Unofficial Pine patches

Collected by Peter Karlsson.
How to make a good mail/news reader even better!
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This page has not been updated since 2000, please visit Eduardo Chappa's Patches for Pine page, which has all the old patches from this page.
Welcome to my page of unofficial Pine patches.

Pine - a Program for Internet News & Email - is a tool for reading, sending and managing electronic messages. More information on the program can be found on the official Pine homepage at the University of Washington

This page contains a number of unofficial patches that can be made to the Pine sources, to enable features that are not available in the standard distribution.

Available patches

Title Pine version Obsoleted by Author Description ReadMe
Reply header patch 3.96 4.10 Peter Karlsson Allows for customisation of the reply header. README
Reply header patch 4.00 README
reply-leadin fix 4.10 4.20 Peter Karlsson Fixes a bug in Pine 4.10 that adds two empty lines if reply-leadin is empty. My above patch never did that :-) README
rsh patch 3.96 4.00 ? Allows the use of ssh instead of rsh README
DG3 patch 3.95q - Dean Gaudet Adds "Recipients" options to aggregate selection, allows disabling the Sender header, and a QMail return path option README
Rindlöw patch 3.91-3.96 - Henrik Rindlöw Enables eight bit postings  
Colour patch 3.96 4.20 Dave Holland Enables colour support in Linux console and xterms, includes LUPINE Message-Id patches, disables Pines prompt to delete old folders, removes bug with multiple To: and Cc: lines. README
Environment patch 3.96 - Emil Isberg Makes it possible to specify multiple folder names via the environment. README
Pine4 colour patch 4.00 4.20 Dave Holland, Peter Karlsson Enable colour support in Linux console and xterms. README
Pine4 deletemail 4.00 - Dave Holland, Peter Karlsson disables Pines prompt to delete old folders. README
Pack address headers 4.02 - Denis N. Antonioli A more space-efficient way to way to display e-mails with many destination addresses. README
Pack address headers 4.05 README
Quote colour patch 4.02+ 4.20 Mikael Abrahamsson Provides some colour support (header/status line and quotes) in Pine (Linux) README
Quote colour patch 4.05 README
Quote colour patch 4.10 README
Remote exploit fix 4.10 ? Terence C. Haddock Fixes an alleged security hole in the 4.10 release README
8bit-MIME 4.10 ? GvS Adds unconditional 8BITMIME postings README
Lock mode patch 4.10 - GvS Allows you to select pine lock mode README
M$OE quote patch 4.10 - GvS Changes "TEXT/PLAIN" to "text/plain" to be compatible with M$OE. README
Pico default filename patch 4.21 - John Berthels Permits the Pico file browser in Pine to suggest a default filename when saving attachments. README
Smarter time display 4.05-4.21 - Chuck Goodhart Adds new SMARTDATE tokens to display weekday and time. README

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How to apply a patch

To apply a patch, you need to have the uncompressed source code available, and access to the patch program. Check the patch file for how the directory name is given (it can vary from patch to patch) and position yourself in the directory to which it should be appended (i.e: if the patch path is given as pine/something.c, position yourself in your pine<version>/ directory. Now run the patch program with the patch file, like this:

patch -p0 < /path/to/patchfile

This works on my Debian machine. Your mileage may vary.

Note: If the patches references the file os.c, you need to either have ran a complete build (which links os.c to the correct file for your system), or to enter the "real" name when patch asks for it (i.e: osdep/os-lnx.c for Linux systems).

Why no binaries?

There are no binaries available from this page for the simple reason that Pine license forbids the distribution of binaries compiled from modified source code. The license does not, however, forbid the distribution of patches, nor the building or use of binaries from such sources.

Can't find termcap?

If you're building Pine, but it fails being unable to find 'termcap', then try substituting termcap for ncurses in the corresponding makefile. This generally cures the problem.

This problem, which mainly affected Linux systems, was fixed with the 4.20 release, so it should no longer be a problem. (The 4.20 version, however, had a small bug which caused window resizing not to work. A patch that fixes the problem is available).

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This page is © Copyright 1998-1999 Peter Karlsson. To the best of my knowledge, the software patches available for download from this page are freely distributable. Those that are not are indicated (normally in the patch file itself, or in the README). Pine is a trademark of the University of Washington. Pine logotype is taken from the official Pine homepage, and is used by permission.

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