Re: test, and new server

Författare: M. Drew Streib (
Datum: 2003-08-20 08:26:37

On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 08:23:43AM +0200, Peter Karlsson wrote:
> I see no use for them, they're just in the way. Anyway, I added a call
> to sed from my procmail settings to remove it in the mean-time... :)

Heh, ok. See next msg section.

> > If the list, or whomever steps up as the list leader (it should not
> > be me for very long) says to remove it, it is gone.
> That would be G?ran Uddeborg <>. He's the team leader
> for the Swedish translation.

I'll add him to the admin list then, and leave list options up to him
for the time being. I don't wish to usurp the list, only to help
the admin control the spam and abuse. :)

> The spam isn't really as bad as the worms. The spam is handled quite
> well by my filters.

Yep, the worm is what prompted this update, but it was a long time in
the works, and hopefully these improvements will make things better
for everyone.


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