American Wrestling Trivia

WWE NXT 2014



2014-02-27, NXT Arena, Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida, USA

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  1. Cesaro def. Sami Zayn
    Zayn tried out some high-flying maneuvers on Cesaro, but as the men had had several matches versus each other already, Cesaro knew to counter many of them. Cesaro targeted Zayn's knee, trying to wear him out. Zayn almost got counted out, was barely able to get back into the ring with his the bad leg. Several near-pins from both men, the two kept fighting evenly. Cesaro eventually won on pinfall after the neutralizer.
  2. Mojo Rawley def. CJ Parker
    Rawley easily won this by outpacing his opponent. Pinfall after the hyperdrive.
  3. NXT Tagteam Championship:
    The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) (ch) def. Too Cool (Grand Master Sexay & Scotty Too Hotty)
    The Ascension had issued an open challenge, which was answered by ex-WWE Tagteam champions Too Cool. Ascension's Viktor started out against Grand Master Sexay, dominating him and not giving him room to breathe. Konnor eventually pinned Scotty Too Hotty after Ascension double-teamed him with the Fall of man, retaining the tagteam titles.
  4. NXT Women's Championship:
    Paige (ch) def. Emma (subm)
    This was a rematch from the inaugural NXT Women's Championship tournament, where Paige became the first NXT Women's champion. Emma quickly put pressure on Paige, applying several submission moves but managing to get Paige to tap out. Paige turned around, applying the Paige turner, but Emma kicked out. Paige quickly regrouped, locking Emma in a Scorpion close-lock to win the match by submission.
  5. Xavier Woods vs Tyler Breeze (no contest)
    Alexander Rusev came out, attacking both opponents, eventually locking Woods in a cobra clutch before telling the world how great he is.
  6. NXT Championship, Ladder match:
    Adrian Neville def. Bo Dallas (ch)
    After being introduced by hall-of-famer Shawn Michaels, NXT's first ever ladder match started out slowly, with the two competitors measuring each other. Neville was first to climb a ladder, but was denied by Dallas throwing a ladder at him. Neville managed to get Dallas down after a superplex on top of a ladder, and then climbed the ladder to grab the title just before Dallas managed to get to him, to win the championship title.

NXT Women's championship tournament 2014

2014-05-01 to 2014-05-29, NXT Arena, Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida, USA

When women's champion Paige wins the WWE Divas championship, she is forced to relinquish her NXT title and a tournament is set up.

First round matches:

  1. 2014-05-01: Sasha Banks [w/Charlotte] def. Bayley
  2. Natalya def. Layla (subm)
  3. 2014-05-08: Charlotte [w/Sasha Banks] def. Emma
  4. Alexa Bliss def. Alicia Fox

Second round matches:

  1. 2014-05-15: Charlotte [w/Sasha Banks] def. Alexa Bliss
  2. 2014-05-22: Natalya def. Sasha Banks [w/Charlotte] (subm)
Bayley Sasha BanksNatalyaFinal at NXT Takeover
Sasha Banks
Natalya Natalya
Emma Charlotte Charlotte
Alexa BlissAlexa Bliss
Alicia Fox

NXT Takeover

2014-05-29, NXT Arena, Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida, USA

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  1. Adam Rose def. Camacho
    Rose scores a fairly simple pinfall victory.
  2. NXT tagteam championship:
    The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) (ch) def. Kalisto & El Local
    Ascension's power style collided heavily with their opponents' luchadore type wrestling. El Local fell to a double-team move from Ascension, giving the reigning champions a pinfall victory.
  3. #1 contender for the NXT championship:
    Tyler Breeze def. Sami Zayn
    Zayn got a several near-pins after some high-flying moves, but Breeze kept kicking out and in his turn had some near-pins on Zayn. Both men kept showing off their repertoire of moves, to "This is Awesome" chants from the audience. Eventually, Breeze hit Zayn with the Beauty shot, getting a three-count.
  4. NXT Women's championship:
    Charlotte [w/"Nature Boy" Ric Flair] def. Natalya [w/Bret "Hit Man" Hart]
    This was the final of the tournament for the vacated NXT Women's championship, and was introduced by previous champion and current WWE Divas champion Paige. Both women fought hard for their family names. The two women traded submission moves, with Charlotte eventually getting a pinfall victory on Natalya to win the championship.
  5. NXT Championship:
    Adrian Neville (ch) def. Tyson Kidd
    Kidd and Neville were very well matched, with very similar wrestling styles. Sometimes it looked like they were wresting a mirror image of themselves. Kidd tried slamming Neville from the top rope, but he just jumped down himself, countering the move. Kidd came back, getting several near-pins, but eventually it was the high-flying Neville that scored the pinfall victory, to retain the title.

