Too restrictive TP robot?

From: Göran Uddeborg (
Date: 1999-09-03 23:06:15

During Christian's translation of "sed", there was a message of the

msgid "couldn't write %d item%s to %s: %s"

where the second %s got a string "s" if and only if the first argument
is bigger than 1.  As you probably are aware (:-) the "s" ending is
not universal in all languages.  The principal problem is of course in
incorrect design of the message, and the author is aware of it and
will correct it.

For the current version I suggested that Christian should use a
replacement with numbered parameters, not using the "s" at all:

msgstr "kunde inte skriva %1$d sak(er) till %3$s: %4$s"

But the TP robot didn't like this:

> format specifications for argument 1 are not the
> same
> found 1 fatal errors
> (This prevents the robot from forwarding the PO file to the archive.)

Shouldn't it?

In the next version, perhaps? :-)

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