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May you live in interesting times

Published: 2008-02-20 11:02:57

It seems like I have made an interesting choice in companies to work for, when I switched from Opera Software to Tandberg Data last year. The company is discharging 80 employees (worldwide), and has lost 80 percent of its market value the last year. Of course, one should be wary of listening to the ranting of experts — I do still have a job to go to, and my salary was paid today as usual. And it is not as if the current problems were completely unexpected.

Anyway, as the old curse goes, “may you live in interesting times”. Indeed.

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Rune is currently occupying your old office, but I'm sure you could get a nice one anyway. IF you come back, that is :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and worries and good luck with whatever you're up to next (staying or going back).

Mitchman: Well, we’
ll see. So far, I am still employed. I do miss the environment at Opera, though, even if I do get the latest gossip from those that I still have contact with (and their blogs).

Grey: Thank you.

Layoffs are never fun, and the IT business is more exposed to those than most other industries. I hope you may continue to work in interesting companies (and Opera would certainly welcome you back if it comes to that, Rune or not).

At least Norway doesn't use the LIFO principle for layoffs like Sweden does, then I guess you would be looking for a job right now.

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