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ChangeLog entries 2003-2004

This page lists old changes to the American Wrestling Trivia site from the years 2003 and 2004. For current entries, see the current ChangeLog.


wwf/03-04: Added Taboo Tuesday 2004.
links: Added links to wrestling pages of long-time AWT contributor Michael L Dilworth.
wwf/03-04: Added missing details for Judgment Day 2004 and Bad Blood 2004.
wwf/dark: Added several dark matches for WWE events 2002-2004.
I have also, after going through the pile of unanswered e-mail, decided that the substitution pages will no longer be updated.
wwf/03-04: Added Bad Blood 2004, Great American Bash 2004, Vengeance 2004, Summerslam 2004, Unforgiven 2004, No Mercy 2004.
wwf/dark: Added Bad Blood 2004, Great American Bash 2004, Vengeance 2004, Summerslam 2004, Unforgiven 2004, No Mercy 2004.
WWE wrestling is back on TV in Scandinavia finally, and NWF are doing regular shows in the Oslo area.
wwf/03-04: Added missing matches from WrestleMania XX and Backlash 2004.
wwf/03-04: Added Backlash and Judgment Day 2004. Added arena for WrestleMania XX.
wwf/dark: Added Backlash and Judgment Day 2004.
wwf/03-04: Added No Way Out 2004 and WrestleMania XX.
wwf/small1: Added match ordering for WWF Saturday Night's Main Event February 1992.
wwf/substitutions: Added Survivor Series 2003 and updated WrestleMania XIV.
wwf/03-04: Added Survivor Series and Armageddon 2003 and Royal Rumble 2004.
wwf/dark: Added Survivor Series 2003.
wwf/substitutions: Added Armageddon 2003.
ecw/01-02: Added location for Guilty as Charged 2001.
wwf/03-04: Added No Mercy 2003.
wwf/03-04: Added No Way Out, WrestleMania XIX, Judgment Day, Insurrextion, Bad Blood, Vengeance, Summerslam and Unforgiven 2003. Also added missing results from Backlash 2003.
wwf/dark: Added Insurrextion 2003.
wwf/substitutions: Added details on No Way Out 2003.
wwf/03-04: Added Backlash 2003.
Finally an update. I am really sorry for not doing any updates, but illness, computer problems, some annoying delays at work, lack of access to wrestling info has gotten me to just keep postponing updating the site. Now to the task of finding the information I am missing. Help is, as always, very welcome! Sorry to those that have sent updates but have not received any responses.
No updates.
The combination of being ill, being busy and having computer problems has led to this part of the site not being updated lately, sorry.
wwf/01-02: Added Rebellion 2002, Survivor Series 2002 and Armageddon 2002.
wwf/03-04: Added Royal Rumble 2003.
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