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Policy for use of data that can intrude on privacy.

Please note that this is only a translation from the Swedish original, and is only considered informational.

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Privacy at

Automatically collected data

As for most web sites, all visits are logged in a log file, where the address to the connecting computer (or proxy, if such is used), date, time, web browser in use, and possibly the page whose link was followed to this web site (possibly includes search phrases given in a search engine) are stored. This information is only used in aggregate form for statistical analysis, unless an offence against netiquette or current Swedish law can be presumed, for instance in the case of a denial of service attack.

Manually transmitted data

On some pages it is possible to submit information manually. Any information in addition to that given above and the information that is voluntarily given by the user is not automatically extracted.

When the user uses a name and e-mail address to submit information, be it through web page forms or via e-mail, it is presumed that it is okay to forward this information on the web pages in question, unless otherwise stated when the information was sent, or in following communication. Those, whose name, e-mail addresses, or similar, are published on these pages because of this kind of presumption, may, by contacting the webmaster, using the address stated in connection to the page, require that the publishing is stopped.


Certain departments make use of so called “cookies” to store information. Cookies are small information capsules with textual data which are stored on your computer, their contents are sent back to the server for every page requested. The reception of such cookies is always voluntary, and their exact usage is described on the pages that use them.

Personal information

Applicable legislation for handling of personal information for this web site is Act relating to the processing of personal data (translated from the original Lov om behandling av personopplysninger).

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