Femi (ch) def. Josh Briggs, Dijak
    Femi shows off his strength by performing a back body drop with both his competitors sitting on his shoulder. He goes for a cover on Briggs, but Dijack breaks it just before three. Dijak hits the Feast Your Eyes on Femi, when Briggs pulls the referee out of the ring before he can count to three. Femi powerbombs Dijak on top of Briggs and covers Briggs to retain.
  3. Thea Hail & Fallon Henley & Kelani Jordan [w/Chase U (Andre Chase & Duke Hudson & Riley Osborne)] def. Jacy Jayne & Kiana James & Izzi Dame [w/Jazmyn Nyx] (subm.)
    With the rest of the competitors being knocked out of the ring, Hail locks James in an armbar, getting the submission victory.
  4. NXT Women's championship:
    Roxanne Perez def. Lyra Valkyria (ch)
    Perez starts working on Valkyria's previously injured left arm, trying to wear down her opponent. Perez has Valkyria in the ring corner when Tatum Paxley comes to the ring. Paxley is taken out of Perez, but stays ringside. Paxley is led away, but not before colliding head-to-head with Valkyria. Perez locks Valkyria in a crossface. Valkyria reaches for the ring ropes, but is unable to get to them and is forced to tap out.
  5. NXT championship:
    Ilja Dragunov (ch) def. Tony D'Angelo [w/The Family (Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo & Luca Crusifino & Adriana Rizzo)]
    The match spills outside and the two competitors work together to clear the Spanish announcers table. It is Dragunov that manages to hit the H-Bomb on D'Angelo, sending him through the table. Back into the ring, he delivers another H-Bomb from the top rope, getting the pinfall victory to retain the championship.
  6. Trick Williams def. Carmelo Hayes
    Hayes tries to attack Williams with a steel chair, but the referee takes it away. While the referee is a distracted, Williams hits a low blow, but is unable to capitalize. Hayes tries to introduce another steel chair, but is denied again. Williams hits the Trick Knee to get the pinfall.

NXT Battleground: Las Vegas

2024-06-09, UFC Apex, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Watch on WWE Network.

  1. NXT Women's North American championship, Ladder match:
    Kelani Jordan def. Fallon Henley, Jaida Parker, Lash Legend, Michin, Sol Ruca
    Jordan sets up Michin onto a ladder and hits a moonsault. Jordan then climbs the ladder, grabbing the championship belt.
  2. NXT tagteam championship:
    Axiom & Nathan Frazer def. Good Brothers (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson)
    Frazer hits a tope on Gallows, leaving him stranded outside the ring. Axiom this a Spanish fly on Anderson from the top rope, and Frazer follws up with a Phoenix splash, getting the pinfall victory.
  3. NXT Underground match:
    Lola Vice def. Shayna Baslzer (subm.)
    This was a submisison match. Vice runs Baszler head-first into the steel steps. Vice then throws Baszler back into the ring and starts pounding, forcing the referee to stop the match.
  4. NXT North American championship, Triple threat:
    Oba Femi (ch) def. Joe Coffey, Wes Lee
    Lee goes for a dropkick from the top rope, but Femi catches him and hits a powerbomb. He then delivers another powerbomb to Coffey, getting the pinfall to retain the championship.
  5. NXT Women's championship:
    Roxanne Perez (ch) def. Jordynne Grace (TNA knockouts ch)
    The match was only for the NXT championship. Tatum Paxley comes ringside, grabbing the TNA championship belt and running away with it, but is stopped by Grace. Back in the ring, Perez uses the confusion to hit the pop rocks on Grace, getting the pinfall victory.
  6. NXT championship:
    Trick Williams (ch) def. "All Ego" Ethan Page
    Williams prepares to slam Page through the announce table, but Page counters, instead running Williams through the table. Back in the ring, only gets a two-count, Williams hits the trick shot, getting the pinfall victory.

NXT Heatwave

2024-07-07, Scotiabank Arena, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  1. NXT North American champinship:
    Oba Femi (ch) def. Wes Lee
    Lee tries to get Femi down, but in the end is unsuccessful. Lee goes for the Cardiac Kick, but Femi simply picks him up and drops him to the floor. Femi hits a powerbomb, getting the pinfall to retain.
  2. NXT Women's North American champinship:
    Kelani Jordan (ch) def. Sol Ruca
    Jordan hits a Poison rana and a moonsault to retain the championship.
  3. NXT tagteam championship:
    Axiom & Nathan Frazer (ch) def. Chase U (Andre Chase & Duke Hudson) [w/Riley Osborne & Thea Hail]
    Axiom hits the Golden Ratio on Chase, getting the pinfall.
  4. NXT Women's championship:
    Roxanne Perez (ch) def. Lola Vice
    Perez locks a crossface, but Vice is able to kick out. Perez follows up by hitting several Pop Rocks on Vice, getting the pinfall to retain the championship.
  5. NXT championship:
    "All Ego" Ethan Page def. Je'Von Evans, Shawn Spears, Trick Williams (ch)
    Page sets up Evans for the Ego's Edge, but Spears drags Evans to the ring ropes. Williams aims the Trick Shot on Page, who ducks out of the way, instead hitting Evans and sending Spears to the floor. Williams hits another Trick Shot on Page, who falls onto Evans. Spears grabs Williams' leg, trying to drag him to the outside, allowing the referee to count the pin on Evans, giving Page the victory.
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