Peter and Thea's place

Welcome to Peter and Thea's home!

In March 2006 I bought a flat in Vålerenga in Oslo together with my girlfriend. It was a nice two-room flat with a big living room, and a big kitchen. It was situated in Sveriges gate, or Sweden street, which is quite funny since I am a Swede. And, no, I didn't buy the flat because of the address.

The pictures below are mostly from the latter half of 2006.



Above is the actual kitchen part, below is where we eat.




Okay, so you cannot see very much from the actual bedroom, but this is at least the bed that I sleep in…

Living room

[Living room]

In our big living room we have some couches and a TV, and so on. To the left you can see our CD and DVD collection. Below you can see more of the couches we sit in when we watch TV.

[Living room]

Below is the third edge of our almost triangle-shaped living room, by the bookshelf. On top of the bookshelf you can just make out the collection of board games.

[Living room]



Our bathroom isn't very big, but at least it is recently renovated, we moved in to a completely new bathroom.



Between the hallway and the living room there is a corridor that we use as an office. It isn't counted as a room since it lacks windows, but that makes it even better suited as a computer room. Above is a picture from when we just had repainted and put in new furniture, nowadays it isn't quite as empty.

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