Peter and Thea's place

Welcome to Peter and Thea's home!

In August 2008, I moved into a newly constructed flat in Vålerenga in Oslotogether with my wife. It is a nice two-bedroom flat with a big combined kitchen-living room. It is situated in Etterstadgata, only about 50 metres from our old flat.

The pictures below are from September 2009.

Kitchen/living room


Here we can see the kitchen table. The kitchen itself is partially visible behind it.


This is the coach corner, in the other side of the room. Here we can sit down and watch TV:



[Hallway]   [Hallway]

This is our hallway. It is quite long, with doors to accessing all the other rooms.


No pictures yet…


No pictures yet…


No pictures yet…

Straight in from the hallway is a storage room that we also use as an office. It isn't counted as a room since it lacks windows, but that makes it even better suited as a computer room, even if it is small and the ventilation is lacking (non-existant).

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