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Good Wii News

Published: 2008-02-21 14:02:50

I have a Wii, I bought one early last year, not only because it comes with the Opera browser, but also because it is such a revolutionary gaming device that attracts all ages. Early on I heard that they were planning to introduce Commodore 64 games on the Virtual Console, and as a Commodore 64 fan and ex-user, I was thrilled.

Unfortunately, that rumour was debunked, it was a local representative from Nintendo who had misunderstood a press release. Now, however, it seems like Commodore 64 games are coming to the Wii after all. That is wonderful. Now if they could do it like the DTV and include a BASIC interpreter and keyboard interface (the Wii already supports USB keyboards, so that should be easy), this would be just like the old days. I am eagerly awaiting an interface to connect my Commodore disk drive to the Wii… ☺

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I can hardly wait to play IK+ and Winter Games again :D

Waiting for Law of the West... :)

I guess we’ll never see Giana Sisters, although that would be wonderful. Delta would be very nice, though, that’s one of my favourite games.

And Test Drive. The Commodore 64 version of Test Drive, especially if the CPU speed can be upped a bit (it was very smooth when I ran it on my Commodore 64 with a 20 MHz “SuperCPU” attached).

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