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No more UIQ phones from Sony Ericsson

Published: 2008-11-04 15:11:43

Sony Ericsson has announced that they will not produce any more phones based on UIQ. That is a shame, since I believe UIQ to be the best GUI ever to be produced for a mobile phone so far, but was not that unexpected after they let 200 go from Uiq back in June.

At least it used to be, the version used in the P800/900/910 and early Motorolas was the easiest and most user-friendly GUI I have ever used, whereas the version used in the P990 and later is complete and utter crap.

I have been looking into the Xperia, but it has two major drawbacks for me: It doesn’t have the same ports as the P990, meaning that I need to get a new set of docking stations, chargers and external speakers, and it is running Windows Mobile.

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i think you are too harsh on the P990...its main problem was lack of RAM

P1, g900, g700, w960 (a bit less, crap keypad), ARE a joy to use...the P1 is one of my favourite phones ever

UIQ will be missed

The P990 is way more powerful than the P800, yet it is horribly slower, and the wonderful UI of the P800 is turned into crap.

Still, I am using my 990. I'm writing this on it, running Opera 8...

and i wrote my other coment using opera 9.5 on the P1 ;) but i also had a p990, and it was a love/hate relationship...because of lack of RAM

i have no problems with the UI, specially on the P1...i love it...and UIQ 3.3 looked like it was a step on the right direction

what i can´t stand is s60...

Sad news... I have p1i and I pretty like the interface, especially in comparison with Windows Mobile.

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