NXT Takeover: Fatal 4-Way

2014-09-11, NXT Arena, Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida, USA

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  1. NXT tagteam championship:
    Kalisto & Sin Cara def. The Ascension (ch)
    The Ascension took command of the match early on, trying to keep their opponents form tagging. They had some problems countering the lucha style, letting Kalisto get the pinfall victory over Viktor to win the titles.
  2. Baron Corbin def. CJ Parker
    Parker was placed in this match by GM William Regal after demanding a match at the pre-show. The match had barely started when Parker was slammed and lost to a three-count.
  3. Hair vs hair match:
    Enzo Amore [w/Colin Cassady] def. Sylvester Lefort [w/Marcus Louis]
    After a well-fought and even match, Amore eventually manages to roll up Lefort for a quick three-count.
  4. Bull Dempsey def. Mojo Rawley
    The two men could not wait for the bell to ring to start the match, but the match quickly ended when Dampsey hit Rawley with a headbutt from the top rope, getting a three-count victory.
  5. NXT Women's championship:
    Charlotte (ch) def. Bayley
    Charlotte had Bayley in the figure-four headlock, but only got a two-count. The two women were evenly match, with them both having several near-falls, but it was Charlotte who eventually won the match. After the match Charlotte's former tagteam partner Sasha Banks attacked Bayley, but Charlotte came back in, helping her opponent.
  6. Fatal 4-Way, NXT championship:
    Adrian Neville (ch) def. Tyson Kidd, Tyler Breeze, Sami Zayn
    Breeze and Kidd found themselves working together, keeping Neville out of the ring and trying to war down Zayn. Once it was time to try to get a pinfall, they started fighting each other. Kidd got the upper hand. Neville eventually made it back to the ring, showing off some of his high-flying moves. Kidd had Breeze in a sharpshooter, but Neville cam in stopping Breeze just before tapping out. Zayn had Kidd set for a pinfall, when Neville dragged the referee out on a two-count, eventually making it back into the ring to get a three-count over Kidd.

NXT Takeover: REvolution

2014-12-11, NXT Arena, Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida, USA

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  1. Kevin Owens def. CJ Parker
    In his first match in the WWE, Owens showed his strength getting a victory over Parker.
  2. NXT tagteam championship:
    Lucha Dragons (Kalisto & Sin Cara) (ch) def. Vaudevillains (Aiden English & Simon Gotch)
    The Vaudevillains started out dominating the Dragons, not letting them perform their lucha-style moves. It did not last forever, eventually the Dragons could come back, with Kalisto performing the Salina del Sol on Gotch, for the pinfall.
  3. Baron Corbin def. Tye Dillinger
    Corbin makes short work of Dillinger, getting a pinfall after the End of Days after less than a minute.
  4. Hideo Itami & Finn Bálor def. The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor)
    Bálor came out to the ring in some very special war paint, which confused Ascension to start with, giving him and Itamo the upper hand. That turned fairly quickly, though, when Ascension returned to their normal domination mode. The match swayed back and forth, with both teams having to double-team to keep the match alive. Bálor eventually managed to pin Viktor for the victory.
  5. NXT Women's championship:
    Charlotte (ch) def. Sasha Banks
    Banks kept mocking Charlotte, mimicking her moves, but was also dominating much of the early match. Charlotte did however retain the title by pinfall after the Natural selection.
  6. NXT championship:
    Sami Zayn def. Adrian Neville (ch)
    After being on a losing streak, Zayn promised to be on a "road to redemption", saying he would quit NXT if he failed to win the championship. Knowing each other very well, this match was very even. Neville had several near-pins, getting more frustrated for each failed count. The referee got knocked out, and with Zayn checking up on him, Neville tried to use the distraction with a superkick, but Zayn barely kicked out. With the referee again out, Neville went for the title belt, trying to use it against Zayn. Zayn grabbed it but decided against using it. Neville got another almost-pin, but Zayn countered with a Helluva kick, pinning Neville for the title.
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