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Datum: 2003-08-20 06:38:32


  [ Re: Re: Thank you! ]

I have received your email, but it may take a while to respond. I'm really
sorry to have to hook up this auto-responder, as it is so impersonal.
However, I get a lot of email every day and find it very difficult to keep
up with it. Please be patient while I try to get to your message.

Please feel free to resend your message if you think I've missed it.

I'll always respond to personal email first. If your email is regarding some
of the software that I work on (if you have questions, comments,
suggestions, etc), then please resend it to the appropriate mailing list:

    mod_dav      <>
    WebDAV       <>
    ViewCVS      <>
    Subversion   <>
    edna         <>

Thank you!


Greg Stein,

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