Mailing list archives

Here you can find archives for two mailing lists that otherwise lack archiving. Both are computer related, but there the similarities end. You can also easily search among all the messages.

[Collection of vintage computers]


cbm-hackers is a mailing list for Commodore enthusiasts over the whole world aimed for the more technical readers. Since there was no web based index for the list, I have created one here.

See the message index.

The list is now also indexed by Nabble.

To subscribe, write a mail to and follow the instructions in the reply.

There are more Commodore related mailing lists.

Swedish branch of the Translation Project is a mailing list for the Swedish branch of the Translation Project, and it is used to discuss, compare and review translations within the project.

Overviews of messages and attachments are available.

The new mailing list tp-sv is archived elsewhere.

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