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Sony Ericsson and Windows Mobile

Published: 2008-02-11 14:02:22

Seems like Sony Ericsson is trying to avoid putting all the eggs in one basket, their latest phone the “Xperia X1” doesn’t run on either the Ericsson or Symbian platforms, but on Windows Mobile, just like HTC (the company previously known as Qtek). Apparently it’s not just “like” HTC, either, it is supposedly even produced by HTC.

When I first saw the phone, I did think it looked nice. Just too bad it runs Windows Mobile and has Internet Explorer, instead of running Symbian and using Opera. If it had been the latter, this would most definitely be a mobile phone that I would consider. Now I am more looking for a Walkman-branded upgrade for the P990i with a built-in GPS. That would be the überphone.

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What about phones on Linux?

After using SE for many years, I now switched to S60 and Nokia. And I'm not disappointed, I would look at the new N96 if I where you. When it hits the shelf's you/Opera probably have released 9.5 Mobile and one could enjoy good browsing, since 8.65 doesn't work on newer Nokias.

If and when Nokia does a touch-screen version, I might look at it. Until then, I’m a UIQ junkie (unfortunately they removed a lot of what was good about UIQ when introducing the P990i, the UIQ of P800/P900/P910 is the best user interface ever).

And for the record, I have no feelings neither for nor against Linux-based phones… ☺

On the Xperia website you linked to there's a film with paper planes flying everywhere symbolizing communication etc. Ironically there's a sequence where they come down an old building which happens to be the local Opera -- so there's a big Opera writing in the film. I wish they'd also used Opera for real ...

Well, I guess that you could install Opera for Windows Mobile if you want to, but it’s a shame it comes with Pocket IE by default ☹

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