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ChangeLog entries 2001-2002

This page lists old changes to the American Wrestling Trivia site from the years 2001 and 2002. For current entries, see the current ChangeLog.


wwf/substitutions: Update on Survivor Series 2001.
column/: Another edition of "The Untamed Opinion".
wwf/01-02: Minor updates to the rather confusing story about WCW/WWF/WWE title unifications and Raw/Smackdown title splits.
wwf/01-02: Added WWE No Mercy 2002.
Entire site: Slightly altered the colour scheme to make it a little more friendly to the eyes, something I should have done a very long time ago. The design could probably be improved, if there are any CSS wizards out there who can vamp up the current design, feel free to volunteer...
wwf/01-02, wwf/dark: Added WWE Summerslam 2002.
wwf/01-02: Added WWE Unforgiven 2002.
column/: Today a new section premiers at AWT: "The Untamed Opinion", a column written by Hunter Stevens. A big thank you to Hunter Stevens for writing this column for the AWT!
Entire site: Fixed the problem with white backgrounds in Internet Explorer. (Technical: MSIE is horribly broken and does not support the @media selector in CSS, so it used my OperaShow rules for on-screen display.) I do not regularly test my pages in MSIE, and no-one complained, that's why it has gone unnoticed for so long. I still recommend everyone to upgrade to more standards-compliant browsers, such as Opera or Mozilla.
ecw/95-96: Added Massacre On Queens Boulevard
wcw/88-90: Correction to Clash of the Champions I.
wwf/substitutions: Update to Royal Rumble 1993 info.
wwf/substitutions: Substitutions updates for Survivor Series 1991, 1992 and 1993, Summerslam 1992, In Your House XXIV, WrestleMania X-8 and King of the Ring 2002.
wwf/91-92: Additional match details for King of the Ring 2001.
wwf/95-96: Additional missing name in qualifiers for King of the Ring 1995.
wwf/01-02: Added qualifiers for King of the Ring 2002 and added some missing dates and arenas.
wwf/01-02: Added WWE Vengeance 2002. I still have a backlog of things to add - as always, for the latest news and results, go somewhere else.
wwf/01-02: Added WWE King of the Ring 2002.
Entire site: Removed special Netscape 4 stylesheet. If you are a Netscape 4 user, upgrade (or disable stylesheets), Netscape 4's stylesheet support is completely broken.
wwf/01-02: Added WWE Judgment Day 2002
Entire site: Added support for OperaShow; press F11 when viewing results (match results pages only)
wwf/01-02: Added WWE Insurrextion 2002.
wwf/substitutions: Found a TODO file from last November, and added Rebellion 2001 substitutions.
calendar/: Added an event calendar.
wwf/01-02, wwf/dark: Added Backlash 2002
wwf/01-02: Survivor Series 2001 updates.
wwf/01-02: Added WrestleMania X8.
wwf/01-02: Added (finally!) Royal Rumble and No Way Out 2002. Sorry for the delay.
wwf/substitutions: Updates to the Survivor Series 1991 entry.
trivia/: The game is temporarily off-line while I re-evaluate it. I have neglected to add new questions for quite some time now, unfortunately.
Still behind :-( I have received also No Way Out results, but still have no time to add results. Sorry for this.
These are hectic times... I have received Royal Rumble 2002 results and will add them when time permits. In the meantime, you should be able to find results at the official site.
wwf/01-02: Added Vengeance 2001.
wwf/01-02, wwf/dark: Added Rebellion and Survivor Series 2001.
ecw/99-00: Added Massacre on 34th Street 2000.
I am still alive. I have received the results from WWF Rebellion and Survivor Series, I just have not had energy to add them yet. Will do soon.
wwf/01-02, wwf/dark: Added No Mercy 2001.
wwf/01-02: Added Unforgiven 2001.
wwf/dark: Dark matches from Tuesday in Texas, Judgment Day 2001, Invasion 2001 and Summerslam 2001.
wwf/substitutions: Added information on Invasion 2001.
wwf/01-02: Added Summerslam 2001.
wwf/01-02: Added WWF WCW ECW Invasion 2001.
wwf/01-02: Added qualifying matches for King of the Ring 2001.
wwf/substitutions: Added information on No Mercy 1999 and 2000, and Backlash 2001, corrected some other information and added some minor details to several other events.
wwf/dark: Added a dark match from WWF Summer Slam 1989.
ecw/01-02: Added Guilty as Charged 2001.
wwf/01-02: Added Judgment Day 2001.
wwf/01-02: Added King of the Ring 2001.
wwf/dark: Dark match from King of the Ring 2001.
wwf/99-00: Additional details and corrections on No Mercy 1999.
wwf/dark: Additional dark match from Survivor Series 1998.
wwf/substitutions: Some additional notes on Survivor Series 1995.
wwf/dark: Dark matches from WrestleMania XV, In Your House XXVIII, XXIX, King of the Ring 1999, Fully Loaded 1999, Royal Rumble 2001 and Backlash 2001.
wwf/substitutions: Information on No Way Out 2000, Royal Rumble 2001, WrestleMania XVII and Insurrextion 2001.
wwf/01-02: Added Backlash and Insurrextion 2001.
wwf/01-02: Added WrestleMania XVII.
wwf/small1: Battle royal results for SNME March 1987 and April 1991.
wwf/substitutions: Additional details on In Your House XVIII.
wwf/dark: More dark matches.
wcw/01-02: Added Greed.
wcw/88-90: Added Clash of the Champions XII & XIII.
wcw/93-94: Added Clash of the Champions XXIII.
wcw/dark: More dark matches.
Still no news. I am really sorry for not doing any updates lately, I have mainly been focusing on other parts of the website than the wrestling pages, and haven't found the inspiration to update these pages. I have received the latest results from several sources already, and for that I am thankful. I will add the data in a few weeks. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for sending me e-mails. I read all e-mails (except for spam and HTML mail).
No updates recently, sorry. I have a lot of backlog to fix, and I'll hope to get it done soon. Please check out the links page for sites with recent news; this site has always intended to be a result archive, not a latest news site.
wwf/01-02, wwf/dark: No Way Out 2001.
wcw/01-02: Superbrawl: Revenge 2001.
wwf/substitutions: Some additional details on WrestleMania XII.
wwf/01-02: Added results from Royal Rumble 2001.
wcw/88-90: Added elimination order for the two ring battle royal at Great American Bash 1989
wcw/91-92: Added elimination order for the Battlebowl at Starrcade 1991, and corrected Starrcade 1992.
wwf/99-00: Added results from Insurrextion, Rebellion UK and Armageddon 2000.
wcw/99-00: Added results from Souled Out, Uncensored and Bash at the Beach 2000.
ecw/99-00: Added results from November to Remember 2000.
wcw/01-02: Added results from WCW Sin 2001.
wwf/93-94: Added WWF International Tour 1994 and WWF Special Tour 1994 (both Israel).
wcw/99-00: Added WCW Halloween Havoc and Starrcade 2000.

I still have some backlog to take care of, sorry to keep you waiting.

trivia/: Corrected language in some of the quiz questions (WCW).
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