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Sony Ericsson going for Android

Published: 2008-12-10 09:12:48

Svenska Dagbladet reports that Sony Ericsson is looking at using Android (Swedish only, try Google translate) for its upcoming high-end smartphones. This is an interesting development, after them dropping UIQ and releasing the Windows-based Xperia X1.

As I noted earlier, it really looks like they are trying to avoid putting all the eggs in one basket. They have their proprietary EMT platform and the Symbian-based platforms, they recently added Windows Mobile and are now looking at Android. Either it’s very smart thing, so that they do not end up at the losing end, or it is very dumb because they have to implement everything twice (or more). Time will tell.

Yes, I know there has been a lot of Sony Ericsson-related articles here lately. I am looking to replace my old mobile phone soon. I just need to find a phone that I want to use. The Nokia N97 (Swedish only, try Google translate) looks like an interesting candidate, the only problem with it being a Nokia, which means getting a new set of chargers, speakers, and everything (but then again, apparently so would getting an Xperia).

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